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Welcome to A (New) Celebration of You!

I’m so excited to bring to you a life long passion, which has truly been burning on my heart, it’s been my mission, and finely the truest essence of Celebration of You. A brand new podcast series that’s going to rock your world. You’re about to hear real life stories, from amazing people around the world. These are everyday people that are doing extraordinary things. Whether it’s overcoming obstacles, or giving back, it’s such an inspiration. So get ready! If you’re inspired by A...

Duration: 00:04:14

"April Appreciations"

Have you told the people around you how much you appreciate them?Or have you forgotten to acknowledge them? I challenge YOU to show your #AprilAppreciations! Take the challenge and make a positive impact!

Duration: 00:18:21

"Step Out of the Comfort Zone"

Is it time to make a change? Learn how your big step out of the comfort zone cantransform your life for the better! Your "mistake" maybe a miracle in the making...LISTENNOW!

Duration: 00:17:07

"Fall Back in Love... With YOU!"

You're amazing! You deserve it!Take some time to show some self-love and watch how it transforms YOU and those around YOU!

Duration: 00:11:20

Pause. Reflect. Refuel.

Did you accomplish something BIG this year? Or even something small but SIGNIFICANT? Ring in the new year by celebrating this year's wins!

Duration: 00:21:43

Do You Get Bitter or Better?

Woe is me? How about WOW is me! When life is getting you down, don't give up,look up! Check out my latest, very personal podcast, and discoverhow YOU can alwaysfind rays ofsunshine and hope!

Duration: 00:10:56

Your Presence is a Present!

Do I have your attention? Are you truly present or are you overloadedwith technology and to-do's? Check out the newly styledpodcast series, where I discuss 1Hollyism each episode!

Duration: 00:15:27

Virtual Teams

Leading teams in a Virtual World: 3 easy tactics to enhance effective team collaboration and drive performance; Build trust levels to strengthen team 5 → Tips for successful virtual meetings to create higher productivity 10 → Communication tips that really work! http://www.hollydowling.com

Duration: 02:32:45

What Kind of Leader are You

What type of leader are you? Take a look in the mirror! is your team highly engaged or negative? 3-5 “ you must do’s” to create a loyal team who is ENGAGED!! Attitude hat? What hat are you wearing? - No one can see their own. Malice vs. ignorance Pay attention to me! Do they know you really care? - Sweet potato / Are you being purposeful about paying attention? Are they human beings or Knowledge banks? The secret sauce to perfect recognition! - Ask one question that may give you a...

Duration: 02:55:36

Influencing Your Team

Influencing Your Team You have the power to make a lifelong impression on your team members Tiny things matter They will be lifelong Five days of the week - Celebrate a week instead of dreading a week Marvelous Terrific - Taking time for you Way to go Changing a label Friday - take a day off... http://www.hollydowling.com

Duration: 04:28:10

Garbage In Garbage Out

Garbage In Garbage Out When you’re squeezed, what’s inside will come out What do we take in? Emotional vampires Who takes our time? Life enema - get rid of it with intention Toxic people/conversations Look ahead at the next day and look for energy givers and energy takers - purge something. http://www.hollydowling.com

Duration: 03:01:25

Praise and Recognition

Praise and Recognition We take it lightly How do you show that you value people? What’s the ROI on asking those kinds of questions? When did people feel cared for, recognized? What’s the damage done when you don’t do that? Stories of successful adults that have experienced the power or lack thereof this happening http://www.hollydowling.com

Duration: 03:03:35

Start with Self

Start with Self Four parts of every person Spiritual Physical Emotional Mental Discipline, Boundaries! Intention & Purpose Rules of Engagement!! My commitments: Do not make commitments that you cannot keep to yourself. start small.. mini No travel on Sundays Don't worry about your reputation Focus on your character Reputation will follow actions not intentions My rules: 20/20 vision.. Buffer time in everyday for me.. "minute moments" Always find a miracle!! What are your rules: 5/ 5 5? Say...

Duration: 03:18:43

Power of Significance

Power of Significance What does it feel like? What does it look like? In terms of work? How does it impact at home? Identity Be the boss you need and want to be to others first. http://www.hollydowling.com

Duration: 02:18:50

40 Absolutes for Every Meeting Planner

Holly Dowling is an experienced speaker who has had the pleasure of captivating crowds large and small for over a decade. Join us as she discusses practical tips for meeting planners and organizers. Learn how to maximize impact at events with the "40 Absolutes" that can make or break an event.

Duration: 00:55:37