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Extraordinary conversations with leaders and thinkers in the 805. Host Mark Sylvester interviews business innovators in an always engaging back and forth freeform format. Sponsored by California Lutheran University School of Management and Tolman & Wicker Insurance Services.

Extraordinary conversations with leaders and thinkers in the 805. Host Mark Sylvester interviews business innovators in an always engaging back and forth freeform format. Sponsored by California Lutheran University School of Management and Tolman & Wicker Insurance Services.
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Santa Barbara, CA


Extraordinary conversations with leaders and thinkers in the 805. Host Mark Sylvester interviews business innovators in an always engaging back and forth freeform format. Sponsored by California Lutheran University School of Management and Tolman & Wicker Insurance Services.






Dane Howard - The Designer Parent Mindset

Dane Howard is a designer, a dad and a friend of the show. We asked him back to continue our conversation about the importance of design in the workplace. Dane joined us in 2016 when we were first getting started, and we spoke about Design Thinking. You might want to listen to that show right after you've finished this one. I am fascinated with design, in all its incarnations. Dane and I talked at length about communication skills and how he pre-visualizes partnerships and how his ear for...


805 Nov Business Giving Roundtable

In this episode of 805conversations, we talk with Business Giving Roundtable members, Kirsten McLaughlin, Market Vice President, COX Communications and Van Haas, Founder, Accountix. The Business Giving Roundtable (BGR) is a growing forum where local business leaders share strategic approaches to corporate social responsibility and employee volunteerism. BGR promotes business giving and elevates the generous contributions of its members including local entrepreneurs, international...


Rubicon Theater - Karyl Lynn Burns & Jim O'Neil

Karyl Lynn Burns and Jim O'Neil are the co-founders of the Rubicon Theater in downtown Ventura, California. They are celebrating their 20th Anniversary Season with six new shows. They call it "A Season of Enchantment." Jim has a long career in the theater; acting, directing, writing and producing. He's the Artistic Director Emeritus at Rubicon. Karyl Lynn has focused on her career as an actress and is the Producing Artistic Director. They don't run the theater by themselves, they've got a...


Beyond Talent and Performance - Collabreations - Sara Bashor and Garrett Blair

Sara and Garrett are the founders of the afterschool theater program based in Santa Barbara called Collabreations. They teach an ensemble-based creation method rooted in improv techniques. The focus on grades 1-6 and appreciate how much impact they're making in these young lives. Their business is teaching students skills that will serve them well in life, including collaboration, brainstorming, performing and developing self-confidence in front of an audience. The focus here is on how you...


Marsha Bailey - Founder, Womens Economic Ventures

Marsha Bailey, a resident of Santa Barbara since receiving her Masters in Communication from UCSB, leads an organization that's making a difference in the lives of hundreds of emerging entrepreneurs in the region. She's the founder of Women's Economic Ventures, which is the outgrowth of an early interest in the feminization of poverty, the suffragette movement and direct experience working in crisis intervention. She was surprised at her interest in entrepreneurialism and now finds working...


Primo Custodio Executive in Residence

Primo Custodio is the Executive in Residence at California Lutheran Univesity's School of Management. His career of 44 years working in human resources qualifies him to bring real-world experience into the classroom. Primo has seen it all as it relates to Talent Management, starting with his first job at Yosemite where he eventually became the head of personnel and unionized the bus drivers. That early exposure led to a career that included six mergers and acquisitions while at NBC...


Dan Weeks - SLO Partners - SLO Hothouse

Dan Weeks has precisely the type of personality you want in a mentor. Upbeat, optimistic, boundless business savvy and is a committed, citizen. Dan spent most of his career at HP, which was famous for their corporate culture, The HP Way. Dan started off our interview by reciting their core idea: Catch people doing something right. He's a part of SLO Partners, who, in conjunction with the SLO County of Education, the Economic Vitality Corporation and the leadership of San Luis Obispo are...


JoAnn Kuchera-Morin - UCSB Professor

Joanne Kuchera-Morin is on the faculty at UCSB and is the Professor of Media Arts and Technology and the Director of the Allosphere. Her facility is in the same building as the California Nanosystems Institute. She's been on the cutting edge of digital media for many years. She gave a TED talk in Long Beach on the Allosphere in 2009. She started learning Music and Theory when she was 19 in Palm Beach, FL and since 1984 has been involved in media composition. Her dream, to create an...


Entreprenuerial Ecosystems for Education - Sean Bhardwaj, Founder, CEO, Aspire3

Sean Bhardwaj is the Founder and CEO of Aspire3, based at the Ventura Ventures Technology Center. He sat with Mark and Patrick to talk about his view of what entrepreneurs need to be successful and the program he's created to deliver the missing pieces. Sean looks at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship and how the missing piece in a lot of co-working spaces is mentorships. He also understands the importance of programmatic elements, such as marketing, sales, management and...


Yelena Lipovetskaya - Cospheric

Yelena Lipovetskaya wants to make an impact in the world. And her company Cospheric is doing just that, one microsphere at a time. Yelena is from Ukraine and works at the micro-level of manufacturing. We've had other companies that build things on the how, but not someone who makes a product that is 1/1000 of the width of a human hair. Not quite nano-small, but still very small. Her company makes these microspheres, essentially tiny balls, in all colors, materials, and properties....


Dusty Stutsman SBMenus and Nightout.com

Dusty Stutsman is the co-founder of Nightout.com and SBMenus. One could say they backed into the business when they saw a gap in the market. He and partner Bryan Brand, noticed that one page on SBMenus.com was getting a lot of traction. People were spending more time on the Bar Specials and Entertainment page which got them to thinking, "What if we created an entire site for entertainment?". Nightout.com was born soon after and what a great URL that is too. Thinking bigger than just...


805 Theo Stephan

Theo Stephan, the founder and life force behind Global Gardens tells us a great story of how she's brought her Greek culture and passion for food to Los Olivos. Theo is interested in permaculture, resilience, and food. She trained as a graphic designer and escaped LA a couple of decades ago. She's been an entrepreneur since she was eight (selling seeds she saw in an ad in the back of a comic book), then started a recycling business at twelve. When she moved to the Santa Ynez Valley, she...


Growing old gracefully is a lie - Grandmaster Dave Wheaton

Grandmaster Dave Wheaton, a past guest on the show, joined us to talk about aging and his hero Jack LaLanne. Dave is the founder of Hapkido International and is in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He sat down to talk with Mark and Patrick about his wellness regimen and a recent trip to Japan where he embarked on the Samurai Trail (Nakasendo Way). Dave was influenced early in life by Jack Lalanne who said, "Exercise is King, nutrition is queen." Dave embodies this philosophy in his martial...


Wine is Good Living - Doug Margerum - winemaker

Doug Margerum was honored as the 2017 Vintner of the Year by the Arthritis Foundation and recently took time to chat with Mark and Patrick about Santa Barbara County winemaking. Doug's been involved in hospitality since his early days at UCSB, the Lobster House, in Santa Barbara and Borsodis (great coffee house in the 70's in Isla Vista). He's been an entrepreneur since his early teens, climbing up trees to harvest mistletoe during the holidays, and setting up a restaurant in the front...


Disasters Drive Donations – Kerri Murray – Shelter Box

Kerri Murray, the President of ShelterBox USA, was late to our recording session because she was on the phone all morning with FEMA. Her organization was one of the many NGO's responding to Hurricane Harvey that was poised to hit the south Texas coast in hours. We gave her a pass and hope that people are as safe as they can be in this natural disaster. Kerry has been at the helm of ShelterBox for just a few short years. She came to Santa Barbara to work at Direct Relief as part of a...


Start-Up Kids - Tyler Lucas & Nathaniel Thompson

Tyler Lucas and Nathaniel Thompson are making a difference in the lives of 4th - 8th graders. They are helping run Start-Up Kids a project founded by Gerhard Apfelthaler of California Lutheran University's School of Management, Maria Ballesteros-Sola and Vlad Vaiman of CLU. Note: Gerhard and Vlad have been on the show before. This project, now in its second year, is expanding as they move to the third year. Over an eight week period, these two, and others on the team, spend 30 minutes a...


Undeveloping The Future - Adam Hall - EarthKeeper

Adam Hall has a background in real estate development and investment banking. His focus now is un-doing. Unthinking, undeveloping, it's turned into his life's mission. It's quite a turnaround in his thinking and has changed his life. He recently sat down with Mark and Patrick to talk his background, the formation of the EarthKeeper Alliance and what he's currently working (or unworking) on. Including: • His thoughts on land conservation, both on and offshore • How he defines...


When Technology Becomes Magic - Joshua and Austin Janik

The Janik Brothers, both students at CLU, won the 2017 New Venture Competition held at HUB101. Five teams competed in a Pitch Competition. The NVC is a different type of entrepreneurial event. In this one, you're judged on your ability to pitch an idea. These brothers brought an unusual secret weapon to the event. They're magicians. They used magic in very clever ways to illustrate key points about their proposed business. It captured the imagination of the judges, and they walked away...


Engaging the Technical Worker - Tim Goldstein

Tim Goldstein is a neurodiversity communication specialist. His Aspergers diagnosis answered a lot of questions and changed his life's work. Now, he spends his time advising Human Resource departments, talent professionals and managers who are trying to incorporate 'Aspies' (as they self-identify) into the workforce. Tim says that he's 'on the spectrum' which refers to being on the Autism Spectrum. He's a highly accomplished entrepreneur and engineer. He, Mark and Patrick had a lively...


Natcherly Yelping - Dani Natcher - Community Ambassador

Dani Natcher has a fun job. She helps businesses throw parties to build awareness and introduce the team to the public. She does this as a community ambassador for Yelp, the publishers of crowd-sourced reviews on millions of businesses. When we learned that Dani has such a unique job, we had to have her on the show. Dani works diligently with businesses and her 'Elite Squad,' which is comprised of active Yelper's who write consistently on the site. They're invited to events, product...


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