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When you’re Jewish, everything you do and experience comes out Jewi-sh. Each week, Josh Heller & Erika Brooks Adickman compare notes on pop culture, gender, politics & life.




60. Pop Culture Throw Down

Erika and summertime guest host Rami Raff discuss some exciting trends emerging in the world of pop culture. We cover: GLOW, WWF, RuPaul's Drag Race, Wonder Woman, Doctor Who — and manage to cram a ton of other pop culture references into this episode as well. Don't forget to STAY TUNED for a very, very special dispatch from Joshua Heller at the end of this episode.

Duration: 00:48:26

"Welcome The Stranger. Protect The Refugee." with Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer

The world is experiencing a refugee crisis at a level never before seen in recorded history. Yet many of us don't even have a clear definition of the word "refugee". In this week's episode, we chat with Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer about her work with HIAS, what inspired her to become a Rabbi, and what gives her hope for the over 65 million refugees worldwide. For more on how you can get involved: https://www.hias.org/resources

Duration: 00:51:13

How To Shabbat Your Way with David Wolkin

Rami and Erika chat with David Wolkin ("Professional Jew" and Most Handsome Person on Comics Twitter) about OneTable, an organization that helps Millennials host and attend unique Shabbat dinners. In this episode you'll learn how you can personalize and customize your own Shabbat dinner and rituals and about the workings of a Twitter community you may have never even heard of. Also, shout out to Waffles the dog. For more info on OneTable: https://onetable.org/

Duration: 00:59:10

57. Erika And Rami Get To Know Each Other

With Josh away on his Summer World Tour, summer guest host Rami Raff and Erika play a version of "friend speed dating" to get better aquatinted. Pop culture references covered in this episode include (but are not limited to): Fraggle Rock Welcome Freshmen The Simpsons The Nanny The Killers Golden Girls Seinfeld

Duration: 00:53:08

56. Summertime Hand-Off with Rami Raff

In this week's episode Josh hands over the proverbial torch to Summer Host and Orignal Friend Of The Show, Mr. Raaaaami Rafffffff. They talk about what Jewish scholars think about the summer. Rami asks Josh about his EUROTrip. Then Rami explains what it takes to be a Summer Movie. Josh is saying Au Revoir for The Summer, while Rami & Erika dive deep into a Summer season of 2 Jews Talking!

Duration: 00:54:22