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Welcome to the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau, or 4am CAB as it's known in the industry. Ian is the incapable boss, Brett the ego-manic and Fleur the free-spirit are the creative talents, new intern Martin is just hoping he can get a paid position and all the while Cheryl the receptionist holds them all together. 4am CAB is the critically acclaimed comedy sitcom and sketch show, with a slick edge, returning for its third series. "Splendidly produced and mixed sounds of somewhere at 4am, topped off with some cracking joke-writing. Reminiscent of Chris Morris’s Blue Jam." "Highly recommended" "Dark, surreal, strange but most importantly funny" "I love this brilliantly produced podcast, it's like Monkey Dust for the iPhone generation." "Brilliant performances and superbly produced. Listen and you’ll be hooked for sure." "Very funny well worth listening to" "Think they are on to something good" "It's surely only a matter of time before this hits the radio waves" "4am CAB should come with a social warning - listening will cause involuntary sniggering... surreal, bonkers and perhaps a little bit insane" "Absolutely outstanding, constantly delivers with professional quality time and time again" "Has a slightly dream-like feel to it."






4am CAB – a new beginning

So, 4am CAB is closing it’s creaky doors. Do not despair as there is an alternative arriving to take you to a new destination. Follow

Duration: 00:10:45

S3Ep4: Classy

The 4am Creative Advertising Bureau have a new assignment. The Japanese want to take an English delicacy and rebrand it. Fleur and Martin are ready to take onthe considerable challenge but Brett has been listening to chinese whispers. This could … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:19:04

S3Ep3: Work It Out

It’s very quiet at the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau today. Cheryl calls in a favour from Martin who takes hisnew responsibilities very seriously.With great power comes a great deal of arsing around, especially when the coffee machine is still knackered. … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:22:46

S3Ep2: Puppy Love

Another day dawns on the 4am Creative Advertising Bureau. New kid on the block, Martin, is very excited. Todayhe joins the 4am CAB team – not that he’s getting paid though,much to his mothers annoyance. It’s a dog eat dog … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:20:04

S2Ep4: Spudmarine

Time: 0400 hours Location: Onboard a hightech, high spec, military stealthsubmarine, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean Mission: Classified Additional: Woof! Elsewhere, Svetlana has invited her new man to meet her Mother, but things are not going to plan. Derek and … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:56:56

S2Ep3: Paper Cut

One year ago, Graham and Samantha got married. As an anniversary treat, Graham has whisked his darling wife on a secret weekend away, only she’s probably not going to be as excited when she finds out what they’re doing. There … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:45:53

S2Ep1: Writers Room

It’s 4am. Two professors are putting their over-developed minds to the ultimate test, a funding application presentation due in 5 hours. Professor Ogleby has lost her pink highlighter, while her colleague Professor Lubach has imbibed too many stimulants and is … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:42:00

Series 2 Tease

4amcab Series 2, coming on the 1st of May 2013 Movie Star(The Making Of X) by Loveshadow is licensed under a Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) Follow

Duration: 00:05:12

Video Extra: Behind The Scenes

When we recorded the Christmas Special of 4amcab way back in December of last year, we decided it might be a nice extra treat to do a bit of behind the scenes filming. I took along a camera phone and … Continue reading →

S1Ep7: Christmas Special

Ding Dong Misery on High! It’s Christmas in the Forest of Codeine and Derek the Bi Polar Bear is not quite feeling the spirit. That is until Santa gets into a bit of trouble with Rudolph (not that kind of … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:24:11

S1Ep6: Ghosts

The last 4amcab of Series 1. Or is it? Sarah and Steve have a hot tip off. They head to a secret location in the hope of spotting a real life ghost hunter. Will they find their target? Will they … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:17:47

S1Ep5: Doctored

Just another regular night shift at St Joan’s. Dr Whom and Nurse Fielding are attempting to answer that existential question: where can you get a decent meal at 4am? Clive is conducting another of his ‘urban twitches’, Baz and Terry … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:23:28

S1Ep4: Hainault?

Martin has been burning the candle at both ends, then taking a blow-torch to the middle just for good measure. Falling asleep on a night bus to Hainault, he finds himself stranded and alone at 4am. Hiscries for helpappear to … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:08:51

S1Ep3: Dinner Party

It’s 4am again. Veronica and Ian’s dinner party guests just will not leave. Veronica is desperate for their cabs to arrive and spirit them away. Sebastian has a big opinion of himself, Jill is buying time before she leaves on … Continue reading →

Duration: 02:51:00

S1Ep2: Clubbed

Carol “Cazzer” Jenkins has been partying hard. Burning the candle at both ends. Stumbling out of a club at 4am, our heroine decides the only course of action is to splash out on a cab to get her home as … Continue reading →

Duration: 03:01:53

S1Ep1: Airport

The first cab is here. We’re sure you’ll get to your destination in plenty of time and in one piece… probably. Chris James has to get a plane.A saving of £30 resulted in Chris booking his flight for 5am. His … Continue reading →

Duration: 02:25:26