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9 - 5 OTP Episode 8"The Real MVP"

This week we talk about a lil bit of everything it was a busy week. chris dodges a bullet with his job having storm duty in westchester after the nor easter. dris taking a trip to philly to vist his fam. We also get into poitricks current events and the fact that the orange cheetoe of the united states needs to leave the hard working latin community alone and let them be great. This weeks cover demonstrates the hard work & dedication it takes to provide for your family by any means enjoy!


9 - 5 OTP Episode 7 "family business"

This week we sit down & pour up a respectable mans drink with dris's cousin Qwame. We chop it up about the many jobs that he has & the one that is the most important & passionate to him photography. We also talk about the importance of family. Things were going good until we got into that left lane & started dipping seems like we made a u-turn somewhere & went back a couple of episodes smh.........enjoy!


9 - 5 Otp Episode 6 "know yourself sista carol"

yoooooo! what's good my people. This week it seems that we haven't had closure from episode 2 on the whole boycott netflix situation. We chop it up about that & current events & most importantly knowing yourself & knowing your health. Sit back relax & listen to the GODS build. please make sure you subcribe to 9-5 OTP drop a comment a like whatever rock with us. enjoy!



Greetings this was a big week/weekend for the gods.We talk about what went on from the all-snore star game & Recycled Dunk contest. We also take a trip down memory lane. We were blessed with the opportunity to bare witness to the greatness which is called The Black Panther. No we didn't see it together we went at different times & different places with our better halves lol......"warning" if you didn't see the movie yet and you listen to this episode that's on you. Shame on you for not...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 4 Whats your top 5/Baby Fever

whats good. The gods sit down with our respectable mans drink and talk about the week that just passed. dris first full week with his new born in the house and the amount of sleep he will lose for the next few years lol....chris coming back from a baby shower with the mrs and how she has come down with a serious case of baby fever gotta get her something to break that fever lmao.... dris starts the debate about top 5 albums & top 5 movies clearly i wasn't ready b/c my picks were trash i...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 3 "The Therapists"

whats popping...This week on the 9-5 OTP podcast the gods african black & dris try to introduce something different to the listeners. First off we start off with prayer from the family. Blessing dris on the birth of his new edition to his family and the birth of our newborn the 9-5 OTP experience. We try to talk serious and get IT(information technology)& investment advice from the young hood millennial reef. Forgive him it was his first time so we had to pull the jewels out of him &...


9 - 5 OTP Episode 2 (flu Game) - 1:31:18, 9.52 PM

This week we catch up on the launch of the 9-5 OTP experience. We didn't want to record because we were both sick but we pushed through and dropped 40 on the court like jordan and pippen. We sit back & sip on our respectable mans drink and chop it up about what went on for this past week with work, family & all the other non sense that comes with home ownership lol....We also get into a lil heated debate about the monique netflix boycott. sit back enjoy & sorry we went into overtime but we...


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