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Open music library, turn on #5huffle, hit skip 5 times, and discuss. A podcast that navigates through an eclectic library of over 40,000 songs.

Open music library, turn on #5huffle, hit skip 5 times, and discuss. A podcast that navigates through an eclectic library of over 40,000 songs.
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Minneapolis, MN


Open music library, turn on #5huffle, hit skip 5 times, and discuss. A podcast that navigates through an eclectic library of over 40,000 songs.




Episode 27: Primsum 41

In the potentially last traditional episode of #5huffle EVER, your host Jarid and the perpetual special guest Dominic invent a new North Korean dictator name. They also agree to spread the truth that Matt & Kim are actually talented chefs and not musicians at all, it’s so alleged that it HAS to be true! Amazon’s Alexa also makes a cameo, and they somehow find time to talk about this week’s tracks. Episode 27's Tracks: The Hell Song - Sum 41 Too Many Puppies - Primus Die Slow -...

Duration: 01:33:30

Episode 26.5: Top 5 Albums of 2016

Dominic and Jarid are joined by everyone’s favorite rapper, Lil Bollywood, to bring you their TOP 5 ALBUMS OF 2015!… or 2016? What year is it? Anyway, the official #5huffle cannon is defined, the duo learn how to pronounce the word “epoch”, and they agree there is NO WAY Trump is going to win the election. There might also be talk of their favorite albums from 2016? Top 5 Albums of 2016 Playlist Music Used In This Episode Dance or Die Trying (Slowed Down) - Pierlo Deleuze (Slowed Down)...

Duration: 01:09:00

5huffle Update

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (turn and face the strange). Music Used In This Episode Aminals (Live dublab "Sprout Session") - Baths Bath's live performance at dublab can be found here. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License

Duration: 00:08:10

Episode 24: New5

Dominic and Jarid bring you music news from the week of November 20th, 2016. Topics include: Kanye West, Martin Shkreli, Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Tom Waits, Jeff Mangum/Neutral Milk Hotel, Billy Corgan, Tom DeLonge, Frank Ocean, The Clash, and Blank Banshee. Music Used In This Episode Featherlight (remix - vocals by Heather Feather ASMR) (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere Here's the Thing (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere I'm Going for a Coffee (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere The Secret to...

Duration: 00:44:02

Episode 23: New5

For this week’s news, Dominic from 5huffle’s partner podcast, 5uffIe (that’s not an “L” it’s an “i”) joins Jarid to discuss a myriad of topics, including: Insane Clown Posse, Kanye West, Martin Shkreli, The Beatles, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Mowgwai, Leonardo DiCaprio, Before the Flood, David Bowie, Darkthrone, NASA, The White Stripes, and Danny Brown’s “Atrocity Exhibition”. Music Used in this Episode Going Home (Slowed Down) - Lee Rosevere Featherlight (Slowed Down) - Lee...

Duration: 00:46:40

Episode ???


Duration: 00:08:06

Episode 22: Modest MØUTH

Jarid and Derick (Derek sp?)... or is it Dominic?...Hm. Well, Jarid and some "D" person sit down and discuss family, edges, and the 5huffle guarantee: It's bad, but it's not that bad. Oh, and they talk about this week's tracks. Episode 22's Tracks: My Way - Nina Simone An Owl With Knees - The Books Lives - Modest Mouse Leviathan - LeATHERMØUTH Street Trash - Tobacco Episode 22's Playlist: Music Used in this Episode: Friends (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar Dogs & Cats (Slowed Down) -...

Duration: 01:21:55

Episode 22: New5

Jarid and Dominic bring you the music news for the week of September 4th. Topics include: ICP, Kanye West, Martin Shkreli, Die Antwoord, The Smiths, Smashing Pumpkins, Chris Brown, and more! Music Used in this Episode: Stripped Blue Vinyl (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar The Guitarist (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar Coffee Drops (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar Juggalo Arrested After Cutting Off Woman’s Finger, Drinking her Blood for a “Ritualistic Memorial” Read More Here Two Juggalos Allegedly Set...

Duration: 00:33:10

Episode 21: Jeremy Manifesto w/Chance Meyer

Chance Meyer travels all the way from the frozen tundras of Minnesota to join Jarid for 5huffle's 21st episode. In it they discuss how Chance's upbringing led him to wear shoes every day, why the Black Lotus card is so rare in Magic: The Gathering, what an all John super group would consist of, and this week's tracks. Episode 21's Tracks: Bold Advances - Helios Thermostat - They Might Be Giants Would You Be Impressed - Streetlight Manifesto Daffy Duck - Animal Collective Love You To...

Duration: 01:35:56

Episode 20: dirtymau5 Projector5 + Björk w/John Miller

Black Tater (John Miller of The Game Cave Podcast) sits down with Blue Taco Jones (Jarid of the podcast you are currently listening to) remotely from the foreign lands of Minnesota to bring you episode 20 of #5huffle. In it they discuss how one acquires their Juggalo name, Blue Taco Jones introduces a new segment, Black Tater does a remarkable whale/Björk impression, and they talk about this weeks tracks. Episode 20's Tracks: Superfast Jellyfish (feat. Gruff Rhys and De La Soul) -...

Duration: 01:49:00

Episode 19.5: BREAKING BREAKING NEWS tonight on #5huffle BREAKING NEWS NEWS

EXTRA! EXTRA! LISTEN ALL ABOUT IT: DOMINIC AND JARID BRING YOU, THE VALUED LISTENER, ALL OF THE HOTEST MUSICAL RELATED NEWS STORIES! CHECK OUT AMAZON DOT COM! THE MORE YOU ALLEGEDLY KNOW, THAT’S THE 5HUFFLE GUARANTEE! Music Used in this Episode: get out (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar about u (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar sketch (vlad) (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar do it (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar be quiet (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar wherever (Slowed Down) - Jahzzar sketch (s.o.s.) (Slowed Down) -...

Duration: 01:19:51