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For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen as Dr. Justin Trosclair goes #behindthecurtain and interviews other doctors and guests to get the optimal dose for maximum life.

For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen as Dr. Justin Trosclair goes #behindthecurtain and interviews other doctors and guests to get the optimal dose for maximum life.
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For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen as Dr. Justin Trosclair goes #behindthecurtain and interviews other doctors and guests to get the optimal dose for maximum life.








E 59: Genomics? What is the Role of Acupuncture and Naturopath in Cancer? Ralph Esposito ND

Nutrition, Herbs, Genomics, Acupuncture, Men’s Health - Urology, Cancer and Hormones, Research Driven- not your typical Doctor of Naturopath. He has written book chapters, done research and is Certified Functional Medicine . Dr Ralph Esposito ND Dr. Esposito went to New York University in the premed track and realized that DO and MD don’t learn enough of the natural integrative medicine stuff which is what he wanted to really learn since 17 years old. He choose the road less traveled and...


E 58: Facial Acupuncture Professor Michelle Gellis Gives a Rare Interview

Are you ready to be intrigued with the benefits of Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture by long time acupuncturist professor Michelle Gellis? Intradermal needles, collagen rejuvenation, whole body effects-her classes and patient stories will get you motivated to learn more. Professor Michelle Gellis, LAcMAc DiplAc is one of very few cosmetic acupuncturist certified by the American Acupuncture Council to teach facial acupuncture. She has classes on not only Facial Acupuncture but also Treating...


E 57 Move Well Functional Movement Rehab Dr Todd Pickman DC

There are 7 core full body functional movements that you should be able to perform. Learn his system, Move Well Rehab, to evaluate, treat and expand your practice. Later in the podcast he gives 2 super new marketing tips you haven’t heard before. From Gonstead (a more adjustment only type of clinic) to Chiro Bio Physics CBP (which deals with Segment Dysfunction, Posture, Movement, and Corrective Curve Rehab) how did he become such a mix-tor and end up developing a rehab program. He still...


E 56 Holistic Nutritionist and Shared Space with Dr. Brian Stanton DC

Advice on what type of location is best for a new doctor, medi spa, share space or what? How does he define holistic nutrition or functional medicine in his clinic. Here some great success stories that might make you reconsider what supplement line you recommend. What are his 3 top reasons to pick a chiropractic school (and probably any professional school) ? Hint: well rounded and board pass-ability. His advice on starting a practice versus working under someone’s wing is spot on as well...


Ep 55: Mommy Burnout and Child Therapy Expert Dr. Sheryl Zeigler PsyD

Child therapy for anxiety, the impact of too much phone time for kids, participation awards, what is Mommy Burnout, and does being a psychologist mean you can’t make good money. Dr Sheryl Zeigler frequent guest on many TV news shares her opinion. Featured on the Today show, NPR, Katie Couric Show, and several local Denver News Channels more times than I will count for these show notes. She is co-owner of Denver Child Therapy and specializes in children and teenager mental health. She has a...


Ep54 Debunking Instagram Mystery and Build Your Following with Chirogram by Christopher Collins DC

Unlock the Mystery of Instagram. We cover the bio, link, building a following, how to not spam, video basics, hashtag usage, unfollowing and straight up Pimp your profile. Christopher Collins, DC does it for you with ChiroGram. Coupon for listeners. Discount code: perspective10 not only do you get 1 week free but you can save 10% Just visit www.chirogram.net/trial Christopher Collins born in AOL Instant Messenger and born and bred to embrace the Instagram and Facebook and x- Myspace...


53: Functional Nutrition and How to Look Good Naked Dr Debbie Bright DC

Look Good Naked owner Dr Debbie Bright DC talks her 21 Day Program, functional nutrition, gut health, labs for nutritional issues, rehab specialty, 16 hour days, what makes a good nutraceutical line and lessons learned from a rocky first clinic. Family illnesses (not hers) really got her sparked to become a doctor of chiropractic and then … well you can listen why she choose to get her masters in nutrition and specialize in functional medicine. How she moved to a new area with knowing no...


Episode 52: Vet Based Cold Laser, No Heat, Profit Generator – Multi Radiance and John Mark Strong

Multi Radiance leader in no heat super pulsed Cold Laser for humans and animals. Learn Vet Patient home rental program, science, benefits vs class IV, marketing cold laser, why use a portable ActiVet or MRT4, stellar customer support and case studies. I use Multi Radiance Cold Laser for years and am so impressed by it. It’s my privilege to have John Mark Strong discuss it but also with a new twist. He covers the Veterinary side of cold laser use and the handheld portable rental to patient...


Episode 51: Nothing Goes As Planned, The Grips of a New Clinic with DPT’s Kindra Scott and Latisha McKenzie

Banks won’t loan, marketing is hit or miss and other struggles of a physical therapy new clinic. Dr’s Kindra Scott and Latisha McKenzie don’t hold back about the journey and you hear determination but also frustration about best made plans. Life Health Strength Physical Therapy clinic owners Dr. Kindra Scott DPT and Dr. Latisha McKenzie DPT have a beautiful physical therapy clinic in the Kelly Drive area of Philadelphia. Dr. Scott’s specialty is 3 and under and Dr McKenzie prefers more of...


Episode 50: Up Level and Invest in Yourself, Create a Profitable Online Business Dr Ed Osburn

Can you have an online biz and full time clinic, B2B B2C how to create products customers want, how to invest in yourself and up level, best copyright practices, plus Dr Ed Osburn’s mentors, daily stack and his thoughts on a 100% open rate. Canadian Chiropractor with a successful family practice- comes down with a serious case of Crohn's disease. He has to physical quit adjusting patients all day so he had to figure out a new way to make a living. Dr Ed has done over 270 podcasts, launched...


Episode 49: Creator of Stunning (a Stripe add on) Richard Felix – Tech Success and Audience Reach

Web app developer of Stunning for Stripe, Richard Felix walks through the computer programmer life and how an audience matters. Learn about hiring, lessons to scale business, why Ruby on Rails and how solving your own problem can lead to success. Starting in middle school he was already building computers for other people and once he started Louisiana State University he already learned 30 computer languages. Listen to Learn why he says all students should learn Ruby on Rails as well as...


Episode 48: A Spork in the Road Didn’t Stop Her Tenacity – MD and Baker Dr. Janelle Hadley

Medicine as a second career, first generation college grad, Caribbean Med School, residency wait listed: nothing stops Dr. Janelle Hadley, MD. Her passion for baking, desire to do family medicine in urban communities, 2017 dating advice plus more. Undergrad at Howard University. Masters of Public Health at UIC. Worked as a Chemical Hygiene – Lab Safety Officer for a few years then decided to finally fulfill her dream of going to medical school. We talk about the how and why she went to...


Episode 47: Dr Ebony Butler Lifestyle and Exercise Psychology, Food Blogger and Marketer

The unique perspective of the black community and psychology. We transition into exercise psychology, shifting mindsets to master food issues, and family roadblocks. Dr Ebony Butler developed paid workshops, food blogging, Live videos and more. What people are experiencing and What led to these behaviors and How to analyze these dynamics specifically in the black community? We don’t want to look like we are crazy, what goes on in your house-stays in your house and other ways that not only...


Episode 46: Empowerment and Passion- Why Work and Live Any Other Way Dr. Dinelly Holder PhD

Empowerment confronting your issues, and how to protect and heal relationships. Questions to pick a counselor, avoiding burnout, are you Crazy?, Passionate career women overcomes obstacles and loves treating anxiety, depression and family issues. Take a trip in circumstances that one person would see as adversity and Dr Holder turned into an extreme passion. Wait listed for law school- no problem, master in psychology was her true calling. Getting bored at work – she pursed an MBA with a...


Episode 45: Dr. Brittney Clinton Why an EDD and How Democratic Collaborative Efforts Work for Growth

Passionate educator, leader, coach, & mentor Dr. Brittney Clinton talks Democratic Collaborative Leadership in organizations, what volunteering teaches, PhD vs EDD, best way to declare a college major, and slightly unusual strong leader virtues. Our Guest today has a passion and ability in coaching, mentoring and inspiring, young women to greatness. She lives her life as an example of pursing your dreams and accomplishing your goals. She has recently published an e-book to pursue...


Episode 44: Urban Trauma, Schizophrenia, and Self Care with Dr. Ashley Elliott PhD aka DrVivid

Dr. Ashley Elliott PhD talks her age 4 job path, self-care necessities, schizophrenia, her specialty urban trauma and adolescents, community activism, motivational speaking, sports psychology, tele medicine and why she doesn’t tell you what to do. Human Connection, Urban Trauma, humanistic existentialist (I see you as a human and unconditional positive regard and the bad behavior you do does not make you inherently bad or good.) She is in-tune to what the client needs to be able to open up...


Episode 43: Low Carb Lifestyle Reversing Metabolic Syndrome with UK MD Dr Peter Foley

UK MD Dr. Peter Foley sheds myths about low carb lifestyle, Uk vs USA healthcare, managing calories, proper ratio of patience to action on goals, life as a general practitioner, root cause resolution, plus leadership role diversity. Irish born and raised but attended medical school in the United Kingdom near Plymouth. He specializes in General Practice (Royal College of General Practitioners) and has a Masters in Sports and Exercise Science (University of Bath). His true passion is...


Episode 42: Living Congruent with Genes, No Vax and is CBD a Holy Grail Billy DeMoss, DC

Dr. Billy DeMoss of CalJam - rock n roll chiropractic event of the year - talks sketchiness of vaccines and what to do about it and benefits and history of CBD cannabis oil – like fish oil on steroids. Regardless of your stance, its educational. Dr. Billy DeMoss gives his view on the whole should I vaccinate or should I not. Is it herd immunity like some would say or is something else? Any science behind the claims of vaccines causing the rise in autism or are doctors just more aware of...


Episode 41 German Franchise Chiropractor Holds Nothing Back Kenneth Chillson DC Intellispine

Kenneth Chillson DC USA developed his own adjusting analysis system in Germany called Intellispine, expanding to 100 offices and needs chiropractors, what’s holding the dc profession back, aberrant biomechanics and core traits needed for staff. How getting into a profession for the wrong reasons creates a hurdle that must be overcome. The good news is, he made a mental shift and had many successful clinics and chains, semi-retired early and then moved to Germany. Why did he go from a high...


Episode 40: 3d Runner Expert and Forefoot Convert Dr Janet Yiu DPT

Learn all about Dr Janet Yiu’s DPT recovery journey that leads to forefoot running, what is forefoot running, slow motion software to analyze motion, grade 5 mobilization, tips to recover faster when injured, plus what’s a virtual run A simple slip and fall injury one random day at a hotel turned into a multi doctor (chiropractors, physical therapists, prolo therapy, cortisone injections, osteopaths), multi year ordeal that has affected her running. From back pain, si pain, hip pain, ankle...


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