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2KidsFromTheBronx Podcast is a show hosted by two lifelong friends from The Bronx, New York. Every week we come together to give our thoughts on the latest in Hip-hop, sports, politics, and whatever else crosses our mind. We do all this while also bringing in upcoming talent from the NYC area for interviews.






Season 3 Episode 49 We Got 99 Topics And Jay Z Is One

We was gone for a minute, now we're back! Had a lot to touch on and so we did. From Jay Z doing a whole lot of winning this week to Bill Maher, and the big Mayweather fight! We also touch on the Tupac movie, and more! Press play! Share! It's your favorite podcast!

Duration: 01:18:19

Season 3 Episode 48 The Episode For Millennials By Millennials

Another Week, another episode! Your favorite podcast is back! This week is special. We get some of our friends and a new friend together to speak about....well us. Us as in millennials in their 20s trying to figure it all out. This one is real honest and fun. Press play and see if we hit on any issues you may be facing as a millennial and hey if you're older press play and finally get to hear what we feel and what we think from our mouths direct instead of from another older generation....

Duration: 01:34:35

Season 3 Episode 47 Bro Your Blouse Is Fire

And another one! Ya favorite podcast is back. We get into some deep water this episode! A lot of gender talk and fun stuff like that!. We also hit on Bryson Tiller's new joint and Yatchy's first effort. We also step into Netflix and the future of streaming...yes we don't know how, but we got there. NBA predictions for the big showdown between Cavs and GSW. Man this episode might upset some folk honestly, and well good its real conversation. Step out of your safe zone and Press play!

Duration: 01:14:44

Season 3 Episode 46 The 50 Cent Episode

We're back! Thought you were going to get through the week without a new episode of your favorite podcast? Wrong! This time we went in the vault and grabbed one we've been saving! It's the episode about 50 Cent!!! We gotta give props to one of the strongest to ever come through the rap scene! We go through the ups and downs of 50 Cent and somewhere in the middle is a lot of The Game talk! Hey you know we all over the place! Press play! We got our boy vic on this one too!

Duration: 01:39:33

Season 3 Episode 45 The Episode About Nothing

We back!!! Another Week another Pod! This episode's theme is randomness because we are just all over the place this week! From Aziz Ansari's Master of None to Trump's foolish presidency! Of course some how we end up in a deep conversation about Hov and Jays best albums and Auto-tune. Ha press play!

Duration: 01:07:13

Season 3 Episode 44 No Flex Zone

Your favorite podcast is back! We hit on everything from the insane Funk Flex Tupac rant to Meek Mill, Rolling Loud Festival, Lil Uzi Vert and a ton more. We even get into some heavy Starbucks talk! You don't wanna miss this one! Press Play!

Duration: 01:11:02

Season 3 Episode 42 Kendrick Lamar And That DAMN Album

We right back at you! You know this week is all about Kendrick Lamar and his new album DAMN. let's dig into it! This lead into a big conversation about rap in general and who is doing what right now! Let's talk about it! We also get into that MVP talk in the NBA! Let's go! We got special guest Jus with us too. Press play! Its your favorite podcast 2KidsFromTheBronx!

Duration: 01:21:46

Season 3 Episode 41 The Return Of Your Favorite Podcast

And Just like that, the OG are back! We know you missed us! we catch up on everything this episode! From Donald Trump to Kendrick Lamar. We hit on everything! Let's get it! Season 3 in full effect! So press play and dive in.

Duration: 01:18:08

S2 Ep 12 Donald Trump Is Our Next President

So we're back and Donald Trump is our next president.....let's talk about it.

Duration: 01:33:40

S2 Ep 10 The Exclusive Limited Edition Episode

We're back and we're 2KidsFromTheBronx that hate overpriced street wear, and Kanye being mad at Jay Z :(

Duration: 00:52:35

S.2 Ep.9 One O.G And Two Politicians...On The Couch?

Back with the 9th episode of season 2. This time we speaking heavy on Beanie Sigel, and his moves lately. (Jump to about the 36 minute mark to skip all of that if you over it) We get heavy into the politics this episode touching on topics of the upcoming American presidential elections to the generational gaps, and race. We keep it very Hip-hop speaking on lil wayne's recent revelation about new rappers, and we we speak on KD's press conferences. We took a lil break so its only right we...

Duration: 01:38:36

2KidsFromTheBronx: Season 2 Episode 2

Another one in the books! This episode we talk about the real deal return of not just hov but Young Hov! back in rare form. We speak on the success of Chance The Rapper, the steph curry backlash, Meek Mill's maybe obsession on the Drake situation? and much much more! Tune in We got honorary member Vic back on the pod too. Don't miss out!

Duration: 00:50:52

Episode 21: What A Time To Be Alive Music Galore

We're back!!!! Episode 21 is here! Follow us on twitter:@2kidsfromthebx, @jrosa619 , @sirblackgaryoak and @sirtree. This show is now available on itunes!!! Link: t.co/JmLhN5NQEh SUBSCRIBE!!!