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Inspiring & Empowering Souls. Daily Inspirational Messages to Empower you.

Inspiring & Empowering Souls. Daily Inspirational Messages to Empower you.
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Inspiring & Empowering Souls. Daily Inspirational Messages to Empower you.






Skills to Give you a Competitive Edge in Your Career Branding

Skills to Give you a Competitive Edge in Your Career Branding In our ever-changing fast-evolving world, it has become increasingly critical for executives to adapt to these changing trends and demands to meet the needs[...]

Duration: 00:21:10

7 I’s stopping you From Succeeding

Find out the how you are sabotaging your success. Words are very important in every aspect of our lives – they become a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. What words/statements do you constantly say to yourself? Listen and[...]

Duration: 00:28:00

7 Smart Ways to Write a Book

7 Smart Strategies to Write a Book “Your book goes places you may never go and helps people you may never meet” – Bernard Kelvin Clive If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, now[...]

Duration: 00:33:07

10 Quick Tips on Public Speaking

“Don’t beg for platforms, build your platform” ~ Bernard Kelvin Clive In this episode I decided to answer a question by Ibrahim on public speaking by sharing with you 10 quick tips on public speaking,[...]

Duration: 00:08:31

InstaFame: Building a Powerful Brand Online

“Your digital footprints speaks more volumes than your CV” – Bernard Kelvin Clive Learn how to build a powerful brand online using instafame. In this episode Austin Godsey shares insight on how you can make[...]

Duration: 00:26:33

Selling the Way Customers Will Buy with Kristin Zhivago

“Don’t just be selling. be connecting” – Bernard Kelvin Clive In this podcast episode my guest Kristin Zhivago share on how brand can sell the way that customers will buy. Kristin Zhivago has become one[...]

Duration: 00:29:39

How SMEs can Use Social Media Effectively with Paul Kortman

Social media is the new town hall, how do small and medium enterprises(SMEs) with a lean budget make the most out of it? In this episode my guest Paul Kortman, share some strategies to help[...]

Duration: 00:40:50

Brand Survival Strategies with Jonathan David Lewis

In a world of varied brands and businesses, how do you ensure that your brand thrives and survives in the wild? In this episode my guest Jonathan David Lewis shared insights on how your brand can[...]

Duration: 00:33:04

Back-linking Strategies for your Brand with Kris Reid

“To stay relevant, learn also to be visible” In the the digital age brand visibility is one of the most sort after positions online. In this episode I interviewed the coolest guy in SEO – Kris[...]

Duration: 00:24:05

Social Media Branding Tips

“Don’t do that which is popular, do that which is purposeful” – Bernard Kelvin Clive In this episode I share some tips on how you can create a sticky social media personal brand. Listen, learn[...]

Duration: 00:07:52

Why People Engagement Matters – Interview with Colin James Browne

How better people engagement can drive profits, growth and performance. In this episode I had Colin James Browne share on the importance of people engagement for companies. Listen and learn: • The five pillars of[...]

Duration: 00:34:50

Morning Rituals that Shapes Your Personal Brand

“It’s not so much about what the morning brings; it’s what you bring to the morning” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive 3 Morning Rituals to Change Your Life The power to shape your personal brand is[...]

Duration: 00:11:00

How to Thrive in Difficult Times

In this episode I interviewed John Vespasian as he shared more light from his book on thriving in difficult times; Twelve lessons from Ancient Greece to improve your life today . JOHN VESPASIAN is the author[...]

Duration: 00:26:26

5 Reasons Why You Must build an Author Brand

5 Reasons Why You Must build an Author Brand Author Branding: It is the process of positioning an author as the center of attraction and influence, to be the preferred choice in a given[...]

Duration: 00:30:10

17 Nuggets for Aspiring Authors

“The size of your audience is more important than the size of your book” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive 17 Nuggets for Aspiring Authors Write from your heart Develop your own writing style, find your voice.[...]

Duration: 00:07:05

21 Social Media & Marketing Lessons

“You may start small but don’t stay small” – Bernard Kelvin Clive 21 Social Media and Digital Marketing Tips Don’t just be everywhere, be everywhere that your clients are, where you matter most. Always and[...]

Duration: 00:05:43

Top Skills Every young Executive Must Have

Are you Skilled? A skill is basically the ability to do something well, to be great at doing something. My question is what are you great at or what are the things that you want[...]

Duration: 00:04:34

Interview with Multi-Millionaire Nik Halik

How to make your first million… “People have this stereotypical view that wealthy people should be glamorous. The glamour aspect doesn’t grab me. I’ve always believed that wealth isn’t just about what you can buy.[...]

Duration: 00:40:46

Secrets of Selling More Kindle Books with Dave Chesson

Secrets to becoming a bestseller with the Jedi of Amazon Kindle publishing, Dave Chesson. In this episode, I interviewed Dave Chesson of as he shared insights into kindle book publishing. Listen , learn and[...]

Duration: 00:32:20

5 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand

“Speed is significant but you need substance to stay relevant” – Bernard Kelvin Clive In this podcast episode, I interviewed one of South Africa’s personal branding experts to share on the steps to building a personal[...]

Duration: 00:32:52

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