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22 - B-A-B-Y Driver

Corey's back from his work in Africa, and has a lot of stories to tell about his time. Then Braden and Corey get stuck into the big news of the week, like Quentin Tarantino's new film and Saw: Legacy's (or Jigsaw, whatever it's called) new images. Jigsaw Image 1 - https://twitter.com/joshstolberg/status/883363620318396417 Jigsaw Image 2 - http://ew.com/movies/2017/07/13/jigsaw-first-look-saw/ Baby Driver spoilers from 1:11:20 to 1:35:55 Got a question? Send it in via Twitter: #ammpod...

Duration: 02:19:00

21 - Spider-Man 6

This week Corey was required to take a short break, and left the all important job of audio engineering to the ill-advised and inexperienced Braden. The results come as no surprise. Anyway Braden invited James on this week and the two discussed Spider-Man Homecoming as well as ethnicity issues, the mental state of the rich and just how forgettable the music is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man Homecoming Spoilers: 55:50 - 1:10:00 We would be more than happy to read out any fan...

Duration: 01:51:00

20 - Worst Movies We've Seen

There wasn't really a movie that came out this week that we wanted to watch, so Braden and Corey are joined by special guest James to discuss different topics about movies, as well as more Twin Peaks. Got a question? Send it in via Email: amillionmoviespod@gmail.com Facebook: @amillionmovies Twitter: #ammpod or @braden1897 or @raptor9877 Fallout from Han Solo...

Duration: 01:37:59

19 - What Comes At Night?

Braden and Corey went to the Melbourne premiere of It Comes At Night because of their broad sphere of influence in the film industry. They had their thoughts, and have a long-ish discussion. Also up for discussion is big Star Wars news, Disney being sued and Dunkirk. Spoilers for It Comes At Night: 48:45 - 1:27:45 Got a question? Contact us via... Twitter: #ammpod or @braden1897 or @raptor9877 Facebook: @amillionmovies Email: amillionmoviespod@gmail.com We will read your question....

Duration: 01:54:22

18 - Despicable Me 3 (kind of)

This week the duo discuss a range of topics from online piracy to Whiplash, as well as Twin Peaks yet again. They also talk briefly about Despicable Me 3. Whiplash Spoilers from 1:07:15 – 1:19:50 Got a question? Email: amillionmoviespod@gmail.com Twitter: #ammpod or @braden1897 or @raptor9877 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amillionmovies Sony walks back on their clean versions of...

Duration: 01:26:03

17 - The Mummy Sucks (Probably)

This week Braden and Corey were abandoned by Ryan, who claimed to have "family commitments". So the duo discussed Sony's strange decisions, Patty Jenkins' new movie and the future of Universal's Dark Universe. If you are out there and come back each week to listen to us, we would love to answer your question. You can send it in via email at amillionmoviespod@gmail.com, on Twitter with #ammpod or on Facebook @amillionmovies. There are some spoilers for The Leftovers, I forgot to get a...

Duration: 01:31:36