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How do you talk to a billionaire?

Questions: I find it very frustrating when you say if anyone wants a job they can find one. I’m more than a sales coordinator – what can I call myself? All my decisions are made with “making art” as my final goal. How can I do that? Any ideas on what I could do as a pilot that could help me and my family? Good News More questions Cliff Feightner poem: This is a day you won’t dread Especially if you’ve followed and read Dan’s teachings and books Gave them more than just looks You’ll love...

Duration: 00:44:49

This is your last chance to make a good decision

Questions this week: Is there an audience for my cat blog? If a 6-yr-old can do it, you can too. How can I stay positive with negative family members all around me? I’m a 28-year-old single mom, with one child. Are there ways of becoming successful even after filing bankruptcy?Plus Good News and more questions. Cliff Feightner poem: You have to come up with a plan If you don’t want to just work for the man To upwardly move Your life should improve Start with you and include your whole clan...

Duration: 00:49:05

How can I serve others when I’m not smart enough to get into graduate school?

Questions This Week: I’ve worked ridiculously hard to face and resolve my fears but at 40 I’m still struggling. I would like to leave my job and work full on my side projects but being realistic, at what point should I leave my job? In the webinar you mentioned a woman who got into voice over work and last year grossed $106,000. Can you connect me with her? I am happy to be the first blind person taking the new online 48Days course so that I can let you know if there’s anything that can be...

Duration: 00:48:28

Creative Slump or Need Another Ham Sandwich?

Questions this week: Dan, I want to give your listeners ”5 Things Your Wife Wants You To Know (but probably hasn't told you)” Can I do outside sales on the side without telling my current employer? I would like to have a full time ministry serving our Lord and defending my Christian faith. I have been struggling as an online cartoonist for nearly 8 years now. How can I narrow down my core message to the one thing I have to share with the world? Good News More questions Cliff Feightner...

Duration: 00:49:03

Did God call you or are you just wandering?

I’ve got a conviction on my record. How can I possibly get an opportunity? I recently stepped out of doing ministry in the church, and I still feel some sort of guilt about it. Currently, I am approximately $260,000 in debt. I’m struggling in determining where to start and would love some advice and direction. Good News More questions Cliff Feightner poem: Now is a time to change Do not think of it as strange You need to adapt You cannot be trapped It's anytime that you can rearrange...

Duration: 00:48:30

You have to be odd

You have to be odd Questions for this week's Podcast: I am a dreamer and know God has given me talents, but I’m not sure how to pursue them. I'm a 59-year-old career pastor transitioning out of church ministry due to caring for elderly parents. I would like to move to a new city because I think there might be more opportunity in my field. Plus some good news! Cliff Feightner poem this week: If you find that part of your quest Is wanting to be your best You need to prepare For changes out...

Duration: 00:48:08

The Magic of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big When you believe I-can-do-it, the How-to-do-it develops. Don’t “Fake it till you make it” but rather “Tell the truth in advance.” In this episode I review the timeless classic, The Magic of Thinking Big and share 5 simple action steps to overcome fear and amplify your success. “Try to feel defeated and smile big at the same time. You can't.”— David Schwartz, author The Magic of Thinking Big [Tweet This] Mentioned In the Podcast The new 48 Days Eagles membership...

Duration: 00:33:25

I’d like to be a brother like that

I’d like to be a brother like that– A listener is leaving her psychotherapy practice to go help an ailing cousin. With the opportunities we have today, are you in a position to move, help a friend or relative, and still continue to live fully yourself? You can be a brother, cousin – or wife, husband, sister, mom that other people admire. Put yourself in a position to give generously. Questions This Week: I have an opportunity to do a 60 second elevator pitch for my dream job. Help! I am...

Duration: 00:44:48

How can I make my spouse more like me?

How can I make my spouse more like me? I didn’t say how can I make my spouse like me more. I said how can I make my spouse more like me. There’s a tendency for us to want others to see the world in the same way we do. To like the things we like and to have the same views and values as we do. What happens if you’re living with someone who sees the world differently? Questions this week: How can an older construction worker develop new sources of income? How can I find new coaching clients?...

Duration: 00:49:23

Are You a Passionately Curious Person?

Are you a passionately curious person? Albert Einstein said “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” What does that mean? Can we learn to be passionately curious? What happens if we are not? Don’t miss out on what’s right in front of you. Questions this week: What does it mean to be passionately curious? What music can I use on my podcast? How can I be a full-time music therapist? What’s happening in the 48DaysEagles community? And I’ve got good news – And a whole lot...

Duration: 00:48:31

What happens when the dog catches the car?

What happens when the dog catches the car? Most of us spend our entire lives chasing the dream of having enough. What happens when that goal is met? Do we stop, or is there reason to keep working anyway? One listener is facing that challenge in this episode. Do you think some sort of good news could be a meaningful, purposeful, and profitable business? I'm a 45 y/o woman & have no idea what my purpose or passion is. My wife refuses to think about long-range plans. How much should I charge...

Duration: 00:48:08

Guess what – I just bought the farm!

Guess what – I just bought the farm! History tells us that when a military jet crashes on a farm the farmer typically gets the government to pay off the mortgage on that farm. And thus the saying, “He bought the farm” refers to someone dying. But then there’s the positive side of just deciding to have a small farm. I’ve got an opportunity where you might just be able to do that – for $300. Do you think the benefits of homeschooling outweigh the costs? And How can we nurture the...

Duration: 00:39:15

Oh no – this happened. How do I move forward?

Oh no – this happened. How do I move forward? My wife, Joanne, and I have used a concise process for all the years of our marriage. When confronted with a decision, we allow a 2-week maximum for arriving at a decision. Whether it is where to move, what kind of car to purchase, making a career or business decision, or how to handle a difficult relationship with a relative, we approach the process as follows: 1. State the problem. 2. Get the advice and opinions of others. 3. List the...

Duration: 00:47:44

What does this make possible?

What does this make possible? When unexpected change comes our first reaction is often one of fear or anger. We want to hang on to things as they were. But a healthier response may be to ask (in the wise words of Gail Hyatt) “What does this make possible?” In this episode we hear from listeners who have been confronted with unwelcome change, and I share about our cease and desist order regarding having live events at the Sanctuary. The questions this week: The dealership I'm at has just...

Duration: 00:48:50

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts…

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts… 5 months after I interviewed a company has contacted me. Should I even consider them now? What is the most professional way to tell a company that this job/organization is not a right fit after all? Can I just be a life consultant – or do I need a niche? I’d like to start my own consulting practice related to accounting and business, but I am concerned because I have no contacts in the area we’re moving to. Should I...

Duration: 00:48:45

Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage (Smashing Pumpkins)

Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage (Smashing Pumpkins) Questions this week: I would love to move into a position where I can work in student ministry full-time. My wife is, rightfully, worried about us losing our insurance and the security that comes with federal employment if I try to start something on my own. What if I don’t need any more money? Interview with Aaron Walker (View from the Top). Click for more. I want to do something outside of the software development...

Duration: 00:49:59

Is our church keeping us from our God given full potential?

Is our church keeping us from our God given full potential? Other items we explore: Although I am trying to get certified as a trainer soon, I am still lacking enough education for me to feel like I can successfully work with clients. My dream is to open an organic/natural bakery with pastries, custom decorated cakes, and also maybe some organic cafe items. I'm wearing out in my current career, but I've decided to make the best of it for another 18 months when I qualify for a full...

Duration: 00:49:23

I’m a Pastor and just got fired

I’m a Pastor and just got fired You might think there are still some jobs that are immune from firing, but I can’t think of any. Last week I talked to a “tenured” professor who just got fired and pastors are being fired in droves. Even the President is constantly under threat of hearing his own phrase, “You're Fired.” Your security is never in the job, but in knowing how your skills transfer to multiple organizations. Other questions we discuss: How does one go through a career hunting...

Duration: 00:49:20

Finding your path as a high school student

Finding your path as a high school student — Last week a listener asked if I were invited to give a university's commencement address, what would I tell the graduates? This week another listener asked – what would you tell a junior or senior in high school who has yet to decide on a major? My suggestions include: allow yourself the freedom of exploration – follow your curiosity. Find ways to make money – even if you don’t think you want to be an entrepreneur. Shadow professionals who are...

Duration: 00:45:59

What university graduates need to know

What university graduates need to know A listener just asked if I were invited to give a university's commencement address, what would I tell the graduates? Would I tell it in such a way that would cause me to get booed off stage? How would I present the truth to these young people? Knowing my concerns about current academic degrees, how would I present a positive message for moving forward? Questions on today's Podcast: New voiceover business generates $104,000 last year Dan, if invited...

Duration: 00:48:20

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