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Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.

Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.
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Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.






078 All About Orbs

One of the most interesting yet controversial pieces of evidence in the paranormal is the capturing of an orb. An orb is a ball of light or light anomaly captured on video or in a picture. In the paranormal realm, orbs are often associated as energy of a spirit entity or ghost. Many have argued that these are dust or bugs caught in frame however the color and shape and sometimes faces seen are hard to dismiss as many are sighted at reported haunted sites, locations and situations. Listen in...

Duration: 00:39:52

077 Children Remembering Their Past Lives

Have you ever heard a child talk as if they had lived someone else's life before? Imagine a six year old going into great detail of people places and things they would have no prior knowledge of and recalling a past life with vivid and detailed description. Are these cases of reincarnation, and active imagination or are spirits guiding the thoughts of the young? Is the truth stranger than fiction? Can a small child be the rebirthed soul of someone past? Listen in Joe and Jen bring you...

Duration: 00:35:55

076 Spontaneous Human Combustion

One of the strangest phenomenon in human history as well as one of the most mysterious has to be Spontaneous Human Combustion. For centuries, reports of humans igniting into flames with no apparent reason has terrified us to the core. With no hard scientific explanation, the act of a person burning beyond recognition without disturbing the surrounding area defies logic. With over 300 cases reported, we explore and discuss this strange occurrence in this our 76th...

Duration: 00:38:35

075 Haunted Christmas 2017

For centuries, more ghost stories have been told at Christimas time more so than halloween.Going back even further than Christmas itself, people long told ghost stories at this time of year to celebrate the dark, the long winter, to remember their loved ones who have passed and the winter solstice. Stories around the hearthstone we told and in eastern european culture Krampus, a mythical gobblin type creature was brought to life through oral traditions to keep naughty children inline. The...

Duration: 00:32:53

074 The Shanly Hotel


Duration: 00:42:38

073 Ghost Pets

We always ask what happens when we die? Do we have a soul? What about our beloved pets? Many pet parents would argue that this is true. Many times they have experienced sighting or a jingle of a collar after their pets crossed the rainbow bridge. In this episode, we talk ghost animals, share some paranormal encounters with deceased furry friends and more... Rainbow Bridge Poem Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close...

Duration: 00:35:51

072 The Bone House of Toledo

Imagine purchasing a fixer-upper only to find when you start demo finding bones. You may think of a animal dying in the walls of 150 year old house is not that uncommon. But what if every inch behind every wall, floor boards and ceiling were filled completely stuffed with bones and mementos? Recently our good friends Haunted Toledo received and urgent plea to emergency investigate this extremely active dark haunting. Listen in as we hear Christopher and Sarah from haunted Toledo tell the...

Duration: 01:05:12

071 A visit from a Metaphysician

In academic circles, a metaphysician is a philosopher whose area of study or expertise is metaphysics: the study of the fundamental nature of reality and existence itself. 'Meta-' means beyond or transcending; so meta-physical means that which lies beyond, underlies or transcends the physical realm/world/reality. Meeting Angela L. Alendander-Roth we get an more in depth understanding of how she uses Eastern and Western medicine to help heal people in need. Angela L. Alexander-Roth, M.P.,...

Duration: 00:54:26

070 The Haunted Hinsdale House

Nestled deep in a corner of New York, an old weathered house sits quietly awaiting your visit...if you dare. The Hinsdale House is more than just another house claimed to be haunted, this property, this land, this house is the stuff nightmares are made of. One time owned by the Dandy family, the poltergeist activity was so great, the family held two excorsims that didn't work. Many documented deaths, disturbed Native American burial grounds and wartime activity add to the intense...

Duration: 00:53:32

069 True Exorcisms and Demonologists

Exorcism, is the religious or spiritual practice of expelling or evicting a demonic presence from a person, building, area or object affected. One of the most controversial topics in the paranormal realm, exorcism has long been viewed as what is portrayed in film but it is far from the vomiting spinning heads you see. For centuries, spiritual leaders have tried to best expel evil and demonic entities from affected humans with various and often controversial methods. Many of the major...

Duration: 00:51:16

068 Glass City Paracon Intervenes Side B

In this episode we conclude our interviews with some of the local ghost hunters and one of the maintenance crew who had some unique experiences at Owens Community College where Glass City Paracon was held.

Duration: 00:47:22

067 Glass City Para-con Side A

2017 Glass City Paracon brought out some of the most interesting and cool people of the paranormal. From Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunters Society, Tranquility Specialist Michelle Maddux explains her role within the group. She tells us how a Tranquility Specialist works and how she cleanses negative energy from persons and homes during paranormal investigations. Then we talk to Ryan from Haunted Toledo, part of the investigation team, lead by Christopher Tillman, who are currently documenting and...

Duration: 00:50:22

066 What is the Chupacabra

Chupacabra, or "Goat sucker" a mythical cryptid of which haunted legends are made of. For years people have caught sight of unexplained beasts roaming South American countries, Puerto Rico, and now into North America. Reports of strange canine like beast killing and sucking blood from cattle, goats, and chickens have been documented. Listen in as Joe and Jen bring you tales and lore of the mysterious...

Duration: 00:41:48

065 Haunted Objects

An electric chair, a mirror, a doll, a car what do these all have in common? These are all objects that have been known to have documents spirit attachments. Any tangible object we believe could be haunted or retain a unworldly possession. In this episode, we discuss object possession, some famously haunted items and how exactly does this happen. Listen in to episode 065 Haunted Objects with your hosts Jen and Joe Shortridge. Check out our...

Duration: 00:41:32

064 Grizzly Brown

If you've spent any time in Toledo and listened to the airwaves, you've heard the golden raspy voice of Tom"Grizzly" Brown. For years he has graced the airwaves, directing us to listen to the classic rock, traffic and weather. But this interview he gets personal. From the halls of the Collingwood Arts Center, we talk about some of the scariest encounters we had with Grizzly and many of his other paranormal experiences. Hope yo0u enjoy is Grizzly...

Duration: 00:59:17

063 Paranormal Toledo 2

Paranormal Toledo 2 was an amazing success! We had the fine pleasure of meeting some cool people on the paranormal. We interviewed Dennis from Life Spirit Paranormal, Arizona Tramp from Black Swamp Radio and our dear friends, Harold and Butch from Toledo Area Ghost Hunters Society.

Duration: 01:01:01

Bonus show for International Podcast Day

Happy International Podcast Day!! for us the 222 Paranormal Podcast we are honored to share our show with all of our listeners across the planet. Please enjoy this show about our show!

Duration: 00:15:00

062 The Mandela Effect

In the is episode, we explore the intriguing phenomena of the Mandela effect. What is really the truth behind what you are seeing? What is reality? What is not? Come with us as we deep dive into the strange circumstances that is the Mandela Effect.

Duration: 00:45:16

061 Andrea Parron


Duration: 00:46:56

060 Stanton T. Friedman

If you know UFO's you know the name Stanton Friedman. We are greatly honored to bring you an interview with this legend. Dr. Stanton Friedman is retired from his career of being a nuclear physicist and now a professional UFOlogist and author of several books and DVD's. He is the only civilian who worked on the infamous Roswell UFO case. In his early career, Dr. Friedman worked in the field of fission and fusion rockets, advanced nuclear science, on classified aero programs with the...

Duration: 00:56:51

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