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From time to time we at FOX News Radio have the opportunity to interview some of the today's top news makers, entertainers, and FOX News personalities. Now, we want to share with you "A Few Moments With" ...

From time to time we at FOX News Radio have the opportunity to interview some of the today's top news makers, entertainers, and FOX News personalities. Now, we want to share with you "A Few Moments With" ...
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From time to time we at FOX News Radio have the opportunity to interview some of the today's top news makers, entertainers, and FOX News personalities. Now, we want to share with you "A Few Moments With" ...




Megadeath’s Dave Mustaine is Looking Forward to Recording Some New Music

It may be hard to believe for some people to believe, but the band Megadeath is celebrating their 35th year of rock and roll. Lead singer Dave Mustaine talks about how the industry has changed since they got started and if new music is in store for them down the road. FOX's Tonya J. Powers spends "A Few Moments With..." Dave Mustaine. Listen here: @DaveMustaine@Megadeth @TonyaJPowers


Eddie Montgomery: The Spirit of Troy Gentry Lives on in ‘Here’s to You’

Eddie Montgomery is keeping the spirit of Montgomery Gentry alive after Troy Gentry's tragic death in September. The duo had been working on a new record that is now out called 'Here's to You.' FOX's Tonya J. Powers spends "A Few Moments With..." Eddie Montgomery to discuss how life has been since Gentry's tragic death and about what songs are on the new record. Listen here:


Howard Kurtz: Negative Coverage Helps President Trump

Bestselling author Howard Kurtz, host of Fox News's Media Buzz and former Washington Post columnist, is out with his new book 'Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War over the Truth,' which features in-depth, behind-the-scenes interviews with reporters, anchors, and insiders within the Trump White House reveal the unprecedented hostility between the media and the president they cover. FOX's Gurnal Scott spends "A Few Moments With..." Howard Kurtz: @HowardKurtz & purchase...


Jerrod Niemann Talks ‘This Ride’ & Getting Props from Garth Brooks

Country superstar Jerrod Niemann is out with his fourth album 'This Ride' and talks about getting props from Garth Brooks for his songwriting and how this album is different from the first three. FOX's Tonya J. Powers spends "A Few Moments With..." Jerrod Niemann: FacebookInstagram@jrodfromoz @TonyaJPowers


Best-selling Author Doug Stanton Talks about the Success of ‘Horse Soldiers’

'12 Strong' is out in over 2,000 theaters nationwide. The film is based on Doug Stanton's book, 'Horse Soldiers,' and has a star-studded cast of Chris Hemsworth, Rob Riggle, Michael Shannon, and many more. FOX's Tonya J. Powers spends "A Few Moments With..." New York Times bestseller and executive producer of '12 Strong' Doug Stanton: Doug Stanton@DougStantonBook @TonyaJPowers


Big & Rich: We’re Very Fortunate

Country duo Big & Rich forever changed the country music scene in the mid 2000's with hits such as 'Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)' and 'Comin' To Your City' and they have been making hits ever since. FOX's Tonya J. Powers spends "A Few Moments With..." Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich to discuss their latest record 'Did it for the Party' and Kenny's conversation with Mr. Trump after winning 'Celebrity Apprentice'. Listen here: Big & RichFacebookInstagram@bigandrich @TonyaJPowers


Country Artist Jimmy Wayne Talks about New Book ‘Ruby The Foster Dog’

One of the marks of a true artist is the ability to reinvent themselves - to continually find new and creative ways to surprise their audience and sometimes themselves. Anyone who thinks they know all there is to know about Jimmy Wayne, should be prepared for those perceptions to be challenged. Wayne recently released his fourth career album titled, 'Ruby Toons' - a 13-track project created to support his fourth book, 'Ruby The Foster Dog' that is available now. FOX's Tonya J. Powers...


Naomi Judd Reveals Details about her ‘Life-Threatening’ Depression

Naomi Judd is a country music singer and songwriter, best known as half of The Judds singing duo with her daughter, Wynonna. They have had more than 20 top ten hits, and The Judds have won five Grammy Awards. Naomi Judd is also the mother of actress Ashley Judd. FOX's Tonya J. Powers spends "A Few Moments With..." Judd to discuss her new book 'Rivers of Time' in which she talks about battling severe depression and anxiety. They also discuss her musical career. Listen below: Naomi...


Judith Light Provides Helpful Tips about Flu Season

Judith Light has won two Tony Awards during her career and also picked up some trophies from Daytime Emmys, Prism, Drama Desk and GLAAD. Light has been in the movies and has television credits on her resume, including as TV series regular on Ugly Betty, The Simple Life, Phenom, The Stones, One Life to Live and 196 episodes of Who's the Boss? Light is now teaming up with the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases and FOX's Tonya J. Powers spends "A Few Moments With..." Light to...


Andrew Och Tells You Why He’s “The First Ladies Man”

Behind every great man is an even greater woman... or in this case... lady. If George Washington had never met and married Martha Dandridge Custis, this book would be called something quite different. It may have been written in a different language, or perhaps never written at all. If George and Martha Washington had never married, America would be a very different place... or quite possibly... not America at all. Martha Washington was unusual for her time. In Volume 2, the adventure...


The Radio City Rockettes are “Making Spirits Bright” in NYC

The holiday season is well underway and FOX's Tonya J. Powers had the pleasure of speaking with two current Radio City Rockettes about how they start preparing in the summer for each dance that they do and how they give back during their time off, even spending time with military members. Listen to "A Few Moments With..." The Radio City Rockettes: The Radio City RockettesFacebook@Rockettes & Instagram


Charlie Daniels Discusses Latest Book ‘Never Look at the Empty Seats: A Memoir’

Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie Daniels stopped by our studios to discuss his latest book 'Never Look at the Empty Seats: A Memoir' with FOX's Tonya J. Powers. Daniels also touches on his musical influences and why he always sounded like he was someone else on a record. And of course, Daniels talks about his biggest hit of all-time 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'. Listen to "A Few Moments With..." Charlie Daniels: Charlie tells why it took him so long write his memoir, finding a...


Miss Universe & Miss USA Discuss How They Got to Where They Are

It's not every day that Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere and Miss USA Kára McCullough are in the same studio together, but we had the fortune of having both. Kára has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Radiochemistry from South Carolina State University, which led her to her current career as a scientist for the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. As Miss Universe France, Iris dedicated her time to visiting children at Bienvenue-Tongasoa, an orphanage...


Joan Lunden Opens Up about her Battle with Breast Cancer

When Joan Lunden was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, she made a decision to open up her life, her health and her story to educate and motivate other cancer patients. Joan, a breast cancer survivor and advocate, award-winning journalist and television host was welcomed into the homes of television audiences for nearly two decades and currently you'll find her making speeches/appearances in several cities around the country. FOX's Tonya J. Powers spends "A Few Moments With..." with...


Chris Janson: My New Album Has a Song for “Everybody”

Country artist Chris Janson has a new album out titled 'Everybody' and decided to stop by FOX News Radio to talk about that and his musical journey so far. 'Everybody' is Janson's sophomore album and features a number of different sounding songs for "everybody." FOX's Gurnal Scott spends "A Few Moments With..." Janson to discuss how he writes songs, what instruments he plays, the art of songwriting and writing for Tim McGraw and a lot more. Listen to the interview below: Follow Chris...


Rob Reiner Discusses ‘LBJ’

Hollywood iconic director Rob Reiner sits down for a few moments with FOX's Michelle Pollino to discuss his film 'LBJ' which opens in Theaters this weekend. He discusses the film focuses on a side of the Late President that is hardly seen. Reiner also discusses his politics and some of the issues dividing the country. Listen to the interview below:


Seether’s Shaun Morgan Raising Awareness of Suicide Prevention

Since their formation in 1999, Seether has become one of the most successful bands in the world. The hard rocking trio from Pretoria, South Africa has released eight albums, three of which have gone Platinum and two more that are certified Gold. Lead singer Shaun Morgan, lost his brother Eugene on August 13, 2007 after he committed suicide in a hotel. Following the terrible loss, Morgan and the band founded the 'Rise Above Fest' that has taken place the past five straight years in Bangor,...


Former US Navy SEAL Remi Adeleke Shares His Inspiring Story

After the loss of his father left his family impoverished, Remi Adeleke turned to the streets of the Bronx to fill the hole in his heart--until one day, an unexpected wake-up call led him to the elite ranks of the military. Today, this US Navy Veteran shares his story to show others that with resilience, anything is possible. Adeleke, a US Navy SEAL Veteran and actor in "Transformers: The Last Knight", spends "A Few Moments With..." FOX's Tonya J. Powers as they talk about him being...


Dylan Scott is ‘Hooked’; tells Thomas Rhett to Give Him a Call!

Country artist Dylan Scott is fresh off his number one song 'My Girl' and recently released his album 'Deluxe' which features three new songs, including his latest single 'Hook'. Scott was recently in the studio with Lee Brice and recorded the song 'Sleeping Beauty' with Brice. Scott also is going to be a dad come December after he found out this summer that a baby boy was on its way. FOX's Tonya J. Powers spends "A Few Moments With..." Scott to discuss what happens when your song becomes...


Organization Showing Veterans They Have ‘No Barriers’

'No Barriers Warriors' is dedicated to transforming the lives of veterans, no matter their disability or combat experience. Paired with a unique curriculum, our outdoor expeditions unite veterans from all branches and eras of service, pushing them to reach new heights. After our expeditions end, we continue to help veterans craft a vision for their futures, ensuring they are forever changed. FOX's Gurnal Scott spends "A Few Moments With..." 'No Barriers Warriors' director John Toth and...


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