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Hosted by Dominic Davi, bassist for the punk band Tsunami Bomb, 3 Gigs is a podcast that focuses on the three shows that have had a profound effect on a performers life and career, the very first performance, their best performance, and their worst performance. These shows define their career and no matter how far along in their career, every performer has a story to tell.






Episode 25: Holzfeuer - ArnoCorps

Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Arius, there was an age undreamed of. And onto this, Holzfeuer, founder and vocalist of the greatest band of all time, ArnoCorps tells the stories of high adventure of their Austrian homeland for our season one finale. From the first American appearance at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA that illustrated the importance of building hype around your band and your shows. Having Flex Magazine do a story on the band...

Duration: 01:25:16

Episode 24: Lisa Dixie - Gashgasm/Little Lisa Dixie

Austin, Texas vocalist and guitarist Lisa Dixie, talks about her influences, and playing her first house party at 12. Filling in an taking over as bassist for a band called Bionic Man, and leaving on a tour at the last minute and incurring the worst roaming charges ever. Opening for Tsunami Bomb in Houston and Austin. The story of Austin’s Punk Rock Lottery and being a two time champion! How the lottery led to the formation of Gashgasm. How the worst shows were the shows she wasn’t...

Duration: 00:47:33

Episode 23: Jesse Luscious - The Pathogens/Blatz/The Criminals/The Frisk/The Gr'ups

East Bay Punk Rock Legend Jesse Luscious sits down and talks about his first band, Nun In A Honda playing a high school talent show with a controversial song about his guidance counselor. How three shows freaked out an entire college campus. Growing up in a political household, and using punk rock as a platform. How punk rock has aged and why it continues to evolve and survive. The particulars of EMO. The ongoing battle of Punks versus Nazis. How the best show he ever played was a just a...

Duration: 00:55:19

Episode 22: Deigo Medrano - Ramona

Diego Medrano of the band Romona tells us how getting out of a relationship and playing a show became a focus for his anger, and making all his friends over the course of 8 songs very uncomfortable. Playing a show with everyone that mattered, but having some unfortunate racial interactions in Tacoma, WA. Yet despite that, the people of Tacoma made up for it in the end. Official website: www.3gigspodcast.com Official host website: www.dominicdavi.com ** This episode was brought to...

Duration: 00:45:57

Episode 21: Ray "Rocket" Carlisle - Teenage Bottlerocket

Ray Carlisle of Teenage Bottlerocket takes a moment while mixing “Stealing The Covers” their brand new cover LP out on Fat Wreck this week, to tell about practicing in his friends basement in Laramie, WY and playing house shows, and playing Gilman St. for the first time. Moving up the chain and opening for national touring bands in the ever changing local scene. How fast Teenage Bottlerocket took off in Laramie. The importance in feedback from bands you open for. How they got on Red Scare...

Duration: 00:41:48

Episode 20: Daniel Dart - Time Again

Daniel Dart, political activist, artist manager, singer and founder of Time Again tells us about getting a show before he even had songs, with a guitarist that had to be snuck into the shows, but knowing it was going to work. The feeling of playing a massive festival with 80,000 people, and how hard it is to share that with people. How much a life in music changes you forever, and what it’s like to have the city of Prague believe you have a serious drinking problem. Official Website:...

Duration: 00:38:18

Episode 19: Stacey Dee - Bad Cop/Bad Cop

Stacey Dee, co-vocalist and guitarist for Bad Cop/Bad Cop takes a moment at the 2017 Vans Warped Tour Salt Lake City, UT stop to tell us about playing acoustically for the first time because no one would play in a punk band with her. How music was the only thing that ever mattered, and how it very literally saved her life. What it felt like to play in front of 5,000 people for the first time, and why the best show stories always seem to always be in Europe.Yet despite this fact, a small...

Duration: 00:24:09

Episode 18: Sabrina Worthington - The Applicators

Sabrina Worthington, lead vocalist for Austin, Texas punk band, The Applicators stops by and tells us stories about playing the Blondie’s Skate Shop’s last show ever for The Applicators' first show ever, and how The Applicators went from a side project to a full time project. The importance of promoting your own show, and building your own scene around your band without just using the internet. What it was like creating an all-woman punk band when there were no all women punk bands in...

Duration: 00:26:25

Episode 17: Spike Slawson - Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies

Spike Slawson, vocalist for the world's premiere punk rock cover band, Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies, takes a moment while on tour in Denver, Co to talk about performing as Ace Frehley in a KISS cover band, the sordid tale of the Electric Banana, and the focus on the how you present vs. what you are presenting. Unself conscious fun fashion adventures in Cologne, Germany. Embracing the theater aspect of punk rock, and just how disastrous performing fireworks night at Pittsburg Pirates PNC...

Duration: 00:36:25

Episode 16: Brandon Paski - Marketing Director-Live 105 FM/My New Life/Boy Kicks Girl

Brandon Paski, Marketing Director for San Francisco, CA alternative radio station KITS Live 105.3 FM and formally the bassist for pop punk bands Boy Kicks Girl and My New Life, sits down with us to tell us about playing a talent show and getting in trouble when sneaking in an extra song, playing the first Boy Kicks Girl show at 1am to no one, and his first Live 105.3 FM BFD at Shoreline Amphitheater with 18,000 people! How sometimes you have to make it all up as you go along, and never...

Duration: 00:26:33

Episode 15: Jay Hunter Richardson - Danger Friends

Jay Hunter Richardson aka Jay Danger from Danger Friends, while recording in the studio tells us about starting a band to perform at the high school talent show, but leaving out actually practicing as a band, never having met the singer, and not knowing how to play the chosen song…and getting third place out of three bands. Jumping into things he’s not quite prepared for. Becoming local legends based off one song and playing the single greatest house show ever. He also shares how Danger...

Duration: 00:28:32

Episode 14: Corbett Redford - Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits/Director of Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk

Corbett Redford, director of the new documentary "Turn it Around: The Story of East Bay Punk" and one half of the musical duo, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits stops by 3 Gigs and shares how the Bay Area was once filled with Marijuana and Funk metal, and how he either played his the first show at a sandwich shop or between sets with Papa Roach, while torturing a clown. He shares what it was like playing wherever you could to reach people, the crazy genre hybrid bands of the 90s,...

Duration: 00:41:36

Episode 13: Kevin McCracken - Siren/Rush & Attack/Caught

Bay Area punk rock drummer Kevin McCracken stops by 3 Gigs and talks about singing for his first band ever and not being able to face the audience, the developing early days of the Santa Rosa and north bay punk scene, the "peanut butter sandwich" thing, the evolving punk scene and how social media has effected communication, how the punk rock community has influenced his business model at Social Imprints, the politics of punk rock and Siren, making your show an event, and reuniting Siren...

Duration: 00:51:04

Episode 12: Rikki Styxx - The Two Tens/The Darts/The Dollyrots

Rikki Stixx from The Two Tens, The Dollyrots, and The Darts talks about starting a band, doing it for yourself, and how everyone else can suck it! Accepting that everyone sucks when they start out and the impact of social media pressure on new musicians! Remembering when The Two Tens opening for her husband’s band, The Sonics! What it's like being part of a power drummer couple! She relates how special The Dollyrots are. How it's The Darts against the world! What it's like for Stephen King...

Duration: 00:35:14

Episode 11: Rafer Rawb - Happy Hardcore DJ

This week we sit down with Rafer Rawb, a Happy Hardcore DJ from San Francisco, who tells us about the days of being down to play in front of anyone, anywhere, anytime. Getting cut short at a Santa Cruz Houka Bar, his love affair with Happy Hardcore, learning the ropes of being a DJ, and finally performing side by side with his mentor and hero. Learning to read the crowd, feeling the vibe and creating a story, and a drug related gang turf war in Gult, CA. Official website:...

Duration: 00:27:08

Episode 10: Andy Pohl - Sell The Heart Records

Andy Pohl, owner of Sell The Heart Records and member of Snipers visits 3 Gigs and talks about building the courage to perform for the first time, terrible clothing choices, having your heroes love your band, local music scene politics, an in-depth look at the art of starting a new band, how to pick bands for your label, and strange things afoot in Madera, Ca. Website: www.3gigspodcast.com Host: www.dominicdavi.com ** This episode was brought to you by Fresh Clean Tees! It's like a...

Duration: 00:51:53

Episode 9: Gwendolyn & Lucy Giles - Dog Party

Sisters Gwendolyn & Lucy Giles of the band DOG PARTY take a quick moment right before their spring break tour to tell us about opening for Agent Orange at a smelly dive bar show as 4th and 6th graders, seeing people mosh for the first time, performing with your siblings, the search for an instrument that doesn’t involve the mouth, falling in love with thunderous beats, the life changing suggestion to actually play together, the hunt for a band name, touring stadiums with Green Day, playing...

Duration: 00:43:20

Episode 8: Rae Alexandra - Music Journalist

Music Journalist Rae Alexandra tells us about convent school girls, epic hair metal, spontaneous trips to South Hampton Tanning Salon punk shows, the tiniest dance floor in the world, and reading the meanest review ever of the worst show ever in London, England. Official Website: https://www.3gigspodcast.com/ Host Website: http://www.thedinosaurfactory.com/ ** This episode was brought to you by Fresh Clean Tees! It's like a shaving club, but they bring you awesome, affordable, clean...

Duration: 00:28:54

Episode 7: Rob Black - Tail Light Rebellion

Today on 3 GIGS, Rob Black from Tail Light Rebellion! He tells us about the two books he’s writing, how the modern scene is stronger than ever, touring as a two piece, playing in a jazz funk swing band only to still get complaints for being too loud, playing last at a Vermont Bluegrass Festival, drinking moonshine on stage, performing for more people then you think you are, the weirdest show ever in Houston, and the second largest Raggedy Anne Doll Collection in Texas. Official Website:...

Duration: 00:37:00

Episode 6: Adam Davis - Vocalist + Guitarist - Gnarboots/DESA/Link 80

We talk to Adam Davis, vocalist of Gnarboots and guitarist for DESA and Link 80, and hear his stories about 'Wortstock’ Barn shows in Gilroy, CA, accidentally being invited to teenage house shows, a moment that it all comes together in Switzerland and all that’s left of the show is a poster in the kitchen, when security storms the stage to perform themselves, chugging half & half while sweaty, random homeless guest musicians, memorial shows for an iPod, the art of purposefully getting a...

Duration: 00:30:08

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