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Episode 19: God as the "Clockmaker"

In this episode, the hosts take on the idea of God as a "clockmaker" that was discussed with Joe McKinney in episode 17. Is God really "hands off"? Did he simply create everything with a mechanism that runs indefinitely, only requiring periodic adjustments? Does he have his hand in every thing that happens on earth and in the cosmos? Can we really even know? Our opinion is different from Joe's, so we wanted to take some time to explore the topic.


Episode 18: Interview with Joe McKinney (Part 2)

In part two of our interview with Joe McKinney, we move away from theology and faith to spend some time exploring our friendship. We discuss our years playing in various bands. We had a great time recording this episode and we hope that comes across as you listen. We hope you can get to know us better through this discussion. We have some exciting interviews coming up in the next few months. We will be interviewing a few Apostolic authors and a legendary figure from the Christian rock...


Episode 17: Why I Left - An Unlikely Journey of Faith with Joe McKinney (Part 1)

In this very special episode, Bryce and I sit down with listener and long-time friend, Joe McKinney for a discussion of his faith journey. Joe's perspective is unique. He grew up in the Apostolic church, but left during his teen years. His journey of faith has taken him on a long and winding path, exploring Buddhism, Catholicism, and Deism along the way. I believe there is a lot that we, as Pentecostals can learn from Joe and people like him; those with a different, maybe even opposing...


Episode 16: Do Guns Have a Place in Church?

The issue of gun ownership and gun control has been a hot-button topic for many years in the United States. Every mass shooting re-ignites the debate. We recorded this episode shortly after the tragic shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas that left 26 dead and more wounded. We understand this is a sensitive subject, but we want to try to open a discussion regarding how Christians should approach gun ownership, gun control, and whether guns have a place inside...


Episode 15: The Christmas Special! (with Bryce & Sandra Kyle and Jaredith & Anne Mize)

In this episode, we welcome our wives on the podcast to discuss all things Christmas! Some of the topics include family traditions, most memorable Christmases, and favorite gifts from childhood. This is a fun and lighthearted episode. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it! Reply on social media @2pentecostals with the hasthag #2p15 to share your favorite Christmas stories with us! Merry Christmas to you and yours! *CORRECTION: In the intro we say "Welcome to 2...


Episode 14: A Discussion with Rev. Larry Arrowood, Author & Pastor

In this episode, we have wide-ranging conversation with our pastor and prolific author, Rev. Larry Arrowood. We discuss some his books, his writing process, dealing with loss, and addressing some of the problems in the church. Larry is pastor of The Tabernacle in Seymour, Indiana, which includes a daycare, K-12 school, jail ministry, and 4 daughter churches, including a Spanish church in Seymour. He is an instructor at Indiana Bible College, a sectional presbyter, and member of the Indiana...


Episode 13: Ethics of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

How will the rapid development of artificial intelligence change our world? What are the ethical concerns surrounding these developments? Does the drive toward the "singularity" (the point where AI multiplies our intelligence by 1 billion) signal the end of mankind? Is it crossing the line of "playing God"? Should we fear AI? Oppose it? Embrace it? Bryce and Jaredith put on their Futurist hats to discuss these issues from their perspective as Pentecostals, tech junkies, and sci-fi fanboys....


Episode 12: Counter Cultural Youth Ministry with Aaron Arrowood

In this episode we sit down with Rev. Aaron Arrowood to discuss youth ministry, Christian education, and his book, “Counter Cultural Youth Ministry”. Aaron believes wholeheartedly in the idea that teenagers are capable of disrupting their world with the gospel. Aaron has been involved in youth ministry for 20 years (15 as a youth pastor). He is also pastor at Life Apostolic Ministries in Westport, Indiana, headmaster at Sandy Creek Christian Academy, and an instructor at Indiana Bible...


Episode 11: 21st Century Reformation

Episode 11 wraps up our look at the impact of Martin Luther and the Reformation on Christianity and the world at large. This episode will be released on October 31st, 2017, exactly 500 years from the day Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenburg, Germany. Will we be content with the Reformation of the 16th century or will we take this opportunity to reflect and realign our priorities, practices, and doctrines with the Word of God? Will we be the spark that ignites...


Bonus Episode: Halloween... Should Christians shun or redeem the day?

We felt that this bonus episode was necessary due to some accusations that were thrown at our church over the past few days. We posted a video promoting our "Trunk or Treat" event on our church's Facebook page and got some negative feedback. One man went so far as to call us "demonic" and informed us that we were "fake Apostolics" and were "all going to hell". Such brotherly love... such a Christlike spirit... We are joined by Bro. Aaron Arrowood, my former youth pastor and current Pastor...


Episode 10: The Dark Side of the Reformation

Many positive changes came about as a result of the reformation. Not only did the Protestant movement rise from the efforts of Luther and other reformers, but slowly an internal reformation began to grow inside the Catholic church. This all came at a cost, however. The Reformation and related events triggered many uprisings, rebellions, feuds, religious wars, and inquisitions which resulted in the deaths of millions, although reliable figures are elusive. There were atrocities committed on...


Episode 9: The 5 Solas of the Reformation

The 5 Solas of the Reformation are five basic doctrines that form the foundation of Luther's theology and undergird the entire protestant movement. These doctrines are at the core of most Christian denominations, including the Apostolic movement. An understanding of these five "solas" is fundamental to understanding the Reformation and basic Christian theology. Please take the time to subscribe, rate, and review. We truly appreciate it! Get involved in the conversation on social media:...


Episode 8: Martin Luther & the Flames of Reformation

During October 2017, we will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with a series of discussions on the impact of Martin Luther on church history. In this first episode in the Reformation series, we discuss some background on Martin Luther and many of the issues that he had with the Roman Catholic Church and the papacy. SUBSCRIBE | RATE | REVIEW iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/2-pentecostals-a-microphone/id1271186562?mt=2 Google Play Music:...


Episode 7: The Bryce Kyle Experience (Interview with Bryce Kyle)

This episode is a little longer than usual. This is a wide ranging interview with Bryce Kyle, one of the hosts of 2 Pentecostals and a Microphone. He shares his journey from hardline Baptist to tongue-talking Apostolic, discusses his musical influences, and weighs in on some influential books with a very diverse list of recommendations. I think you'll really enjoy this episode as you get to know Bryce a little better. ~ Jaredith Mize You can find Bryce's blog at...


Episode 6: Church, Drugs & Rock n Roll (Interview with Jaredith Mize, Host)

For 2 Pentecostals and a Microphone host, Jaredith Mize (www.jaredithmize.com), the road to ministry wasn't a smooth or direct one. In this interview, he recounts his journey of faith. Following an early baptism and infilling of the Holy Ghost, he struggled to relate in the church during his angst-filled teen years and his early twenties. During this period, he played in a rock band that constantly cycled through members, could not overcome philosophical and stylistic differences, and was...


Episode 5: Why Are Millennials Leaving the Church?

In Episode 5, Jaredith and Bryce discuss the mass exodus of millennials from the church. They try to understand the driving force behind this phenomena and pinpoint exactly what millennials want from the church. More than any previous generation, millennials value honesty and authenticity, especially from leaders. This authenticity is not found in churches that are trying hard to be relevant at the expense of honesty. Don't forget to check out the links to Jaredith's and Bryce's blogs on...


Episode 4: Biblical and Pastoral Directives & Personal Convictions (aka Holiness Standards)

In this episode, the hosts discuss Biblical and pastoral directives for holy living and personal convictions. These are commonly referred to as "holiness standards" and vary widely from church to church, among different organizations, and in different cultures and geographical areas. Please note that neither Bryce, nor Jaredith claim to be a spiritual authority for any listener. Listeners should heed the voice of their pastor on these issues. The main purpose of this episode is to clarify...


Episode 3: Christianity and Race (Pt. 2)

In Episode 3: Christianity & (Pt. 2), ,the hosts continue their discussion of the issues surrounding race in America and how it relates to our Christian walk. This segment covers the Christian response to the discussion of racism, the value of empathy, and the Biblical principles that should dictate our words and actions. Please take the time to subscribe, rate, review, and share with your friends! Thanks for listening!


Episode 2: Christianity and Race (Pt. 1)

In episode 2, the hosts discuss the issue of race relations in America and how the church and the Christian should respond. Part 1 contains most of the political segment of the discussion, with the Christian application being covered mostly in part 2. Recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, involving a Neo-Nazi terrorist attack on counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally are discussed. The racist, ultra-nationalist hate groups were protesting the removal of Confederate statues...


Episode 1: Excommunication, Homosexuality, and Church Discipline

In this episode, Jaredith and Bryce discuss the concept of church discipline, up to and including excommunication, in particular as it applies to homosexuality vs other issues. The case of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, TX and the excommunication of gay member, Jason Thomas is examined. You can read the original letter, Jason's reply, and the clarification from the church here: http://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/commentary/2016/10/13/watermark-asks-homosexual-member-leave-church


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