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A Rational Fear is a fast-paced topical comedy show, hosted and produced by Dan Ilic with some of Australia’s best comedic talent. It’s funny, cutting-edge satire with social and political bite dedicated to laughing at the world of politics and media in Australia and the globe... but mostly Australia.




ARF EXCLUSIVE TEST AUDIENCE: Podcast Pilot - The Department of Homeland Stupidity

Hello, Since the A Rational Fear audience is a discerning bunch, here is a pilot idea for something I'm making over a Gizmodo. I'd love to hear your feedback. Please leave me a message on SoundCloud / Twitter / Facebook. Let me know if you liked it. Also the bits you didn't like.

Duration: 00:35:07

Trump's Approval Rating Lower Than Bacne.

All the news you should be scared of in one easy to digest podcast. We speak to Trump advisor, James McCuck on just how low Trumps approval rating can go.

Duration: 00:04:46

#026 - A Rational Fear - Pencils, Kevin Andrews, Abbott, MICF reviews.

Recorded in situ at the Victoria Hotel during the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Dan Ilic is joined by Alice Fraser (SBS Comedy) James Colley (The Backburner) and Scott Abbot (The Weekly) where they cover the great pencil shortage, Kevin Andrews plan to run for PM, Abott's low key plans to campaign during this election, the sugar tax and the gender inequity in the star rating system at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Duration: 00:17:38

#025 - Mar 24 2016 - A Rational Fear - #CatShit

Fear mongers Dan Ilic (AJ+) Andy Matthews (Australia! Get it up ya) and Oz Faruqi (@oz_f) break down cat shit, Howard's hair, stolen slogans, Ted Cruz, and Honit Soit. The election is only 100 days away... maybe.

Duration: 00:25:15

#024 - Mar 17 2016 - A Rational Fear - #UnFairfax

#NSFW: Strong Language: A Rational Fear is back for the 2016 Australian election. This week fear-mongers Nic Christensen (Mumbrella)and Maddie Palmer (The Feed SBS2) join Dan Ilic and Lewis Hobba to break down the scariest news of the week. Fairfax, Sugar, Trump, Turnbull.

Duration: 00:22:46

Sketch - The Justice Leveson Enquiry Hotline

To cash in on his bourgeoning media profile from the Leveson Inquiry Justice Leveson has set up toll funded hotline.

Duration: 00:01:14

#004 - June 25 2012

This monday’s show will be so huge…we’ve been asked to save three seats for Gina Rinehart. It’s fast, it’s funny, it’s like #qanda, with lots of Q’s but not many A’s. A Rational Fear is back, with a mega line up: Join Hungry Beast’s Dan Ilic, and Lewis Hobba, with some of Australia’s best comedians. Chris Taylor(The Chaser), Jennifer Wong (Can Of Worms), Mathew Kenneally (Political Asylum) Toby Halligan(Political Asylum) and Matt Okine (Winner: MICF 2012 Best Newcomer) Also we have TWO...

Duration: 01:06:43

Ira Glass - Retracts the Retraction of the Retraction - A Rational Fear

This American Life Host, Ira Glass, has one more disappointing annoucement

Duration: 00:00:36

Ira Glass - Retracts the Retraction - A Rational Fear

Ira Glass from The American Life has no option. Written by Chris Taylor Performed by Dan Ilic Pots and Pans by Tom Loud

Duration: 00:01:04

#EP1-March 12-2012-a rational fear

The FIRST Episode of A Rational Fear: Host Dan Ilic, with comics Lewis Hobba, (Hungry Beast, Triple J), Susie Youssef (Theatresports, Nice Kicks) Daniel Townes (Previously, K-Cast), Michael Hing (Herman’s Heroes, Project 52) deconstructing the month in news as well as special guest Ross Greenwood (Channel Nine, 2GB’s Money Show) lifting the lid on just what Mexican drug lords are shipping to Sydney and Kevin Rudd (Anthony Ackroyd from 702’s Thank God It’s Friday) will be in to get all Boo...