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#5 - Breakup Lines+Getting Ghosted+"Hoe Phase" or "Having A Damn Good Time"

Heeeeeyyyy!! Girl, what's going on? After a few months, Erin finally makes a reappearance. She meets up with her girlfriends, The Oh So Fabulous Jalainna Tatum and Thrift Queen Tyra George (#BitchImOnABudget). Pour up a glass and join us for happy hour! *Shout out to Marcus, the audio guy.* Follow us: Facebook - A Daydreamer's Podcast Jalainna Tatum Tyra George Twitter - @a_daydreamers @LoveErinAD Instagram - @ADayDreamersPodcast @LoveErinAD @Jalainna @EyeIVStyle / @TheGirlWithThaFro...


#4: 3 Creatives In A Room + Starving Artist

This week for happy hour Erin meets up with her girlfriend, K’Shana Hall- Davis, and her colleague, Vitus Shell. The group gives updates on life. Erin loses her BC pill in a puddle of pee and attends her 1st black homecoming event (CULTURE SHOCK), K' Shana just needs you to buy her art. Serving as a “vet in the game”, Professor Vitus sheds light on the business of being an artist while building bridges between his art, art influencers, and the next generation. Pour up a drink and join us...


#3: Screenwriter In A Sugarcane Field + Will Work For Margarita + Find Your Own Happy

Hey people! I'm Erin, THE DAYDREAMER! This week I spend 4 random days in Lafayette, LA with one of my original bestfriends Screenwriter, Actress, and Improv Performer Monique Morton Derouselle! We thaw out some left over daiquiris, talk about her latest projects, recap Janet Jackson's State of the World Tour, and discuss what it means to "Find Your Own Happy". Pour up a drink and join us for happy hour! Hit us up on our social media!! Facebook: ~ Monique Morton ~ Erin Ashley Davenport ~ A...


#2: Dating Moms + Dirty Panties + Weird Habits + Bad Hair

Happy Hour has moved to Arkansas. I gather a group of 1st cousins for drinks. We have a long overdue girls night. We sip on Crown Apple and Margaritas.


#1: Thanks For All The Happy Hours!!!!!

Erin Ashley Davenport launches the 1st episode of A Daydreamer's Podcast with girlfriends K'Shana and LaKeysha along with several glasses of Moscato. A Few Topics: ~“Playing with My Money, Is like Playing with my Emotions” ~WTF is a tailgate? ~Just a Thought: Where do you draw the line between being TOO good and having standards? *In Loving Memory of Mary Louise Goldsberry Gladney*