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Like trying to fit a round-table into a square hole, the 716 Sports Podcast is not easily categorized. While the rotating hosts focus mainly on the big two – Bills and Sabres – they are also the singular voice for everything Buffalo sports has to offer. Wide-ranging opinions lead to animated discussions that sometimes border on verbal warfare, but always in respectful, albeit irreverent, manner. Spread throughout the podcast are interviews with professional athletes and coaches, respected national writers, and more. Expand your fandom, solidify your knowledge base, and get ready to take on the Queen City sports scene with the boys on the 716 Sports Podcast. The 716 Sports Podcast is also the voices of FC Buffalo, Buffalo 716ers, and Buffalo Beauts.






Hideous Offensive Showing From Bills - Sabres Are Back

This episode was basically off the rails from the get-go.

Duration: 02:00:42

Sabres Are Back!

Sabres Only!! Bill couldn’t join us today, but, he went to the game and he called in and told us all about it!

Duration: 00:50:29

Jets Game Is Over With, Now Time For the Real Season

uhhh, Thanks for the 5th preseason game, Commish. We’ll have some football now.

Duration: 00:54:27

Anquan Boldin, Offense in Trouble? Tyrod, Peterman, O’Leary, Ragland

We bowled while podcasting tonight. It was very difficult and was a tire fire. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:59:55

TRADES! Hot Takes, Hot Wings, Will Butcher and Stuff

Check out this week’s show where the beginning became the end and the end became the beginning. Hot Wings, Pizza, Bowling, and rain. We break down the Bills’ Watkind and Darby trades like proper adults, talk a bit about Will Butcher and the Sabres, and then we went home. Thanks for being cool! We’ll see you next week!

Duration: 00:50:05

We Give Tom Martin A Buffalo Exit Interview, Bills Season Over/Unders + Not-So-Bold Predictions

If you make it past the first 15 minutes, you’re a true fan.

Duration: 01:08:04

Jonah Javad Chats Eichel/Gilmore; Kane/Reinhart, Brian Campbell, Hot Food Takes, & More

This was a fun show you should enjoy. We touch on a lot of different subjects. Mostly all Sabres and Mike gives us some real HOT food takes. Jonah Javad calls in and talks Eichel/Gilmore and his different take on bringing us fans sports news.

Duration: 01:12:03

The Lost Podcast! From the 11 Day Power Play (2 weeks old)

We totally forgot to post this show!! It is 2 weeks old! We talk about the 11 Day Power Play AT the 11 Day Power Play and talk lots of Sabres and hockey!

Duration: 00:42:57

New GMs Galore! And Other Stuff Too - Kind Of

After we talk shit about Justen getting too drunk at a charity golf tournament on a Monday to podcast, we actually throw together a pretty fun show! GMs are good and stuff and the Pegulas hired some decidedly good ones it appears.

Duration: 01:13:21

Burning Questions!

Today’s episode is brought to you by salt, bc we’re SALTY. AS. FUCK. Oh, and I (Justen) hate you Greg Wyshynki.

Duration: 00:55:26

Back In the Hunt! Trades, Kane, Ennis, GMTM

What the…? Two weeks in a row? Justen and Bill welcome Scott Escobar from Top Shelf Where Momma Hides The Podcast for conversation about the Sabres’ wins against Colorado and St. Louis, the loss against Chicago, and what the team is looking for come trade deadline.

Duration: 01:16:03

Derek Kramer Hops In To Talk Lehner, Bailey, Defense, Lady Gaga, and Bills

We’re back after nearly a month off and this show surely wont disappoint!

Duration: 01:16:29

Sabres Sniffin’ the Playoffs! We did 2 drafts!

Sabres pulled out some big wins this weekend! We discuss. Should the Sabres bring back Gio? We did 2 drafts! They were pretty funny. The League of Extraordinary Adjectives and NFL Quarterback Dodgeball teams LISTEN!

Duration: 01:33:03

Bills Stack Another W and Jack Is Back! Trickle Down Eichonomics

2 Buffalo superstars returning in the SAME week! Bills snag a nasty one. You HAVE to respect what Rex is doing with this battered roster. He’s coaching out of his mind right now. Sammy looked great. We have some crazy playoff odds for you too. Eichel, Jack. (Expected to be) Returning to action this this week. We talk about how it effects the ENTIRE roster. Also, what would we take for Kane/SHOULD we trade him, and a some more NWHL talk.

Duration: 01:12:03

Five Alive! Ugly Win But We’ll Take It - Sabres 2 Game WIN Streak!! NWHL -_-

We talked about the ugly Bills win and took a little look ahead the Bills schedule, looking at what we think the Bills have to do to make the playoffs. The Blacksmith get excited about the Sabres scoring outburst, again appeal to stop the hate of Lehner, and take an honest look at the NWHL pay cut situation.

Duration: 01:14:23

Special Show Teaming Up w/ The Instigator Podcast!

The Blacksmiths from the 716 Sports Podcast and The Instigators - The BlackGators - combined their efforts in a collaboration that looked at the Sabres problems scoring, why Lehner isn’t as bad as people think, what’s going on with the defensemen, and the Sabre-dential cabinet game.

Duration: 00:31:36

Great Game! Terrible Refs! Tough One To Swallow - We’ll Help You Though w/ Some Comedic Relief - Bradley Gelber Talks Sabres

Uhhhhh - refs just gave it to the Bills hard! What a tough pill to swallow! We have the elixir to make it better though. Some great positives! Some tough facts to face. Bye week comes at a perfect time. Bradley Gelber of WBBZ and BuffaloWins and drops his Yoda-like Sabres wisdom. The guys still look okay - most of the time. Moulson and Gionta are 2 of 4 players topping the team in scoring. Is that good or bad? ALSO, we tell you how MMA training has IMPROVED Lehner the most.

Duration: 01:17:58

Bradley Gelber Calls In! Still at .500 Minus Jack! Guys Are Stepping Up - Lehner Is DIALED-IN!

Bradley Gelber of WBBZ and BuffaloWins and drops his Yoda-like Sabres wisdom. The guys still look okay - most of the time. Moulson and Gionta are 2 of 4 players topping the team in scoring. Is that good or bad? ALSO, we tell you how MMA training has IMPROVED Lehner the most.

Duration: 00:38:53

Tyrod Taylor Debate ( We Argued) - After 1 Month the Sabres Are Pretty Okay

Dildos, Football and lots of arguing. Does it get any better?

Duration: 01:41:13

Sabres Look Rough - Shine It Up, Josh Cooper Calls In; Mark Parkinson of SB Nation As Well

We’re trying something new here with a Sabres only show! We kick it off with a bang with Yahoo Puck Daddy’s Josh Cooper calling in (he loves Jack) and Mark Parkinson, managing editor of Calgary Flames SB Nation Blog “Matchstick and Gasoline” (he’s happy Jack isn’t playing) both call in to the show to talk Sabres, Flames and preview Sabres vs Flames! So far it looks like it’s going to be a roller coaster of a season!

Duration: 00:52:52

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