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Join two friends chatting about major and minor kooky crimes in the great white North.

Join two friends chatting about major and minor kooky crimes in the great white North.
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Join two friends chatting about major and minor kooky crimes in the great white North.




36 Times Ep.32 East Meets West

Hey listeners, this week we’ve got a special guest, it’s Mike from Dark Poutine! He brings the story of Oak Island, a mysterious island that features oak in Nova Scotia, while the ladies head to B.C., to give some attention to Mike’s neck of the woods and chat Ogopogo! Curious about the pictures Lilly was talking about or about the monster Krista was hunting? Check out this blog! And hey, learn more about Ogopogo here and here and here! Have some Oak Island history that Mike chatted...


36 Times Ep.31 The Case Against Solitary and Post Heist!

This week, Lilly tackles solitary confinement and the use of it in Canada via a few of our high profile cases! Plus, Krista brings two kooky crime tales for us! Sweet! Want some further reading? Have some sources! Globe and Mail Articles One Two Three Four Five There are loads of articles on articl [...]


36 Times Ep.30 Doug Snider Disappeared & The Toe Knows

This week, Krista tells the tale of the disappeared Doug Snider, a doctor who went missing, though a trail of grisly clues lead to a certain rival. For a kooky crime, Lilly brings the tale of a toe. This week’s episode (the tale of Doug Snider) was researched by Maggie Dobschuetz! Thank you thank you thank you! Also hey, in case you missed it last episode, we are being sponsored this week by thecrimemag.com/special who have a super awesome deal we mention (2 year subscriptions for ONLY...


36 Times Ep.29 Machine Gun Molly & Escape This

This week, Lilly comes at you with the tale of Monica Proietti, aka Machine Gun Molly, a bank robber who wore pants! Pants! Krista than takes us to a kooky place with the tale of two women who fled prison to only find themselves feeling a sense of deja vu! Also, don’t forget to check out thecrimemag.com/special for that super awesome deal we mention (2 year subscriptions for ONLY $20!) Go on! Show notes: Check out some links: Machine Gun Molly (the film) An article on Monica from...


36 Times Ep.28 Unsolved Dana Bradley & Lobster Night of the Living Lobster

Krista brings the story of Dana Bradley to this week’s episode, an unsolved case from St.John’s, Newfoundland! Lilly brings the less serious case of road lobsters, but someone has to bring the kooky and she is glad to deliver! Krista found her info at the following locations: https://www.pressreader.com/canada/the-telegram-st-johns/20150228/281487864804826 http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/dana-bradley-cold-case-expert-mike-arntfield-new-dna-evidence-1.3601923


36 Times Ep.27 The Flying Bandit and The Couch Monkey

Hey listeners! This week, Lilly brings to the pod the tale of Ken Leishman, also known as the Flying Bandit, a semi-Robin Hood (he stole from the rich, definitely)! Then, Krista brings TWO kooky crimes to the table, with the tale of a couch in the wrong place at the wrong time and a monkey who could very well say the same! Check it out, here’s some resources from this week’s chat: Info on Ken’s hijinks here! And here! Plus that old timey newspaper Lilly loves here! Don’t forget, we’re...


InTalksicated Podcast Special

Here’s our InTalksicated episode! Want to learn more about us? Hear us chit chat with our pal Sarah of InTalksicated podcast about 36 Times, our friendship and so much more. This was a great experience for us and we hope you all enjoy it! Please check out InTalksicated on all your favourite podcast platforms or on her site www.intalksicatedpodcast.com


36 Times Ep.26 Lobsters Ain’t Got Time For This

This week, Krista is back and the ladies discuss a lobster related bit of foul play. Plus, a kooky crime that involves a man who just didn’t have time to commit the crime! Check out some sources Krista used to tell her...


36 Times Ep.25 Francis Mackey and The Apology

Hi there, listeners! It’s Lilly, and this week, I take on the episode solo! I’m covering the story of Francis Mackey, a man who piloted one of the ships involved in the Halifax Explosion, and what followed after that dreadful day in December, one hundred years ago this year! Also, a little kookiness follows when a man decides the best thing he can do is say sorry after causing havoc in a small town in B.C.. I just want to thank you again for your patience this week, and your kindness! You...


36 Times Ep.24 - Kavanagh and Octopuses

It’s Lilly’s turn for spinning a yarn this week, and she takes it back to the early 1900s and a local story of murder! It’s an episode to cleanse our palates of the last few hard cases, because sometimes, you just need a breather! Krista then brings a story of a famous flying creature, and there is some fun facts with Andy, a special guest (aka Mr.Lilly) who is fresh from a month of doing Hallowfest! Interested in George Stanley, or the community he was hanged in? Check out the West...


2017 Halloween Special

Hey guys! Its Halloween and we have a spooky surprise! From our friends at the Minds of Madness comes a bunch of creepy tales told by our favourite podcast hosts. Listen for the story told by Lilly, which was written by Mr.Lilly! Enjoy! Contributing Podcasts: Creepy Fairy Tales for Unwanted Children The Murder Road Trip Podcast Evil Podcast The Trail Went Cold Encrypted Podcast 36 Times Moms & Murder True Crime Island Cold Case Notes There Might Be Cupcakes Bless This...


36 Times Ep.23 - Cindy Gladue and Responsible Raccoons

This episode contains discussion of adult situations and graphic description of a part of anatomy. Listener discretion is advised. This week, Krista and Lilly discuss the case of Cindy Gladue and the injustice of not only her death, but what followed in the courtroom afterwards. Then, Lilly tells the story of a bank take-over that is both inconvenient and adorable. This week, Krista checked out the following...


36 Times Ep.22 - Amazing Jane and Unbeelievable

This episode features discussion of intimate partner violence. Listener discretion is advised. This week, Lilly tells the story of Jane Hurshman, a victim of intimate partner violence who killed her abuser. This is a hard one, listeners. Krista then lightens the mood with a few Kooky Krime tweets! Remember, if you or someone you know is suffering from intimate partner violence, you are not alone and there is help. Crisis Hotlines in Canada American Crisis Hotline Remember, you can...


36 Times Ep.21 - Missing Michael Dunahee and Ping Pong Problems

This week, Krista brings another unsolved case to the table, the story of the day Michael Dunahee went missing. Below are a few links to learn more, and where you can go to help if you know anything!


36 Times Ep.18 - Canadian Ripley and What’s Her Name

Lilly is coming at you again with this week’s story, the tale of Albert Walker and his many, many crimes–this one takes us on a road trip overseas to England for murder most foul! Meanwhile, Krista brings you the story of…someone! Listen to the kooky crime to find out! Also, Lilly has something to share with Krista–a song made just for her on songfinch.com! Don’t forget to check out songfinch.com! A personalized song for your loved one in seven days! Use our promo, 36TIMES to get $20...


36 Times Ep.16 - Unsolved Sharron Prior & Pizza All the Time

Lilly’s back from her vacation, and to help her get through her jetlag, Krista takes on this week’s case. Sharron Prior went missing Saturday, March 29th, 1975, her body found days later, and the family is still looking for answers about who killed her. Someone has to know something! Follow the links below to find out more about the...


36 Times Ep.15 - Polytechnique and Pins

This week, Krista discusses the École Polytechnique massacre that shocked the nation. A lone shooter targeted students for a very specific reason that the ladies discuss, along with what happened after tragedy struck the university. Plus, Lilly covers a kooky crime that shook her due to one of her greatest loves being involved. Remember, you can contact us at: 36timespodcast@gmail.com @36timespodcast on Twitter and Instagram Intro music (’I'm Going For a Coffee’) by Lee Rosevere &...


Hey Hey, it’s Canada Day! A Very Special 36 Times Episode

Guess what! It’s Canada Day, and the ladies celebrate in true Canadian fashion by sitting around, laughing it up over a few kooky stories provided by some awesome listeners! It’s all kooky crimes on this episode, so join Lilly and Krista to chat about things like a thief whose taste is going to move you to discussions about changing careers to become soap moguls. Happy Canada Day, listeners! Remember, you can contact us at: 36timespodcast@gmail.com @36timespodcast on Twitter and...


36 Times Ep.12 - Massacre on the Plains of Syrup

This week, the ladies talk about the Shell Lake massacre, and how mental illness is approached in the Canadian courts. Listener discretion is advised yet again on this one, as it is a crime that involves the death of young children. Plus, Krista introduces Lilly to a brilliantly Canadian heist that will be told for generations to come, featuring the most Canadian of pancake toppings, syrup! Remember, you can contact us at: 36timespodcast@gmail.com @36timespodcast on Twitter and...


36 Times Ep.11 - Unsolved Christine Jessop and Why a Cucumber?

This week, the ladies discuss the unsolved murder of Christine Jessop, a tale featuring false accusations and a case of tunnel-vision detecting that led to the wrong conclusion. This is the story of a child that has yet to get justice, so listener discretion is yet again advised. As we say in the episode, if you know anything about this case, please call 416-808-7400 or Crime Stoppers (1- 800 -222- TIPS). Remember, you can contact us at: 36timespodcast@gmail.com @36timespodcast on...


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