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#53 - Nutrition & Science Communication (feat. Jackson Long)

Jackson Long and I discuss the importance of science communication in nutrition and beyond. We also broadcasted this live on Facebook if you want to see the video: Connect with Jackson's org Thought For Food: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Thought For Food Club: Twitter: Patreon: YouTube: Podcast:

Duration: 00:24:26

#52 - Autonomous Vehicles

How will we program machines to make decisions like we face with issues like the Trolley Problem? Where do we currently stand with Autonomous Vehicle technology and how are we implementing it slowly across states? What will a future of AV look like with the shared economy and relaxation while driving? Thanks for tuning in! email Allen Saakyan with questions/comments:

Duration: 00:35:58

#51 - Black History 💕

While in DC I made the mandatory stop at the new National Museum of African American History and Culture where I learned about the transatlantic slave trade of 12.5 million people from 1400-now. It's a very important practice in empathy to really immerse yourself in the shoes of the families that were affected and push for World Peace and equality now. newest series: reach out:

Duration: 00:21:30

#50 - Simulation Theory (feat. Anson Mount & Branan Edgens)

Fascinating conversation getting to know Anson & Branan and diving deep into some of the most thought provoking conversation known to humanity.

Duration: 00:38:50

#49 - We Are Not Alone Song

Lyrics: we are made of the most common ingredients of the universe and the universe has been around a long long time and there are a lot of stars with planets in the habitable zone so there's no reason for me to believe that we are alone. now sing it with me we are not alone we are not alone we are not alone there's more in the habitable zones

Duration: 00:02:23

Episode 48 - Collectivism Feat. Dave Vanderwarn

Episode 48 - Collectivism Feat. Dave Vanderwarn by 2030 Podcast

Duration: 00:45:19

#47 - Answering Profound Questions

My current list of Profound Questions. Feel free to repurpose them however you'd like and share the answers you get from others! Do you believe we are in a computer simulation? Do you believe we are alone in the cosmos? Do you believe consciousness is localized in the human brain? Do you believe in free will or determinism? Do you believe there is a global ruling class? Should one endeavor to join it? Do you believe AGI poses an existential threat to humanity? Do you...

Duration: 00:33:20

#46 - Meditation Part 2 (feat. Jordan Rein)

Everything happens inside you. Your senses cause sensation in your body which trigger emotion, craving, hatred, clinging, etc and practicing Vipassana meditation teaches one that these sensations are impermanent, like everything in nature, and to be equanimous when these sensations arise inside is the key to eradicating your suffering. Learn more at - the retreat in North Fork, CA is gorgeous.

Duration: 00:32:10

#45 - Empathy & Truth (feat. Matthew Rein)

We frequently think we are open minded to all people, but do we truly empathize and ask questions about how they reached their perspectives? How can empathy make our perspectives more nuanced and intricate, taking in dozens of variables, rather than simple binary answers to such complicated issues? Action item: Go outside your comfort zone and ask someone that disagrees with you questions about how they reached their perspective. Thanks for your support in watching! If it's made a profound...

Duration: 00:25:23

Episode 44 - 20 Mins of Facts & Thoughts

In this video I go true polymath by starting to sift through my 1,427 Evernote files and disseminate facts and thoughts from what I have written down over the last few years. We cover spacetime, evolution, human essence, self-actualization, motivation, philosophy, government, role models, the matrix, and ESTEAM (Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). Support my Patreon here: Support my Science Comedy show here:

Duration: 00:21:13

Episode 43 - Meditation (feat. Jordan Rein)

Why did we do our first 10 day meditation retreat in August 2016 and why are we going back to do a second 10 day meditation retreat in June 2017? Vipassana - inward vision - seeing things they way they really are - is an incredibly important and underrepresented skill in our world. The same way new photons are being shot from a light source each millisecond is the same way thoughts arise and leave our minds - it's so important to experientially practice recognizing this impermanence as it...

Duration: 00:33:52

Episode 42 - Contemplating Truth (feat. Mahmoud Zaini & Omar Dweller)

Wikipedia is the best collective, decentralized, and free online source of truth. Let's use this as a model for future truth sourcing but not get our creativity stifled by the tools we use to organize truth. A simple deep breath can help make us feel more alive. The intertwined connection of all keeps us mesmerized. Our apologies about the video being cut, our quicktime player died. To watch the additional 10 or so minutes, please visit this link to the full video on my Facebook page:...

Duration: 00:35:49

Episode 41 - Epistemological Chaos, Honing In On Justified Truth

Imagine each epistemological point on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the most belief driven vs 10 being JUSTIFIED TRUTH. How to pass your free time on the internet. This in my opinion is a 2 - we rarely ever have conversations about what to watch or learn that will maximize our individual human potential as well as collective human flourishing. We are all scared to attempt to begin slapping objective ratings on the quality of content on the internet based on education per minute (or some...

Duration: 00:58:39

Episode 40 - Be Your Biggest Fan

Three points to help you be your biggest fan. 1) Self-actualization. Search for the thing that rockets you out of bed in the morning. 2) The secret to living is giving. Make the world better one smile or helping hand at a time. 3) Love yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, don't react to stress, meditate, and become a super learner. If this made a profound impact on you, please follow & share. Feel free to get in touch:

Duration: 00:44:33

Episode 39 - Aging Sucks (feat. Kevin Perrott)

People are in an aging trance. Do you love your parents? Do you want them to die? Then let's do something about it. We are in the golden age of biology and medicine. Imagine Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and heart disease being eradicated. Anyone can easily go from healthy one moment to patient the next. Visit for more info on how we are increasing longevity. Our science comedy show is here: Our Augmented Reality company is here: Our...

Duration: 00:20:16

Episode 38 - Observing People (feat. Patrick Brennan)

Deeply analyze people and society! Sociology, psychology, and people dynamics are major indicators of how the masses move. Don't just consume... CREATE!!! Execute your goals, bring value to the world and self-actualize. Ask empowering questions and show deep empathy when getting to know people. Before arguing about God, what is your definition? Keep an open mind to what is a subjective answer, we are not discussing gravity's objectivity! Reach out to get in touch, we are located in San...

Duration: 00:43:49

Episode 37 - Life in the Bay (feat. Anting Shen)

Anting and I both grew up in South Dakota and we agree that one of the best things we learned was how to understand and empathize with conservative opinions. Now, as we've both gained liberal political insight in the Bay Area for five years, it enables us to be moderators between both sides in the hope there will be collective agreement on some truths. Anting currently works at DeepScale where he builds perception systems for autonomous vehicles.

Duration: 00:22:57

Episode 36 - Bala Falsafa (feat. Mahmoud Zaini & Eli Makman)

Bala Falsafa means "Stop Philosophizing" in Arabic. This is important because we urge people to create value into the world which gives them purpose. In this podcast we discuss objective vs subjective, bias, aesthetics, and propaganda. Check out Mahmoud Zaini's podcast here:

Duration: 00:34:29

Episode 35 - Science Communication (feat. Dr. Sarah Daniels)

Environmental health needs better science communication because of noise and biases produced by the media and other stakeholders. This is not just the health of the planet at risk, but the health of YOU. In order to become a better communicator, one must immerse themselves in the moderator position of an issue like climate science, financial responsibility, or automation to really empathize with both sides and highlight the truth in between people who are frequently talking over one...

Duration: 00:28:43

Episode 34 - The Age Of Limited Moderation (feat. Dr. Sarah Daniels)

Paraphrasing Aristotle: "Moderation is the balance between excess and deficiency." In today's world we have excessive amounts of technology, food, media, and sugar among many other things. Yet we lack the self-control to sift through this chaos to find a happy medium. Can we get back to a happy medium in this digital age?

Duration: 00:21:00

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