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Week 4 Picks, Locks: OSU-TCU, A&M-Arkansas, more

Your favorite college football picks show returns with a look at the Week 4 lines with locks and game breakdowns for the biggest contests. This week we've got on our eye on Oklahoma State-TCU (6:45), USC-Cal (10:00), Georgia-Mississippi State (11:30), Texas A&M-Arkansas (18:00). Auburn-Missouri (21:15), Alabama-Vanderbilt (23:00), LSU-Syracuse (27:00), Florida-Kentucky (32:00), Florida State-NC State (34:15), Stanford-UCLA (37:00), Oregon-Arizona State (46:00), Michigan-Purdue (51:45), Penn...

Duration: 00:59:22

Gary Danielson on Alabama-Vanderbilt, talking Georgia with Rusty Mansell

Gary Danielson joins Chip Patterson and Barton Simmons in advance of Saturday's SEC on CBS Game of the Week in Nashville with Alabama and Vanderbilt. We start looking back at Tennessee-Florida (1:00), Gary discusses what to expect from the Gators and Vols moving forward SEC East (3:00) and Butch Jones' frustrations with the development of his program (8:30). Then it's looking forward to Saturday's game, where Gary explains why Alabama is always playing Alabama (12:00), what to watching from...

Duration: 00:56:56

Who's No. 1? 'Real or fake' surprise teams, angriest fans

Our Week 3 recap starts with a debate of who is the best team in CFB (3:30), with Alabama, Clemson and Oklahoma all having a case to be No. 1. Then it's diving into the biggest results with Texas-USC (9:00), Mississippi State-LSU (20:45), Kentucky-South Carolina (30:40) and Florida-Tennessee (32:45) all getting attention with an ongoing theme of frustrated/angry fan bases -- to which we add Nebraska (41:30) and Auburn (47:00). After some love for Oklahoma State (51:50) comes "Real of Fake,"...

Duration: 01:22:36

Picks: Gators-Vols, Tigers-Cards, USC-Texas, LSU-MSU, more

The season-long picks competition between Chip Patterson, Barton Simmons and Tom Fornelli enters Week 3 with another batch of locks. And remember, while our results have been mixed if you've followed every pick you're up on the season. Clemson-Louisville (7:00), South Carolina-Kentucky (13:45), LSU-Mississippi State (18:15), Missouri-Purdue (23:00), Florida-Tennessee (26:30), USC-Texas (37:30), Wisconsin-BYU (46:00). Oregon-Wyoming (47:30), TCU-SMU (52:00), Oklahoma State-Pitt (54:00),...

Duration: 01:07:10

Ohio State's QB issues, Bob Stoops as a trend-setter, Florida-Tennessee preview

The Doddfather, CBS Sports college football columnist Dennis Dodd, returns to the show. He spent some time with Bob Stoops prior to the contest and was in Columbus for Oklahoma's win against Ohio State. Dennis breaks down Ohio State fans' reaction to J.T. Barrett's struggles (1:00), whether more coaches could follow Bob Stoops' retirement plan (8:45), the Pac-12 (16:00), Clemson-Louisville (19:30) and the hot seat coaches to watch (25:00). Then, Thomas Goldkamp of 247Sports returns to the...

Duration: 00:56:25

Week 2 Awards: Grumpiest coach, rising stars, most impactful win

Barton Simmons and Chip Patterson break judge each other hot takes from Week 2 and hand out some awards from a busy weekend of college football. Oklahoma-Ohio State (3:00), USC-Stanford (21:45), Georgia-Notre Dame (29:30), Clemson-Auburn (44:00), Brian Kelly, James Franklin, Oregon, Kevin Sumlin, Michigan and more all get put under the microscope in this jam-packed review of the weekend action.

Duration: 01:18:41

Picks: Clemson-Auburn, USC-Stanford, OSU-OU and more

The picks competition continues in Week 2 with Barton Simmons, Chip Patterson and Tom Fornelli going head-to-head with their locks of the week. Tune in for game breakdowns and picks from USC-Stanford (8:00), Ohio State-Oklahoma (12:30), Wake Forest-Boston College (19:30), Clemson-Auburn (23:00), Georgia-Notre Dame (28:00), Arizona State-San Diego State (33:00), Indiana-Virginia (35:00), TCU-Arkansas (38:30), Northwestern-Duke (43:00), Utah-BYU (48:30) and more.

Duration: 01:09:55

Insiders: USC, Auburn and Las Vegas odds movement

Barton Simmons and Chip Patterson go in-depth with three insiders in today's show, with a specific focus on two teams in the spotlight for Week 2 and the oddsmaker's points of view for the week's biggest matchup. Scout's Ryan Abraham talks USC (4:15) and preview the Stanford game (12:00), 247Sports' Brandon Marcello joins to grade new quarterback Jarrett Stidham (27:00) and preview the Clemson game (34:00). Then Micah Roberts, former Las Vegas Sports Book Director and Sportsline Insider,...

Duration: 01:07:32

Week 1 Takes: Too hot or just right? (Alabama, UCLA, FSU, Clemson, more)

There's a ton to digest after finally getting the first weekend of action out of the way, so Barton Simmons and Chip Patterson are bringing their knee-jerk reactions to be judged. There's new high expectations for South Carolina (03:00), a huge reason to worry about Texas A&M (07:00) and yet pumping the breaks for UCLA (12:00). Clemson (14:00) looks like an ACC favorite while Florida State (18:30) has to deal with a loss at quarterback. Is USC still looking title-worthy (23:00)? What about...

Duration: 01:02:35

Neuheisel: Alabama's offense looks the same, more Week 1 takeaways

CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel joins Barton and Chip for a special Sunday morning edition of the show to discuss what we saw from Alabama, on offense in particular, in its win against Florida State (6:00), the challenge Texas faces in the Big 12 this season (11:00), what we learned about Ohio State and Indiana on Thursday (14:00) and Michigan-Florida on Saturday (17:00). Plus, Coach Neuheisel's thoughts on USC and the Pac-12 (22:00) and hat tip to Mike London and Howard...

Duration: 00:29:40

Picks for Alabama-FSU, Michigan-Florida, LSU-BYU and more

Locks only. Chip Patterson, Barton Simmons and Tom Fornelli kick off their season-long competition of picking locks in college football, breaking down the most interesting games and betting lines for Week 1. Games discussed include Alabama-Florida State (4:00), FAU-Navy (9:00), UNC-Cal (12:30), Michigan-Florida (16:00), Georgia-App State (24:45), UCLA-Texas A&M (28:30), Northwestern-Nevada (37:00), Virginia Tech-West Virginia (40:00), LSU-BYU (44:30), Tennessee-Georgia Tech (48:30) and...

Duration: 01:06:37

Dennis Dodd predicts Ole Miss penalties, Thursday night picks

The Doddfather makes his return to the show to preview a big first week in college football, including his expectations heading into his trip to Atlanta to see Alabama and Florida State (21:30), why chalk wins championships in college football (28:00), what kind of penalties Ole Miss could face from the NCAA (34:00) and his bold predictions for the 2017 season (51:00). Plus, Chip and Barton open the show with previews and against-the-spread picks for the biggest Thursday and Friday night...

Duration: 01:01:06

Stanford, USF takeaways, Final Playoff and Heisman Trophy picks

Barton Simmons and Chip Patterson recap what we learned from Week Zero action in performances from Stanford (4:00), USF (12:00) and others. This is also the last chance to get in expert picks for the 2017 season, so Barton and Chip talk playoff picks (24:00), playoff sleepers (30:00), and championship picks (36:00). Plus, why LSU is overrated (44:30), USC is getting too much credit (49:30) and our Heisman Trophy picks (52:00).

Duration: 01:04:20

247Sports Game Breakdown: Alabama vs. Florida State

Games have arrived! Chip Patterson and Barton Simmons dive into some expectations for the first games of the season (5:30) before going in-depth on previewing the greatest opener of all time: Alabama and Florida State in Atlanta. First, 247Sports' Brendan Sonnone discusses the Seminoles' offensive line (12:00), potential breakout players (19:00) and the expectations for star safety Derwin James (25:00). Then, Travis Reier of BamaOnline discusses one of the most talented Alabama offenses...

Duration: 01:01:51

247Sports Game Breakdown: Michigan vs. Florida

Chip Patterson and Barton Simmons are joined by Steve Lorenz of Wolverine247 and Thomas Goldkamp of GatorBait to preview the Michigan-Florida opener in the Cowboys Kickoff Classic. Michigan is up first, with a focus on the positions of concern (13:00), the young stars that will surprise outsiders in 2017 (25:00) and expectations for 2017 (30:00). Then Goldkamp talks the Gators, from the surprising quarterback battle (39:00), the loss of Antonio Callaway (45:00), the youth movement (48:00)...

Duration: 00:57:26

Mock trades for Alabama, FSU, LSU, Clemson, OSU; AP Poll reactions

Camp is winding down, and starting quarterbacks have been named at Clemson (8:00) and Utah (13:00), but Barton Simmons and Chip Patterson want to take some time from depth chart battles to shake up some depth charts and ask "What if there were trades in college football?" Potential trades involving Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, LSU and more are proposed and graded (21:00) in this exercise which considers depth and impact on the 2017 season. Plus, reactions to the release of the...

Duration: 00:58:52

Talking Texas with Jeff Howe, All-America team debates

Jeff Howe of Horns247 joins Chip Patterson and Barton Simmons to talk all things Texas football, from those fancy new lockers (7:30), fan expectations (11:00), depth issues and the quarterback battle (17:00) and under the radar players to watch (27:30). Plus, Chip and Barton break down some of the debates around the CBS Sports All-America team (37:00) and the pros/cons of the new early signing period in recruiting (48:00).

Duration: 00:57:13

Attrition Edition: Suspensions at Florida, injuries at Wisconsin, Texas

The loss of Antonio Callaway and more than a handful of Florida players for the Michigan game leads a breakdown of the latest injuries (3:20), suspensions and transfers that change the outlook of the first week of the season (5:25). Chip Patterson and Barton Simmons talk Florida, Wisconsin (19:41), South Carolina, Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Texas (33:12) and more during this review of the latest depth chart shake-up

Duration: 00:45:27

QB Battles, Title Favorites vs. The Field

The first weekend of scrimmages has provided plenty of information to digest as we inch closer to the launch of the 2017 season. Chip Patterson and Barton Simmons check in on the biggest quarterback battles and discuss national title odds for Alabama and Ohio State against the field.

Duration: 00:39:07

Dark horse talk with Tom Fornelli, imagining Coach Johnny Manziel

It seems that a consensus has been established for the top dozen teams in the country, but every year there is a team that emerges from further down the preseason polls to make noise in November. Tom Fornelli joins Chip Patterson and Barton Simmons to chat dark horses in 2017, including Northwestern (14:00), Texas (21:00), Tennessee (26:45), Oregon (41:30), NC State (47:45) and many more. Plus, Barton and Chip pick potential landing spots for Johnny Manziel the college football coach (54:15).

Duration: 01:02:08

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