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What's Holding you back?

Erikka, Nikki and Dr. E discuss fear as an obstacle to holding people back from living their true life's purpose. Guest and friend Molly Jones, owner of Love Soul Beautiful Bed and Breakfast sit down and discuss her own obstacles as a business owner and the steps she took to really believing in her business that has helped her develop a successful Air BnB/Bed and Breakfast in Puerto Rico. Join the conversation and let us know what could possible be holding you...


Seasoned Parenting

Erikka, Nikki and Dr. E discuss the topic of being parents of a young child at an older age. Erikka is looking a new house and can't believe is out there for the asking price, Nikki finally gets a relaxing weekend and Dr. E dresses up as Queen Latifah minus the heels. Join the conversation via email or social media. #3thegrownway @3thegrownway



Erikka, Nikki and Dr. E discuss the comments made by Monique and how men and woman are treated differently not just in Hollywood but in corporate America as well. The women agree that most important that we as black women must learn to support each other and blow the horn with #thetimeisnow Join the conversation via email or on social media #3thegrownway #thetimeisnow Opening speech and throughout the podcast is: Tamika D. Mallory and the Women's March in...


2018 Vision Boards

Whatever you choose to call it...Resolutions or Intentions, just be committed to whatever your looking to work on in 2018. Erikka intends to get her "banging body in 2018, Nikki has placed a monthly goal to read more books and Dr E. is finally going to work on wearing heels more often. Join the conversation and let us know what are some things you are going to work on for 2018? #3thegrownway


Top Five!

Erikka, Nikki and Dr. E close out the year with some fun and break down their favorite Top Fives: Top Five TV Shows Top Five Duets Top Five Rap Artist Top Five Songs Join the conversation and let us know what are some of your favorite Top Fives of all time TV Show, Duets, Rap Artist and Songs of all time.


She's Gotta Have It! Netflicks Review

Erikka, Nikki and Dr. E. discuss Spike Lee's new Netflick's series She's Gotta Have It! I think all the ladies agree that Nola has to have it, one way or the other. Let us know what you think and join the conversation at #3thegrownway



Erikka, Nikki and Dr. E talk about what is really going on with kids and bullying and the result being suicide. Ashante Davis committed suicide after a video appeared online and this conversation stems from her situation as well a millions of other kids. As parents and Aunties, all agree that governing our kids is so important today. Please join the conversation and share your thoughts and experiences on our social media as well as email at


Slavery is alive and well

The ladies sit down with Fahlilah Aisha Bilal of the National Black Women's Justice Institute founded by Dr. Monique Morris to discuss the topic of Sex Trafficking. This is a conversation that you do not want to miss. Listen and hear what Aisha is saying and join the conversation and let us know what you are going to do. #3thegrownway #TCP - -There is no such thing as a child prostitute Opening Song: Erykah Badu feat Queen Latifah, Angie Stone & Bahamadia - Love...


Bloopers and Outtakes

The ladies of 3 The Grown Way take a break for the holiday and share some of the audio that never make it on air. Jokes and tears, we all agree that this has been an awesome journey doing the podcast every week. We hope you enjoy! #3thegrownway


Oyster Dressing, Turkee and Many Plates

Erikka celebrates with a traditional New Orleans meal the day before Thanksgiving, Nikki is having her first plant based Thanksgiving while Dr. E will be visiting many location and taking plates as she moves from house to house/ Wellness Segment: Les Brown 15 minute Morning Motivation #3thegrownway


No Means No and Dirty Harry

The ladies discuss the sexual harasment cases in the news and share their opinions on all the different cases. Erikka gives the star power to the ladies that are joining their voices together. Nikki wants to focus on empowering the women in these cases and take the focus off the men and Dr. E comes to the truth about R Kelly and realizes that she was not supporting the women in her passion for R Kelly music. Join the conversation and let us know what you think about all that is going on...


What do you know about Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

The ladies sit down with Dr. Jody Adewale and learn what Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is and ways to support your child if they happen to be diagnosed with ADHD. Dr Jody breaks down ADHD on a level where anyone can understand what it may look like if you may think that your child has ADHD. If you have a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD, Dr Jody and the ladies talk about some traditional and non traditional ways of treatment for ADHD. Join the conversation at...


Girl Talk and a Onesie

Erikka believes that wearing a onesie is a must during the colder days, Nikki is back from Amsterdam and feeling relaxed while Dr. E is making a commitment to wear heels more often and get her sexy back. Join the ladies as they just shoot the shit and have girl talk. Join the conversation and share your opinions at #3thegrownway


Religion vs Spirituality

The ladies discuss the topic with Brownite and friend Reverend Frederick J. McCollough Religion vs Spirituality. Nikki educates us on a new term that is used SBNR (Spiritual but not Religious), Erikka reminds us that Michael Evans from Good Times made it clear who Jesus was and what he looked like and Fred reminds us that millennials not being in the church is not new. Join the conversation and let us know where you fall on the scale of religious and/or...


Homecoming and Eyelashes

The Ladies walk down memory lane by sharing some of their favorite Hoooooomecoming memories while in school at Morris Brown College and some of their favorite college memories. Erikka remembers being boo'd up during the first 2 weeks of college. Nikki remembers all the memories from the homecoming concerts and Dr. E reminds us of a hard lesson learned when you think your "grown" while in college. Opening Music: A Different World opening Music Star Power: Our own Brownite: Dr. Rhonda...


Taking Care of Business and Getting your House in Order

The Ladies Get in to the "Grown" Business of making sure you have the accurate selections for your health insurance. Erikka walks us through the steps of breaking down health and dental Insurance options. Erikka explains to us her "Little Black Dress" project with the Junior League of Atlanta. TO make a contribution, please click on this link…/poverty-Atlanta-Georgia.html Nikki puts a challenge out to all to "Commit to Be Fit." Join us on our challenge...3...


Marriage Relationships and Internet Dating

The ladies discuss all feelings on Marriage, Relationships and Internet Dating with special guest Dr. Virgil Adams bringing in the male energy. Erikka admits that she is not a gold digger but she needs a sponsor, Nikki says that marriage should not happen until one is 30 yrs old , Dr E. believes that one must live on their own before joining with another while Dr. Virgil brings in the level of from a man that marriage was all about love for him. Join the conversation and let us know if you...


Dealing with Transitions and Change

Erikka, Nikki, Dr. E and their guest Kemi Bennings discuss dealing with loss at this point and time in their lives. Hopefully this discussion will help you deal with loss and find ways to cope. The ladies all agree that this is when being "GROWN" really defines itself in your life. Join the conversation by sending us an email at #3thegrownway To learn more about Kemi Bennings, visit her website at


Can Men and Women Really Be Friends Pt. 2

The conversation continues... Nikki can't understand if the relationship is "wacked" why can't we just kick it, Erikka pleads the fifth on sex buddies, Dr. E thinks women really control where the relationship will lead while our guest Ahmad informs is the women can be placed in the friend zone as well. Join the conversation! #3thegrownway


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