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This will bring you daily hope and encouragement from God's Word with tear-off, take-along Bible verses, as well as quotes from Greg Laurie on the impact of God's Word in the life of the believer.




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"You da Man! - I"

"We reap what we sow." Some of us know that all too well. Pastor Greg Laurie calls that the law of sowing and reaping, and we'll study its biblical origins. It's a discussion of our actions and their consequences.

Duration: 00:28:51

"Greg Laurie interviews Randy Alcorn - II"

There are certain bedrock precepts every Christian ought to know. What are they? Pastor Greg Laurie and his guest, author Randy Alcorn, discuss them. It's a fast-paced, question & answer session you don't want to miss.

Duration: 00:26:43

"Greg Laurie interviews Randy Alcorn - I"

Nothing helps us realize what's most important in life than learning that our days are numbered. Everything becomes more clear. Pastor Greg Laurie and his guest, author Randy Alcorn, help us focus on the important issues of life.

Duration: 00:27:15

"The Secret to Being a World Changer - II"

As we run our race for the Lord, how can we keep up our momentum in times of discouragement or defeat? Pastor Greg Laurie points out it's important we keep our eye on the prize. Pastor Greg explains how to press on toward the finish line.

Duration: 00:32:19

"The Secret to Being a World Changer - I"

How can we be people God uses to change the world? How can we reach out that way even in times of discouragement? Pastor Greg Laurie addresses that challenge. It's the finale to his series World Changers.

Duration: 00:29:33

"Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy - II"

We all face trials; many of us face some form of persecution. But the Lord wants us to persevere. . .and He equips us for the journey. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us draw strength from those in Bible who came before us. It's good encouragement for times of crisis.

Duration: 00:32:49

"Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy - I"

We know life is fragile. The Bible tells us life is a vapor. But Pastor Greg Laurie assures us that God has numbered our days. Our lives are as long as He ordains. And He not only appoints our days, He appoints our tasks while we're here.

Duration: 00:29:40

"Steve McQueen: American Icon - II"

Movies can move us in a way most other forms of communication can't. And in just days, Pastor Greg Laurie's new documentary Steve McQueen: American Icon comes to theaters. It's the inspiring story of how Hollywood's biggest movie star came to Christ.

Duration: 00:25:31

"Steve McQueen: American Icon - I"

It's almost here! The new documentary film on the spiritual journey of Hollywood actor Steve McQueen. Pastor Greg Laurie speaks with the film's director about how to use this movie as a tool to help us reach others for Christ.

Duration: 00:25:23

"The Ups & Downs & Ups of a World Changer - II"

We all have ups and downs in our walk with the Lord . . . but that inconsistency is the enemy of solid Christian growth. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us learn from the ups and downs in the life of King David. We'll learn how to chart a course for consistent forward momentum.

Duration: 00:29:46

"The Ups & Downs & Ups of a World Changer - I"

We all want to do great things for God. But if it seems that you're not the kind of person God is looking, you may be EXACTLY who God is looking for! Pastor Greg Laurie points out how David was a quiet shepherd boy, but God used him greatly.

Duration: 00:31:19

"Wasted Potential of a World Changer - II"

We may have come to the Lord late in life, and we may have walked a crooked path in getting there. Pastor Greg Laurie says the thing that matters is how we finish! We'll see it's never too late to do the right thing.

Duration: 00:30:59

"Wasted Potential of a World Changer - I"

We have an adversary who knows how to deliver a custom-made temptation right to our door step. Pastor Greg Laurie points out a case-in-point in the Bible's great strongman named Samson. We'll learn important lessons from Samson's temptation and his great fall.

Duration: 00:27:52

"What to Do When the Odds are Against You - II"

When the Lord delivered His people from the Midianites, He equipped them with nothing more than musical instruments, an untrained leader, and the power of His Mighty Hand! Pastor Greg Laurie highlights the Lord's victory over the Midianites.

Duration: 00:31:21

"What to Do When the Odds are Against You - I"

Pastor Greg Laurie says, when God does something extraordinary through a rather ordinary man or woman, God Himself gets the glory. Pastor Greg shows us how we can make ourselves available for something extraordinary.

Duration: 00:32:05

"Overcoming the Insurmountable - II"

Many times, we face extraordinary challenges in life. And it's obvious it'll take extraordinary help to get us out of the mess! Pastor Greg Laurie points out that God specializes in the extraordinary! Tune in for a look at the way God miraculously delivered the children of Israel and for strong reassurance.

Duration: 00:29:10

"Overcoming the Insurmountable - I"

When a tough problem has us backed into a corner and we can't see a way out, Pastor Greg Laurie says God always has a plan. We'll see the Israelites faced virtual annihilation - but God delivered them in a miraculous way!

Duration: 00:28:01

"The Power of One - II"

Every day . . . in everything you do . . . you're the Lord's representative to the world. How's that going for you? Pastor Greg Laurie brings solid counsel for World Changers - people who want to impact their culture.

Duration: 00:30:25

"The Power of One - I"

Can one person really make a difference? It's a question people often ask. Pastor Greg Laurie points that one person - who's directed and powered by the Living God - can make a tremendous difference! Learn how you can change your world.

Duration: 00:27:31

"How to Face Overwhelming Obstacles - II"

The challenges you're facing right now: are they obstacles . . . or opportunities? Pastor Greg Laurie points out that those who seek to make an influence for God see challenges as opportunities for the Lord to show His faithfulness.

Duration: 00:32:56

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