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99 Problems Best Of Season 2

Best of Season 2! As the boys from 99 Problems Podcast are away on vacation they took care of y'all. Best of episode packed with laughs and knowledge gems. Also, look out next we're dropping season 3 with a new episode, new logo, and new ventures! Hope you're excited because we are. Share Share Share

Duration: 01:21:22

The Hood Loves Me

Episode 30! This week Mike and Chan have a special guest and friend of the show, Jaimie. It's definitely one of the best episodes the guys have yet. First the guys recap a family cookout hosted by Chan's family which branches off into a few discussions, all hilarious and insightful. Next, Jaimie speaks on some recent "power moves" and also shares an embarrassing story which leads to more embarrassing stories between Mike an Chan. Finally, the fellas wrap up with some talk about growing up...

Duration: 00:55:11

Woke or Hope

Episode 29! This week the boys from 99 Problems hit you with the realness again!! After some hilarious banter, Mike and Chan first discuss the cop arresting the nurse video. Of course they both bring a unique perspective and it gets a little deep. Then the fellas get into the main topic of the episode which is Houston and when capitalism meets disasters. Mike keeps you WOKE while Chan gives you HOPE. Enjoy and don't forget to share.

Duration: 00:46:50

America's Most Protected Resource

Episode 28! In this episode Mike and Chan tackle a few topics. First, they get into what people will and won't forgive when it comes to celebrities. Mike throws a few more quoteables for you. From there the conversation gets into the Charlottesville situation. Chan delivers, if nothing else, a unique perspective on what it's all about. Also, the guys recap their weekends which of course, ends with a pizza story. Enjoy and don't forget to share!!

Duration: 00:54:10

Jesus is My Homeboy

Episode 27! Things get off to a big start when the guys discuss hazing and "Greek life." Some of you will love their POV and some will hate it. Then the guys hit on religion and how millennials are starting to swear it off. Mike speaks on how he lost faith in religion and how its the longest running scam in history while Chan brings it back to a positive mindset and the idea of spirituality. As always the guys finish on a positive note by talking about how to live the life you want and...

Duration: 00:55:29


Episode 26!!! No more seasons just straight episodes. And for the 26th episode Mike and Chan keep it light. We talk about that time old tradition of telling a friend when they need to leave a bad relationship and also the guys get into staying safe in the dating game. Enjoy, laugh, and stay tuned until the end there's a hilarious update on Mike's pizza situation. Don't forget to share!

Duration: 00:47:00

Money Can't Buy Happiness

Episode 2.9!!! This week the Mike and Chan discuss how to land yourself on a federal watch list and no matter how much money you have its never going to be enough. The fellas also talk about what its like to build a brand and what they would do if they ever had to walk away from their success. Don't miss this hilarious and insightful edition of the 99 Problems Podcast!

Duration: 00:51:32

Hit You With A Sticky One

Episode 2.9!!! Welcome again to the 99 Problems Podcast and we have another good one on deck. On this episode Mike and Chan have another relationship topic that people are scared to get into and it's about the "side pieces." Everything is discussed in this one but before they dive into the topic the guys have some banter about the past week, breaking hearts, and more. We know you'll enjoy this one so don't forget to Share and like the episode on our Facebook Page!

Duration: 00:49:12

In For a Penny, In For a Pound

Episode 2.8! Get ready for a good one!In this episode Mike and Chan first recap the annual "Beer Olympics!" Very entertaining moments are shared. Next the guys dive into their main topic. The discussion gets very good when the guys come out on opposite sides of the argument but both make great points and overall the conversation is very very funny. If you enjoyed the episode SHARE!

Duration: 00:50:51

No Time for Technicalities

Episode 2.7! On this episode of 99 Problems Podcast Mike and Chan start off touching hot button topic of race in America, although the guys don't spend a lot of time on it, it turns out to be interesting, good and funny. #GLDM From there the guys move on to the main topic of the episode which is a struggle we all know and we'll let you listen to figure it out. Very light hearted episode that we are sure you will enjoy! Remember to share the episode if you liked it!

Duration: 00:51:59

I'd Do Anything but I Won't Do That

Episode 2.6! In this episode the Mike and Chan tackle a friendship topic. Before they get there though the guys share some friend stories, which we know you will enjoy. The topic is the time old question, how far would you go for a friend? The conversation gets a little deep then quickly back to the comedy toward the end. As always, SHARE the episode if you enjoyed it and you can always reach out on our Facebook page if you have any comments. ENJOY!

Duration: 00:52:30

Date Masters or Date Disasters!?

Episode 2.5!!! and we got a good one packed with laughs in this one. After some hilarious banter Mike and Chan talk about the best and worst places to go on a date. The guys duel a little bit, and we all know what happens... Mike gets critical and Chan feels judged. Also, a few date stories are shared that we're sure you will thoroughly enjoy. If you have any advice or want to comment you can always reach out. AND most importantly SHARE the episode!

Duration: 00:50:18

Failure is Not an Option

Episode 2.4! On this episode Mike and Chan get deep. First part of their conversation they talk about friendships and the necessity for thick skin. The second part of this episode they guys dive into their individual definitions of success and what they think it takes to get there. Lots of gems dropped in this one so pay attention! As always please SHARE, COMMENT, and LIKE.

Duration: 00:48:40

DJ Privilege's Revoked

Episode 2.3! On this episode Mike and Chan get into a deep conversation about music that actually started before we hit the record button but carried on to be a great episode. The guys cover all different genres talk about their favorites, music compatibility, and more. If you enjoyed this episode please SHARE! and feel free to reach out if you want to give any feedback. ENJOY!

Duration: 00:53:55

There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Episode 2.2! Get ready for another great episode of 99 Problems Podcast. In this episode Mike and Chan discuss the famous or maybe infamous "Hall Pass." Both seem to have an interesting take on the subject. Also, early on the guys reminisce on old school gaming, and late in the episode Chan makes a bold statement. ENJOY! Also, share, comment, and give some feedback. You can find us at 99 Problems Podcast on Facebook and at 99problemspodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 00:49:06

Flakiest of the Flakes

Episode 2.1! So SEASON 2 IS FINALLY HERE!!! We're starting off with a bang with not 1 but 2 guest, our friends Difran and Sipps. Our conversation start at the flakiness that our two guests share but we get into many other things. A lot of stories are shared which we know will have everyone dying! Also, we dicuss the shirts we've been working on, which are posted on the 99 Problems Podcast facebook page. Please visit the page and let us know what you think. Don't forget to SHARE the...

Duration: 00:53:04

99 Problems Best Of Part 2

The second edition of the 99 Problem Podcast Best of Season One! Narrated again by the great Mikey Mills, get ready to hear another group the greatest moments of the Podcast. Enjoy, share, comment, and like! And don't forget we're back with Season 2, June 7th!

Duration: 00:55:12

99 Problems Best Of Podcast Part 1

This week is the first edition of the 99 Problem Podcast Best of Season One. You'll hear some of the best and funniest clips in this compilation of greatness. Enjoy! Don't forget to share, comment, and like!

Duration: 01:31:31

Relationship Hunger Games

The season finale brings the heat with an all new intro while the Chan and Mike discuss crazy relationship do's and don'ts . The guys hit on everything from what to do if your girl has a tracker on you to Mike's fake proposal. Chan lays some wisdom down on when you gotta end that toxic relationship. The last episode is one that keeps the laughs and the truth coming at you. Thanks for a great season and remember "Shooters shoot ya'll"

Duration: 01:10:16

The Real Pizzagate

Episode 13! Mike and Chan are back this week with a very good convo. The guys talk about the sharing of internet information, have a interesting debate on putting a little more money up versus being thrifty, and a hilarious story about Mike's pizza struggle. Enjoy! Don't forget to share the episode if you liked it!

Duration: 00:50:38

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