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3 Guys in the 'Ville is a podcast covering a range of topics we all deal with, well most of us anyway. We talk a little sports, parenting, education, local business and maybe even food. We will have various community personalities join us to weigh in. This show happens in the basement of a home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma - usually after our kids go to bed. The 3 guys?Matt Clark is the real brains of the operation and loves to talk about CrossFit and his kid's sports - but mainly CrossFit. It's his basement we use for the show. Casey Jardot has served our country in both the United State Marine Corps and Air Force with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He prepares well for the show, but feels he isn't afforded much time talk. Casey was, in his mind, destined to play major college football until he hurt his knee...in a non contact practice. Finally, there's this guy whose only real contribution is his deep, smooth voice. Clint Musslewhite has lived in Oklahoma for six years. He has the most experience behind the mic, and has performed in a skit with Will Ferrell and loves soft rock.





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