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Join Imperial & Fierce as they discuss everything from love, music, sex, relationships, politics, weaves, and more.

Join Imperial & Fierce as they discuss everything from love, music, sex, relationships, politics, weaves, and more.
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Join Imperial & Fierce as they discuss everything from love, music, sex, relationships, politics, weaves, and more.






Who Shot Ya? -Episode 7

The girls are back and in this weeks episode they discuss shooting your shot when it comes to dating, knowing when to NOT shoot your shot, and what you bring to the table. Follow on IG @MZFIERCE86 @DEBBCAKES86 @LOOSELIPSPOD TWITTER @MZFIERCE86 @LOOSELIPSPOD Also check out Nakol's Creations for all your beauty and cosmetic needs. Follow on IG @nakols_kreations_ RATE/REVIEW/SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES & GOOGLE PLAY Listen on Soundcloud, TuneIn App, Iheartradio, Spreaker.com Subscribe to YouTube...


Pay Your Taxes in Wakanda-Episode 6

This episode had no script at all! Lore'l & Debbie discuss the emergence of Black Panther, ladies being smart with their tax money, and the latest topics in entertainment industry. WAKANDA FOREVER!!!!! Follow us on IG @MZFIERCE86 @DEBBCAKES86 @LOOSELIPSPOD Twitter @MZFIERCE86 @LOOSELIPSS Email us looselipsspodcast@gmail.com


Loose Talk-Episode 5

The ladies of Loose Lips are joined by special guests Trap Star and the fellas of Talk is Talk is podcastto discuss "What Do Men Want" along with their guest on IG Live. Of course with 6 headstrong people in one room the conversation got interesting and we learned that men just want women to shut up! RATE/REVIEW/SUBSCRIBE on Itunes/Google Play/Tune In/Iheart Radio/YouTube/Spreaker.com/Soundcloud Follow on IG @mzfierce86 @debbcakes86 @looselipspod @talkistalkpodcast @stupiddopestar


B.Y.O.B.C. (Bring Your Own Bath Cloth) -Episode 4

LO & Deb joined by their Lovers & Friends on G Live discuss being sinlge and ways to make your single life enjoyable (from their own point of view of course). To sponsor an episode email looselipsspodcast@gmail.com For listener letters email us at looselipsspodcast@gmail.com Follow us on IG @MZFIERCE86 @DEBBCAKES86 @LOOSELIPSPOD


Technical Difficulties-Episode 3

LO & Deb take a trip down memory lane discussing how they have dealt with break ups in the past, crazy things that have happned in past relationships, and they also respond to their "Lovers & Friends" on IG Live. Halfway through the show, IG begin to act like a bitter baby mama and LO & Deb work through the technical difficulties. Make sure to subscribe/rate/review on Itunes & Google Play Stream us on Iheart Radio, Tune In App, Spreaker.com Subscribe to our Youtube Loose Lips Podcast Email...


Lift My Vagina Up In Prayer-Episode 22

On this weeks episode Lo & Debbie are back with their congregation on IG Live to discuss how to keep it spicy in the bedroom, how they like their vagina's licked and more. The opening song in the beginning of the episode is from Respect n Salute "Wasn't Round" from their new project 'Dear Summer' that is avaialble on all streaming services. If you want to advertise/submit music/submit questions to be answered by Lo & Deb, email conversationswithplo@gmail.com Make sure to follow Lo & Deb on...


Loose Lips -Episode 21

Listen at your own risk! LO and her cousin Debbie brings an all girl conversation discussing sex, sex, and more sex! From men with small penis, anal sex, threesomes, toys in the bedroom etc! Follow Lo and Debbie on Instagram Lo @mzfierce86 Debbie @debbcakes86 If you have any questions you would like answered on air or want to be a guess on the show email conversationwithplo@gmail.com