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5% to Greatness Episode 8 With Mark Moses

Mark Moses Owner of CEO Coaching International Mark and Rick spoke about the challenges of business, how to tackle large goals and dealing with the stress points of business but keep a positive frame of mind. Mark shares over 50 minutes of valuable content and how strategies to think Big, Act big can make big happen, also what are the two most important things a CEO should do.

Duration: 00:20:36

5% to Greatness Episode 7 With Jack Daly and Ben Simkin

Download here In today’s episode Rick Nieuwenhoven delves deep with the action man, doer of all doer’s Jack Daly. Listen to a man who at 67 puts a lot younger to shame. Rick is also joined by Australia’s marketing specialist Ben Simkin of businessnett Jack has built a sales force, he has then run another private firm. Jack then took on the challenge of personal development. Challenging himself in fitness Jack keeps pushing the boundaries. We talk play books, handling employees, life...

Duration: 01:23:25

5% to Greatness Episode 6 With Anil Gupta

Join Anil Gupta a happiness coach and Rick Nieuwenhoven as they talk about a mindset and triple G's

Duration: 00:19:25

5% to Greatness Episode 5 With Danny Elassaad

Join Danny Elassaad as he discusses with Rick Nieuwenhoven the journey of operating a family Business. A business founded in the 80'2 by Danny's father after immigrating to Australia and unable to attain employment. Seeing a gap in the market the business become an innovator in the industry. We also discuss the difficulties and dynamics of a family business and how to maintain family relationships when business is intertwined creating a challenging dynamics. Rick and Danny discuss...

Duration: 00:28:17

5% to Greatness Episode 3 with Andy Bailey

Download here Join Rick Nieuwenhoven from 5% to Greatness with Andy Bailey Petra Coach talking about pressures of selling a business and coaching philosophies for businesses to improve. Enjoy the show

5% to Greatness Episode 2 With Brian Brault

Download here Joint Rick Nieuwenhoven and Brian Brault as they discuss the highs and lows of business. A key point was how to take the visionary out of he business successfully. Brian is the incumbent global chair for The Entrepreneurs Organisation so hear Brian discuss the role and his vision. Brian is the incumbent global chair for The Entrepreneurs Organisation so hear Brian discuss the role and his vision.