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Political & Social Commentary for the Radical Left An audio attack on the carefully crafted delusions of establishment reality with ideas, discussion, and music. Thanks for listening - but don't forget to think.




AMAV Revolution Radio – Final Episode (Part Two)

This episode was a long time coming. I knew I was going to step away from AMAV altogether, but the idea of just stopping didn't sit well with me. I've had this idea for a last episode bouncing around my head for a while, and I let it kick around a little longer than I would have liked, but there was a lot to say. A lot to talk about. So much, in fact, that I had to break the last episode into two parts. In Part Two, we revisited the March 10, 2017 episode of AMAV Revolution Radio (Episode...

Duration: 01:29:21

AMAV Revolution Radio – Final Episode (Part One)

This episode was a long time coming. I knew I was going to step away from AMAV altogether, but the idea of just stopping didn't sit well with me. I've had this idea for a last episode bouncing around my head for a while, and I let it kick around a little longer than I would have liked, but there was a lot to say. A lot to talk about. So much, in fact, that I had to break the last episode into two parts. In Part One, I gave my reasoning for ending AMAV Revolution Radio. We spoke about the...

Duration: 01:42:20

AMAV Revolution Radio #17 – Yeah, Liberals, I’m Talking To You

Well, I wrote an opinion piece about NeoLiberal garbage, and the reactions were... mixed. So, I went into a little more detail today. Felt it was necessary. I also talked about Flint, MI - yeah, that whole shit show is still going on, only now around 8,000 residents are facing the prospect of losing their homes because they don't want to pay for the privilege of having poison pumped directly into their homes. Go figure. And of course, that was all caused by more NeoLiberal Centrist...

Duration: 02:03:14

AMAV Revolution Radio #16 – Attacking The Establishment From All Sides

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may finally get her comeuppance, and it's long past due. She has swindled people who thought they were voting for a Democrat with her warmongering ways and her love for all things Capitalism for far too long. With her doubling down on her opposition to single-payer health care and her endorsement of bombing people on flimsy (or no) evidence has hopefully finally clued people into her closeted Republican status. Stephen Jaffe sees it, and he's gunning for...

Duration: 01:28:10

AMAV Revolution Radio #15 – Trump & North Korea; Science March; French Fascism

Trump got some big boy attention by dropping bombs in Syria and Afghanistan. Now he wants to heighten tensions with North Korea, and he's gathering all the grownups to the White House so he can show off his new fingerpainting. Science lovers and science practitioners gathered to show support for the real world, and to tell the government that basing opinion on opposition data that magically turns 99% of the rest of the data "inconclusive" is no way to run a country. Bill Nye was there, and...

Duration: 01:32:21

AMAV Revolution Radio # 14 – The 1st Amendment Goes Bye-Bye; Mélenchon is France’s Bernie… Kinda

This new “rough and tough” administration is really shaking things up. Really taking a new path here by continuing the exact same policy of the previous administration in the demonization of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. When our own government consistently attacks those who shine a light on the truth, what does that tell you about our government? CIA Director Mike Pompeo attacked WikiLeaks last week, calling them a “non-state hostile intelligence agency”. But strangely, this is a complete...

Duration: 01:33:02

AMAV Revolution Radio #12 – Whoopee! We’re All Gonna Die!

Whoopee! We're All Gonna Die! We talk about Syria, about the MOAB in Afghanistan, and about North Korea. We talk about why these things are happening, and of course the reasons aren't what the media is telling us they are - but if you are reading this, that's likely no big surprise to you. We talk about our options, or the few we have left, anyway.

Duration: 01:33:15

AMAV Revolution Radio #11 – Capitalism, Nationalism, & Fascism Will Kill Us All

Let's not toy around any longer with the idea that either major US Political Party gives a damn about any one of us. They don't. Likewise, let's not toy around any longer that the path we're on is sustainable. It isn't. While rich, old (mostly) white men wearing $4000 suits sit in leather chairs and debate things that hold the lives of poor people in the balance, like it's a question or something, people are actually dying. We are told to "work hard and you, too, can achieve The American...

Duration: 01:59:01

AMAV Revolution Radio - #10 - Comey & The Spineless Democrats VS The Russians

Examining the contents of the Congressional Hearing on Russian Interference in the 2016 US Election. Testimony from FBI Director James Comey as well as statements from Comey and Ranking Member Rep. Adam Schiff.What was said? Not a lot. There was a whole lot of "I can't comment on that right now" from Comey.What wasn't said? That can be just as important.Did Comey drop any bombshells? Not. Even. Close.Why the media frenzy over it, then? That's a great question. I imagine it's...

Duration: 01:22:44

AMAV Revolution Radio #9 - Prison Abolition; Trump's Budget; Anarcho-Syndicalism

(0:00 - 29:52)Looking at the Prison-Industrial complex and the problems created by Capitalist Incarceration-For-Profit.Recidivism rates, mandatory minimums, and stricter laws - all lobbied for by the Private Prison IndustryPrison Reform? Prison Abolition?For more on Prison Abolition, check out this podcast from RustBelt Abolition Radio, featuring University of Toledo Professor Liat Ben-Moshé: https://rustbeltradio.org/2017/01/01/ep01/ (29:53 - 1:08:43)Trump's Budget Proposal - looking at...

Duration: 01:39:03

#30 - Trump Inauguration; Women's March; TPP Victory; Brock is Back - 23Jan2017

Millions worldwide join protest marches against Trump and fascism, but Americans framed it as marching for Women’s Rights, carrying "I’m With Her" signs and pictures of Hillary Clinton, who, as a supposed champion of women’s rights for her entire career, was nowhere to be found. Donald Trump's Inauguration Day saw protests throughout Washington DC, but it was tamer than the media would have you believe. Presumed Attorney General Jeff Sessions is worrisome, but maybe not for the reasons...

Duration: 01:34:45

#29 - ODNI Russia Hack Report; Sanders Town Hall; REINS Act - 11Jan2017

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has released a declassified report on the alleged Russian Hacking of US political systems, and it’s as weak as you would expect from a report with no evidence. The US Senate is set to introduce a bipartisan bill to impose new sanctions on Russia. Approval of Trump's Cabinet nominations could depend on whether or not the new appointees believe in this Russian cyber attack propaganda. Bernie Sanders did a CNN Town Hall Monday night –...

Duration: 01:28:35

#28 - Chicago Assault; Assange on Hannity; Trump's Tweet Gets Berned - 6Jan2017

Four people in Chicago are facing criminal charges resulting from an apparently racially motivated kidnapping and beating of a disabled man that was broadcast on Facebook Live. Alt-Right trolls immediately, and falsely, pin the assault to the Black Lives Matter movement. Julian Assange sat down to talk with Sean Hannity face-to-face, assuaging fears of his incarceration or demise, and giving ironclad assurance that Russia provided WikiLeaks with absolutely nothing. After the interview...

Duration: 01:34:47

#27 - Obama Pokes Putin; Snopes.com Is Garbage; - 4Jan2017

New Year's Prank turns Hollywood into "Hollyweed".2017 can be the year of accountablility and improvement in US government, but only if we make it so.The ongoing nationwide #NoDAPL protest reached new heights Sunday when a giant “DIVEST” banner was unfurled from the rafters at a Minnesota Vikings football game.WikiLeaks promises that 2017 will be much more interesting than 2016, tweeting “If you thought 2016 was a big WikiLeaks year 2017 will blow you away. Help us prepare for the...

Duration: 01:14:04

#26 - Obama To Punish Russia, and Our First Amendment Gets Destroyed - 28Dec2016

President Obama is apparently trying to make some waves in his last few weeks, reportedly being very close to announcing a series of measures to punish Russia’s alleged and still unproven interference in the US election. The Hill releases their list of the top 15 contenders for Democratic Presidential Nominee in 2020 - before the most recent election winner is even inaugurated. Obama signs the 2017 NDAA which includes a provision for setting up an Anti-"Anti-US-Propaganda"-Propaganda...

Duration: 01:18:04

#25 - The Truth Episode - Electors, Hacking, and "Fake News" - 20Dec2016

The United States Electoral College has upheld the results of the November 8th Presidential Election, officially making Donald J. Trump the President-Elect. Democrats are still pushing the blame for their astounding loss onto everyone and everything but themselves - what's the truth? While we’re talking about the truth, can we look at some other truths that have come out recently? About elections? And hacking? And who might be responsible for it? Hacking of state electoral systems has been...

Duration: 01:27:25

#24 - Analyzing Syria; Tulsi Fights Back; EPA "Fracking Hazardous" - 14Dec2016

Reports surrounding the situation in Aleppo, Syria are confusing to say the least, with some claiming that the city has been liberated and others saying it has fallen, but the most confusing part is what actually happened. US Representative Tulsi Gabbard is leading the fight against ISIS in the halls of congress, but not in the way you might expect. Donald Trump has been shunned by Washington, DC high schools for his upcoming inauguration. The US Environmental Protection Agency has finally...

Duration: 00:54:22

#23 - Answering Robert Reich; Trump's (Lack Of) Intel; Florida's DAPL - 13Dec20

The Russian interference and "fake news" narratives are still going strong, despite a lack of evidence, and is being pushed by people like former Labor Secretary Robert Reich among many others. President-elect Trump is avoiding the job of actually being President by refusing daily intelligence and national security briefings, further cementing the idea that he isn’t really interested in the position. Another fossil fuel pipeline is being quickly and quietly installed in the US, this time...

Duration: 01:03:09

#22 - The Return of AMAV; But Muh Rushuns!; A Tesla Powered Island - 12Dec2016

Today marks a banner day in internet broadcasting, ushering in a new era in independent media and commentary as A Mostly Accurate View is finally relaunched after almost two months.The Mainstream Media, government intelligence agencies, and especially the Democratic Party are scapegoating Russia for failures in the recent election , and threatening our First Amendment rights in the process. Post-Election State of Disunion Address A Special Announcement - AMAV is giving away a "Protest...

Duration: 01:06:06

#18 - Podesta Files 2; DAPL; Tim Canova & Progress For All - 11Oct2016

WikiLeaks has dropped another file dump, the second in a series of 10 promised at the WikiLeaks 10th Anniversary Press Conference last week, and this one is even more damaging than the last. A meme is floating around with a Glenn Beck quote taken out of context that makes it seem like he has endorsed her. CNN denies that the video showing reporter Pamela Brown telling a focus group member what to say was “coaching”. Actress and Activist Shailene Woodley of the Divergent series has been...

Duration: 01:31:36

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