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Hosted by Dominic Davi, bassist for the punk band Tsunami Bomb, 3 Gigs is a podcast that focuses on the three shows that have had a profound effect on a performers life and career, the very first performance, their best performance, and their worst performance. These shows define their career and no matter how far along in their career, every performer has a story to tell.

Hosted by Dominic Davi, bassist for the punk band Tsunami Bomb, 3 Gigs is a podcast that focuses on the three shows that have had a profound effect on a performers life and career, the very first performance, their best performance, and their worst performance. These shows define their career and no matter how far along in their career, every performer has a story to tell.
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Hosted by Dominic Davi, bassist for the punk band Tsunami Bomb, 3 Gigs is a podcast that focuses on the three shows that have had a profound effect on a performers life and career, the very first performance, their best performance, and their worst performance. These shows define their career and no matter how far along in their career, every performer has a story to tell.






Episode 44: Mike Griffen - Tame Adult/Tsunami Bomb

Former guitarist for Tsunami Bomb and currently releasing music as Tame Adult, Mike Griffen visits 3 Gigs to talk to his former bandmate Dominic Davi for the first time in over a decade. Telling stories of his first show with a Jazz band back in Texas, to wearing the wrong shirt to 924 Gilman at his first Tsunami Bomb show. The hidden intimate glory of basement and house shows, and the moment in Boston where both Dominic and him let family problems get the best of them. Listen in on this...


Episode 43: VIZIN

Pop singer and drag queen, VIZIN stops by 3 Gigs Podcast to tell us stories about what it feels like to play her hometown for the first time, to playing Long Beach Pride with Chaka Khan, and how trying to have a pop show in Florida after a hurricane, is not always a great idea.... Official Website: www.3gigspodcast.com Official Host Site: www.dominicdavi.com


Episode 42: Screamin' E - The Memphis Murder Men

Screamin’ E, vocalist for The Memphis Murder Men and co-host of Monster Candy Podcast, stops by 3 Gigs Podcast to tell the story of his first show in Pittsburgh, PA with The Brain Invaders, where according to rumor he may or may not have punched a kid in the stomach. To playing with The Misfits in San Francisco (where Dominic played too!), to an emotional memorial concert getting cut off before the end of the show, and this one night in Antioch where everything just went wrong… Official...


Episode 41: Bella Novela

Long Beach, Ca band, Bella Novela stop by 3 Gigs and tell us stories about high school talent shows, and acoustic Hole covers. Having two sign language translators dancing like go-go dancers while they opened for Salt-N-Pepa, and how trying edibles before a show is not always a great idea. Official Website: www.3gigspodcast.com


Episode 40: Peter Niven - The Atom Age

Peter Niven, co-vocalist and guitarist for The Atom Age stops by this week before we play a show together in San Francisco, CA this coming weekend, to talk about Atom Age’s first show on Halloween and how they always get the cops called on them at house parties. What it was like to fix a vintage keyboard in France with seconds to spare, and how food poisoning and gorilla gluing a forehead shut a great show does not make. Official website: www.3gigspodcast.com Official host website:...


Episode 39: Rain DeGrey & Devilynne - Adult Performers

Sex Educators and Adult Performers, RAIN DEGREY & DEVILYNNE drop by the show to share what first, best, and worst performances mean for porn stars, and tell some eye opening stories about what it's like being a professional naked person. They let us know how they've taken those experiences and how they are now educating others how to embrace their kink safely and properly. Website: www.3gigspodcast.com Host site: www.dominicdavi.com


Episode 38: Sal Ellington - Rebuilder

Sal Ellington of REBUILDER stops by 3 GIGS to talk about how he went from drummer to vocalist, and what they had to do about the old singer. How Virginia Beach became a second home, and sometimes anywhere is better then New Jersey! Official website: https://www.3gigspodcast.com/ Host: https://dominicdavi.com/


Episode 37: Jeff Dean - Airstream Futures/Dead Ending

Jeff Dean of Airstream Futures and Dead Ending, talks about his first show ever with the band Tomorrow’s Gone, out in the middle of the desert between Boulder City and Las Vegas, to playing the Huntridge Theater with Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines that led him to move north to Detroit (and eventually landing in Chicago). All Eyes West performing huge shows in Chicago and Minneapolis with his guitar hero Bob Mould, and getting to meet him over a busted pedal. What happened when...


Episode 36: Nymble Digitz - DJ/Producer

Nymble Digitz comes to the show and tells us about his first show in Qatar in the Persian Gulf, and literally risking getting his head cut off by parting hard and throwing a party where he DJ’d for the first time. A huge party he played at Kingdom in Austin TX, with an incredible sound rig and a better crowd. As well as a terrible party he had to play where equipment crashed constantly and a VIP ticket only got them all one free drink. Website: www.3gigspodcast.com Host:...


Episode 35: Ean Hernandez - Sicko/Top Drawer Records/Seattle Pop Punk Festival

For this episode we speak to EAN HERNANDEZ of the Northwest Pop-Punk legends SICKO! He also run TOP DRAWER RECORDS, and is putting on the first ever SEATTLE POP PUNK FESTIVAL! He tells us about the origins of his scene and why he's putting on his own festival, and then tells us about having the worst and best time of his life for his first show ever, what it was like to play Japan with SICKO, and a surreal run in with the Nazi Punks of Kansas. Official site: www.3gigspodast.com


Episode 34: DBC - The Lobstrosities

The man, the myth, the legend, Stockton based musician DBC shares with us some of the most entertaining stories we've heard yet! From his first show at an all day festival in California, to sneaking on the Warped Tour, to staying at the craziest punk rock house ever. You do not want to miss this episode. Official website: https://www.3gigspodcast.com Host Website: https://www.dominicdavi.com


Episode 33: John Gentile - Punknews.org

Freelance writer and features editor on punknews.org, John Gentile talks about getting into Rolling Stones thanks to his uncle, and the worlds greatest rock n roll band was the first show he ever got to see. What some of the clashes in current punk rock scene comes from. How out of the many amazing shows that he’s witnessed, KRS-One is an incredible stand out with his unpredictability cause you never know what is going to happen! However the worst show he’s ever seen, was Sammy Hagar after...


Episode 32: Shawna Potter - War On Women

Shawna Potter of War On Women takes a moment to speak to me about her first grunge rock band, Fair Verona and how being in a band that does well, doesn’t mean your next project will always be as successful. She shares how War On Women dressed up as a bachelorette party on stage for a sold out Halloween show at The Fest in 2015 and it was one of the best shows of all time. Although the first time they played Fest....was a bit of an adventure. Official Website:...


Episode 31: Kimm Gardener - Channel 3

Kimm Gardener from CHANNEL 3 shares a story of a lifelong friendship started a band which led to a living room show and the first time he heard the crowd clap for his band. We talk about the enduring appeal of punk rock though the years and the story of headlining for the first time at the Whiskey A Go-Go. What led to them going on tour for the first time and what it was like to play Memphis, in the dead of summer, after G.G. Allen shit in the ice machine the night before…and how the...


Episode 30: Karl Izumi - Spider

Karl Izumi from the band Spider stops by to tell us about house parties in 1981, and how his drummer gets busted mid-performance at his first show ever! He also tells how punk crowds in 1990 delt with Nazis. Yet despite his first show and best show being shows that complete broke down at some point, his worst show ever was when he played a house party for little people that famous actor Billy Barty put on. Yes. You read that right. Billy. Barty’s. Party. Website:...


Episode 29: Mike Park - Asian Man Records

Mike Park of ASIAN MAN RECORDS and SKANKIN’ PICKLE fame, tells us the story of his first, best, and worst shows ever! From NO GIMMICK, a cover band playing two songs for a 1986 High School talent show to playing massive festivals in Korea with MU330 as a backing band with no practice to performing with YO GABBA GABBA! as a Super Music Friend to the last days of SKANKIN’ PICKLE where after 6 years of over 200 shows a year he just hit a wall. Official site: www.3gigspodcast.com Host...


Episode 28: Jawsh Hotta - Trashed Ambulance

Frontman for Canadian skate-punk band TRASHED AMBULANCE, JAWSH HOTTA calls in to talk about grad party shows, writing his own Christmas songs, the monster drives of Canada, the dangers of microphones, playing festivals that completely tank, social media not being a good indicator of how many people are actually coming to the show, and being the poppy band on a show that features a bunch of bands much harder then you. http://www.3gigspodcast.com http://www.dominicdavi.com ** This episode...


Episode 27: Nicole Laurenne - The Darts

The legendary vocalist for THE DARTS, NICOLE LAURENNE, stops by to tell us stories of her classical background, balancing law school with being a Jazz musician, and her love of Punk Rock. Having amazing shows in France where against all odds they kept the crowd, and was showered by roses, but how everything can just go wrong in Houston, TX. Most importantly, she talks about how THE DARTS is the best band she's ever had. ** This episode was brought to you by Fresh Clean Tees! It's like a...



For our first ever Halloween special, our host Dominic Davi tells a haunting tale of an encounter with the paranormal while on tour with Tsunami Bomb back in 2001. Was it really a ghost? Was it all just a dream? What happened that one night in Illinois? We leave that up to you, but the story is told here, exactly as it happened all those years ago. Happy Halloween!


Episode 25: Holzfeuer - ArnoCorps

Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Arius, there was an age undreamed of. And onto this, Holzfeuer, founder and vocalist of the greatest band of all time, ArnoCorps tells the stories of high adventure of their Austrian homeland for our season one finale. From the first American appearance at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA that illustrated the importance of building hype around your band and your shows. Having Flex Magazine do a story on the band...


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