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Episode 010 - BlueBorne, KRaCK and 4G/5G woes

The guys are one short this week as they take on BlueBorne, KRaCK and a 4G/5G network flaw. Show Notes:

Duration: 00:47:20

Episode 009 - OptionsBleed, NIST Password Guidelines and Incentivizing Better Security

In this episode we talk about the latest named vulnerability OptionsBleed. Is it all that it is cracked up to be and is the security news industry headed into chicken little territory with FUD like this. Next up NIST has released new guidelines for authentication which contain some changes to how we are doing passwords. we discuss what this means and how businesses and users can adapt. Lastly a couple of articles regarding what incentives are needed for businesses to start taking security...

Duration: 00:48:26

Episode 006 - Def Con 25, Bill C-59 and Vault7

The boys are back from Def Con! We talk about our experience with def con 25 and what we would do different next year. We also discuss Bill C-59, the 'Clean up' bill for Canada's anti-terrorism bill C-51, what does it contain and does it go far enough? And what you can do to ensure your member of parliament hears your voice on this important issue! It's time to revisit the wikileaks Vault 7 releases! It has been a few weeks since we went through the releases coming out of Vault 7 and they...

Duration: 00:52:17

Trump/Putin Cyber Team, 2FA is a mess, Petya Ransomware

Today on 2 dropped tables and a microphone the boys discuss Putin and Trump forming a cyber-security team to thwart election hacking. Is this for real, or just a media ploy? How much trust can the public put in something like this and will anything meaningful come out of it? Next, Two Factor Authentication is a mess. Or is it really? With so many available options out there which ones are actually going to safeguard your online presence and which are ones to stay away from? Are people...

Duration: 00:42:53

Episode 004 - FIN10, Citizen Lab, CherryBlossom, Petya

On this episode of 2 Dropped Tables and a Microphone we will be discussing the hacker group Fin10 and their attacks against Canadian mining companies and casinos. We will also be discussing the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs and CherryBlossom the wireless CIA hacking tool. Finally we will be discussing the Petya worm which has been making its way around the world and causing havoc.

Duration: 00:43:39

Episode 003 - Pandemic, OneLogin Breach, Security Tips

Today on Episode 3 of 2 Dropped Tables we discuss the latest wikileaks Vault7 release 'Pandemic' and how this recently leaked CIA tool spreads infected files across an organization's network. Cloud based single sign on service OneLogin suffered a breach where user passwords and decryption keys were stolen. We discuss how businesses can improve the vetting of their cloud partners and weather it is a good idea to put all of your eggs in a cloud authentication basket. Lastly each of our hosts...

Duration: 00:42:36

2 Dropped Tables and a Microphone - Episode 001

On this, our very first episode, we discuss the recent outbreak of the WannaCry cryptolocker malware, should nation states horde exploits, scary things that PoisonTap can do and what needs to be done to avoid them and lastly discussing how excited we are for our upcoming trip to Def Con 25! Show Notes:

Duration: 00:54:13