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Regular comedy audio and video from the UK and US, featuring Jenni Armstrong, Blue Pepper, Richard Cray, John Dredge, Will Franken, Pegabovine, James Shakeshaft & David LE Davis, Chris Skinner, Jake Yapp, and many more.




The John Dredge Nothing to Do with Anything Show: Series 2, Programme 6

Lo, we find ourselves at the end of another season of nutty audio raves from John Dredge and his heavily-coerced team of Richard Cray, Anna Emerson, Greg Haiste, and James Shakeshaft until such a time as they are prepared to go boing in the same room as each other again. But never fear, odd listener, for they go out in fine style with an appearance from the latest in extra-terrestrial specimens and all for the price of a single Green Shield stamp. Now, there's value, value fans! Plus David...

Duration: 00:15:37

The John Dredge Nothing to Do with Anything Show: Series 2, Programme 5

John Dredge says goodbye to 2012, also known as the Chinese Year of the Accoutrement, with yet another one of those crazy end-of-year round-ups of the years most shocking household implements. There will also be odd noises of all shapes and sizes, plus an argy-bargy of aquatic goodies including the sound of a very large splash, courtesy of our friends at Thames Water. All this, plus Leighton Buzzard in Color - whoopee! With Richard Cray, Anna Emerson, Greg Haiste, and James Shakeshaft.

Duration: 00:15:24

The John Dredge Nothing to Do with Anything Show: Series 2, Programme 4

The omnipresent John Dredge returns or does he? Some say hes never been away - but tune in to find out anyway. Listeners in New Malden should take note that our roadshow team of one is also in the area, so please stand well back and allow her to pass along Coombe Road unhindered. Also this week: Who's behind the cartoon door? Is it Lord Hailsham? Or is it Richard Cray, Mark Davison, Anna Emerson, Greg Haiste, and James Shakeshaft? It's difficult to tell in this light.

Duration: 00:14:24

The John Dredge Nothing to Do with Anything Show - programme 2

This week's long-range programme comes to you from a burgon dispensing plant in Frinton, and includes fabulous adventures concerning artichokes and a special mention of New Malden for fans of New Malden. There's an unedited interview with a slightly odd person, and one of Britains oldest actors makes a special appearance inside a fish tank. Come, listen hither to our green inflatable audio extravaganza presented by John 'Radios' Dredge, fifth in line to the throne at Woolworths.

Duration: 00:15:10

Taylor Glenn's Psycomedy - programme 1: Matt Price

NEW TO 404 FUNNY: Award-winning comic and former psychotherapist Taylor Glenn interviews fellow stand ups about life on and off stage. In this first edition, Matt Price talks with Taylor about surviving hard knocks, living in the moment, and authenticity. For more information on Reverse Psycomedy, Taylor's 2012 Edinburgh Fringe show at the Gilded Balloon, visit http://www.taylorglenncomedy.com/gigs.html. Matt Price will be appearing at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringein Fuglyat Cabaret Voltaire....

Duration: 00:58:21

Nine and a Half Minutes: The Poncho Fandango Podcast

NEW!! Double act Poncho Fandango (featuring Doctor of Cutlery Emily McQuade & world-famous collector of everything John Dredge) provide sketches for both you and your family dog, with a mixture of thrills, spills, sounds, non-sounds and musical silage. Listen today the Poncho way!

Duration: 00:09:29

The 404 Special - programme 23

The theme behind this final 404 Special of 2011 is Town and Country, and the Strange People Within. These inhabitants include a humanoid mass of vegetable matter, a caveman, an advocate of self-immolation, some racoons with a penchant for arson, historical re-enactors who'd rather be in a different time and/or place, a potential borderline schizophrenic, and even some Americans. If, perchance, you should fit into one or more of these categories, please direct your green-inked letters of...

Duration: 00:33:13

The 404 Special Christmas Eve Departure 2011

NEW!! Richard Cray returns with a freshly-picked selection of Christmas comedy songs to see you through the horrors of the festive season. FEATURING: Robert Lund & Spaff, Crankshaft & The Gear Grinders, Rob Paravonian, Moneyshot Cosmonauts, Steve Goodie, Mind Map That, Jacob Haller, and Nice Peter. Music provided by Mevio's Music Alley at music.mevio.com, and by kind permission of Rob Paravonian at robprocks.com. Full tracklisting and links to all artists can be found at...

Duration: 00:29:45

The John Dredge Nothing to Do with Xmas Show

NEW!! Nearly 34 minutes of continuous comedic weirdness direct from somewhere. Radiophonic holdall consultant John Dredge invites you and your team of aardvarks into his odd yet peculiar cubic audio realm. Featuring the following fabulous featured features: At Home with The Human League, The Adventures of Basil the Cylinder, and an exclusive Open University lecture on cutlery. PLUS partly-acclaimed avant-garde film director David Lynch showcases an awful track from his new album. So tune...

Duration: 00:33:41

The Not a John Dredge Xmas Show Trailer Trailer

A short preview of what's in store on The John Dredge Nothing to Do with Xmas Show, coming to 404 Funny on December 21st. However, eager beavers amongst you will be delighted to know that an edited version of the show is to be broadcast on London's Resonance 104.4 FM at 22.30 GMT on December 8th. To find out how to listen live and become the envy of your neighbourhood wherever you are in the world, visit resonancefm.com.

Duration: 00:01:00

The Best of The John Dredge Not on TV Show

John Dredge, who can currently be found, presents the best bits from his seven-part Not on TV Show. It's exciting and the sound of now, even though it was recorded in the spring of 2009. Stay subscribed to 404 Funny for some new and previously unheard material from John both in and on the not-too-distant futon.

Duration: 00:16:30

Tales from Steeple Bumstead - episode 5

Mary Christmas reveals what happened before, during, and after the opening night of Steeple Bumstead's celebrity version of MacBeth, which saw the reviews flood in and Jedward walk out. So not all bad news, then. Alan Sugar, meanwhile, starts to wish he hadn't started the whole shooting match...before moving onto a new artistic venture. For the latest breaking news in Steeple Bumstead, troll along to twitter.com/marychristmasxx. Mary Christmas is brought to you by the generosity of Her...

Duration: 00:05:27

The John Dredge Programme Show - programme 4

This, the fourth of four episodes, vaults into the land of holdalls for one final burst of audio chicanery. A load of microscopes will be on sale, and John will be singing through a special sieve to increase radiophonic density. Normality be gone - here comes an electronic wigwam. PLEASE NOTE: this week’s show is oblongular. Listen with appropriate oblong constructions at hand. Thank you, Muriel.

Duration: 00:07:36

Tales from Steeple Bumstead - episode 4

Spring in Steeple Bumstead saw preparations well underway for the season's two major productions: Prince William's nuptials and Alan Sugar's MacBeth. But only one of them led to police action. Mary Christmas was on the scene to capture all the childish behaviour and celebrity tantrums there was to witness. For the very latest Steeple Bumstead news, visit twitter.com/MaryChristmasxx. Mary would like it to be known that she is every bit Maggie Gordon-Walker's equal.

Duration: 00:05:49

The John Dredge Programme Show - programme 3

This week's show includes little tunes from beyond your own vantage point. Several sports reports will be destroyed in a controlled explosion, and there’s the regular radio gang of twenty-five million aardvarks who will attempt something for you and yours. Why not write in and we’ll return your letters unopened free of charge. PLEASE NOTE: this week’s show is like a mango. Please hold up a mango when listening in. Thank you.

Duration: 00:07:08

Tales from Steeple Bumstead - episode 3

Mary Christmas breaks off from writing letters to prisoners to bring you more celebrity tittle-tattle - more tattle than tittle, to be honest. The casting for Alan Sugar's production of The Scottish Play is revealed - will there be a role for Kenneth Branagh? What do you think? Keep up-to-date with the very latest Steeple Bumstead gossip at twitter.com/MaryChristmasxx. Mary would like it to be known that she is owned by Maggie Gordon-Walker, who has fallen behind on payments.

Duration: 00:04:10

The John Dredge Programme Show - programme 2

This week’s episode simply cannot be gainsayed, and involves light sabres for one and all. Backing music is provided by the Frinton Cubic Choir, led by the Reverend James Cylindrical. Crashing noises are supplied by Mr Ulock Chaydds in a cameo role. PLEASE NOTE: This week’s show is green. Please wear suitable attire, such as a sturdy green inflatable bowler hat with the word ‘TWING’ on it. No further questions can be accepted at this time.

Duration: 00:07:15

Tales from Steeple Bumstead - episode 2

Mary Christmas returns with more delusions of grandeur and tall tales from her celebrity journal, including Alan Sugar's introduction into the world of theatre production. Keep up-to-date with the goings-on in Steeple Bumstead and Mary's own head at twitter.com/MaryChristmasxx. Mary would like it to be known that she is owned by Maggie Gordon-Walker.

Duration: 00:04:24

The John Dredge Programme Show - programme 1

NEW! John Dredge returns with a show that features not only the sounds of tomorrow, such as a teacup in mid-air, but also valuable wheelbarrow information and, of course, radiophonic trundling. PLEASE NOTE: This show involves audio lampposts. Stand well back and deactivatatronalise until ready. Thank you.

Duration: 00:05:41

Tales from Steeple Bumstead - episode 1

NEW!! Siren and love trainer Mary Christmas makes her 404 Funny debut with a six-part serialization of entries from her journal, full of the sort of spurious celebrity tittle-tattle that used to appear in certain tabloid newspapers before all of the journalists within a mile's radius of Wapping were arrested. Keep fully up-to-date with the goings-on in Steeple Bumstead at twitter.com/MaryChristmasxx. Mary would like it to be known that sheis currently in the sole care of her appropriate...

Duration: 00:04:51

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