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TMM012: All about Customer Success with Natalie Webster

Are you losing money from poor customer service? Did you know that customer success can cost you nothing? Setting up a customer service team can make your business more money by plugging the leaks. I didn’t realize the many ways that customer success could increase sales and decrease refunds until I spoke with Natalie. If..Read more

Duration: 00:49:14

TMM011: CJ and Eric – Ecommerce Special Episode

I had the wonderful opportunity to pick the brains of two ecommerce rock stars. Thankfully they allowed me to record our conversation for all of you. You’ve got to hear how Eric turned an $8,000 scam into a 6-figure business. He is the definition of persistence and hard work. CJ shares so much wisdom in..Read more

Duration: 00:45:40

TMM010: Eric Finnigan – Email Marketing Expert

I was honored to interview Eric and really enjoyed the energy of the podcast. He is a wealth of information and we cover a range of topics from mindset to marketing during the show. I can’t wait to learn more from him in Ibiza. I listed our topics below so you can quickly jump to..Read more

Duration: 00:38:38

TMM008: Daniel Hicks – Poster Child for the 20 Mile March

Daniel Hicks is the founder of TTB Tamer, which is a software that helps microbreweries report their tax obligations. His software helps track the amount of alcohol a brewer produces and creates all the forms to be sent into the government. I was impressed at how Daniel followed the formula from The Foundation and (surprise!..Read more

Duration: 00:32:37

TMM007: Ben Adler – Networking on LinkedIn

Ben Adler has used LinkedIn to gain credibility in a market that he knew little about. He shares some awesome ways to gain thousands of followers that LinkedIn doesn’t want you to use. Ben also demonstrates how writing a single article for LinkedIn can be used in a multitude of ways for influence. My favorite..Read more

Duration: 00:25:05

TMM006: Adam Ryan – Media and Publishing Companies are Going to Fail

Adam Ryan is responsible for event, media, and advertising strategies at the Hustle. The Hustle is a daily business/technology email newsletter with over 450,000 subsribers. Hustlecon is a TED style/music festival event that had over 2600 attendees this year. The Hustle hosts events in New York, Austin, and San Francisco. Timecode 06:27 450,000+ Subscribers..Read more

Duration: 00:32:44

TMM005 Daniel Postma – The Power of Being Vulnerable by Simply Asking

“The Power of Being Vulnerable by Simply Asking” Daniel Postma – Episode 005 Shadowing A Multi-Millionaire For 30 Days – Daniel Postma Timecode 00:42 Introduction 02:56 Daniel’s book 04:00 The subject of the book 06:00 Daniel’s software niche 07:25 Saving your way to millions 08:08 The vulnerability challenge 13:20 The power..Read more

Duration: 00:21:35

TMM004 Ben Meeder – Turn a Meeting into a Job

Episode 004 Ben Meeder* Turn a meeting into a job and discussing your mindset Timecode 00:00 Introduction 01:58 Setup before Ben’s meeting 04:00 Example of happiness vs investing 07:18 How Ben setup the meeting with his idol 10:00 The successful want to give back 10:25 What to say during an important meeting..Read more

Duration: 00:40:47

TMM003 Orest Danylewycz – Selling on Amazon and Communicating with Developers

Orest Danylewycz “Selling on Amazon and Communicating with Developers” Episode 003 Date: 07-10-17 Timecode 00:03 Introduction 01:51 About the drone services niche 06:48 Why be an entrepreneur 12:50 Private label business 14:29 Thoughts on retiring 16:06 Defining private label 17:07 How to sell on Amazon 19:29 Selling on Amazon review 21:19 Starting with 1000 units..Read more

Duration: 00:46:23

TMM002 Dan Olson – How to Optimize your Reading Habits

Dan Olson “How to optimize your reading habits” Episode 002 Contact info: danolson16 on Skype Topics 00:00 Introduction and background 03:21 Source of principles and ethics 06:06 Why did you join TF? 08:12 What is your niche? 09:05 Value of Persistence 10:58 Finding the joy in the process 14:00 Focusing on..Read more

Duration: 00:52:56

TMM001 Nomaan Alwi – The Value of Becoming an Expert

Episode 001 – Nomaan Alwi – 7/5/17 Topics: 00:40 Nomaan’s background 02:25 Learning about passive income 04:10 Trying different jobs, but it’s not working 06:45 How Nomaan found Dane on a Mixergy Podcast 07:45 Video tutorials made by awesome creators that teach you how to use software. 08:00 Chatfuel Rockets Messenger Bot more

Duration: 00:38:02

TMM 000: The Rationale Behind the 20 Mile March Podcast

This was recorded during a mastermind on June 28th 2017 with Jon Toker and Byron Stocum. I laid out my vision for the podcast and we decided to release it as the first podcast episode. The podcast has taken form today and has become the “20 Mile March Podcast” when Ben Adler asked me to form..Read more

Duration: 00:22:52