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Everything 49ers!






Overdue Announcement

Overdue Announcement by Mike of 49ersGab

Duration: 00:00:36

KC's Corner Ep. 194 #9erGangRemix

KC is back!! It's draft week and I have a nice little convo with my guy 49ersGab and we talk about the new regime, Kap and what the 49ers should do in this upcoming draft.

Duration: 00:54:34

49ersGab WAITING

Not much going on, but special thank you to Stefan B.K.A. @jav95_ for sending an audio file to be on the podcast! I appreciate the time you took to contribute! FAITHFUL UNITE

Duration: 00:44:04

49ersGab Aliyaz08 49erFaithful Round Table 2

Man oh man... It's just too much to type right now, but... In this 2nd edition of the Round Table discussion, I talk again with @49erFaithful365 and @Aliyaz01 about the additions the #49ers have made to the roster, what we think they will do and we also field questions from the fans! After that we even play some encouraging words from one fan to another! I know this is a long episode, but I promise you its worth it! Thank you to everyone who participated, sent in questions, called to leave...

Duration: 02:06:16

KC's Corner Ep. 187 #9erGangRemix

I'mmmmm baaackkkk!! 9erGangRemix back in full affect! S/O to my guy 49ersGab. I give you my thoughts on the John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan hires, and what direction the Niners should go in the draft and free agency.

Duration: 00:48:31

49ersGab NO QB

Colin Kaepernick has opted out!!! Are his days in SF over??? No one knows for sure. There is still a small chance that he could return as a free agent on a reduced price tag! But what are the other free agent options worth discussing? Also in this episode, we hear some encouraging words from John Lynch, as well as head coach Kyle Shanahan at the combine! Something that I didn't say in this episode is something that I leave you with every episode.... what is it??

Duration: 00:33:42

49ersGab And SECBooger

This is a podcast that was a long time coming. Thank you all for being patient with me. Hopefully its worth it! On this podcast I am joined by a very special guest. Someone who is a 2-time Superbowl winner, and has played with our new GM John Lynch! Anthony "Booger" McFarland (@SECBooger) joined me briefly to discuss his time with Lynch and the type of guy he is! He also discusses the moves the 49ers should make to get the team on track. You will also hear a few voicemails left by fellow...

Duration: 01:10:16

49ersGab And Beast Writer Lynch Reaction

***THIS IS AN EMERGENCY PODCAST*** Jed York and the 49ers not only have hired a GM, but NO ONE IN THE WORLD KNEW THIS WAS COMING!!! There weren't any "leaks" that tipped anyone off to this move and in addition to how puzzling that is, it's even more puzzling as to how John Lynch is qualified to be a GM in the NFL! Joined by the "Beast-writer," a.k.a. Ryan Sakamoto b.k.a. @SakamotoRyan, we discuss the (very) little we know about Lynch an try to give the faithfuls some hope! There will be...

Duration: 00:39:48

49ersGab And 49erFaithful365

This is an episode that has been long overdue. I (Mike) have had a lot of personal issues with family, my laptop died and I had to get a new one, plus a plethora of other things... BUT I'M BACK!!! Joined for this week's #FaithfulEdition by Nick, BKA @49erFaithful365 (twitter), to dscuss the job that team CEO Jed York has done this off season, the HC candidate(s) and the GM search. After that, we take a look at the free agents of the #49ers and tell you if we think they're worth bringing...

Duration: 01:27:29

KC's Corner Ep. 176 #NinerGangRemix

I'm back from Winter Break just in time for this nightmare of a season to be over and now the REAL work gets done. On this episode I talk about the 49ers come from behind win in LA, Chip & Trent gettin the boot, Jed with another pointless press conference and what should the 49ers do going forward.

Duration: 00:59:57

Baalke - Kelly Gone Part II

This is just a quick recap of Jed York's impressive presser. I can't speak for anyone else but I think Jed means what he's saying and this is a HUGE step in the right direction. Faithfuls, unite! #49ers

Duration: 00:36:15

Baalke - Kelly Gone Part I

IT'S OVER!!! It's part I of this podcast and I keep it as just a reaction episode. What is it I'm reacting to??? Trent Baalke (12 seasons) and Chip Kelly (1 season) have been relieved of thier duties. Jed York will speak with the media tomorrow and I will bring you all Part II of this podcast!

Duration: 00:36:45

49ersGab Falcons Recap Rams Preview

The 49ers have a way of bringing the encore performances that no one wants to see! This has caused us fans to go numb. But I will continue to bring the heat. This week, my victim is Jim O'Neil. I go over how Chip Kelly is allowing his coaching staff to accept horrible results and that is a culture he is breeding. The players and coaches are adopting the way of Kelly and that is the way of multiple excuses. Enjoy the rant. And leave feedback on iTunes please! Also, if you want to rant and...

Duration: 00:51:27

KC's Corner Ep. 173 #NinerGangRemix

The 49ers suffer their 13th(!!!!) straight loss and I am damn near in a loss for words but I still find some.

Duration: 00:27:49

KC's Corner Ep. 172 #NinerGangRemix

KC's Corner Ep. 172 #NinerGangRemix by 49ersGab

Duration: 00:55:47

49ersGab Bears Game Recap

This week we introduce a new section! This involves the fans more, as they can call and SOUND OFF about their #49ers! The new text/message line is now up and running! Be sure to hear the recap of the Bears game (if you can call it a game) and see what Mike thinks! Agree, disagree or undecided on the topics and opinions discussed? Send an email to or just shoot us a text 628-888-2129 And as always, Faithful, unite!

Duration: 00:55:27

KC's Corner Ep. 169 #NinerGangRemix

The Niners suffer their worst loss in 2 years to the Chicago Bears and it really just disappoints everybody. I talk about Candlestick vs Levi's to depress everyone even more and then I finish things up with a little Q&A about where we go from here with the franchise.

Duration: 00:49:21

KC's Corner Ep. 167 #NinerGangRemix

The 49ers lose their 10th straight game but I'm surprisingly in a...solid mood. Kap plays well, he should stay. Chip coaches well, he should stay. Plus Kap/Castro nonsense, a little Harbaugh venom & look ahead to Chicago.

Duration: 00:58:03

Colin Kaepernick, I'm sorry!

Colin Kaepernick, I'm sorry! by 49ersGab

Duration: 00:24:12

49ersGab With Ny2ThaBayy

This week's episode is a Faithful Edition featuring a great follower of mine, @Ny2ThaBayy, AKA Mike! This week we discuss the state of the #49ers with a brief review of the #Cardinals game, and then we have some fun! If @NyToTheBayy could change 3 things about this franchise for next year, what would they be? Also, I go on a long rant about this fan base and how we are short changing ourselves! We deserve better! Be sure to give Mike (@Ny2ThaBayy) a follow on twitter! Faithful, Unite!

Duration: 01:07:50

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