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Pep Talk EXTRA: What's On the Jukebox, Pop?

For this episode, Jacob and Kayla made playlists that remind them of Archie and Riverdale! You can listen to them talk about the songs they chose here, and check out the fully Spotify playlists here! Jacob: https://open.spotify.com/user/1285286518/playlist/6SVrp0aR74GkR1Zhkc85oR Kayla: https://open.spotify.com/user/afroxvxgrrrl/playlist/4C5l5WOFVRmqB780Zy2Rmb Thanks for listening!

Duration: 01:35:06

Pep Talk Episode 8: A Tale of Two Jugheads

Riverdale is back, and we never left! In this episode, we discuss shipping disputes, the most likable characters on the show, questionable music choices, and Tim and Eric a little bit for some reason. There were a few tech issues but I think I smoothed them over pretty well! You be the judge! Or don't!

Duration: 01:20:03

Pep Talk EXTRA: Archie to Riverdale Fantasy Draft?

It's another Riverdale-free week, but Jacob and Kayla have another conversation topic: Archie characters who should show up in Riverdale! This episode is great because it has the fewest tech errors. Did we miss any out? Shoot us a message at peptalkriverdale@gmail.com

Duration: 01:00:54

Pep Talk EXTRA: Trivia Contest! + Chilling Adventures of Sabrina review

Uh-oh! No new Riverdale this week? It's okay, Jacob and Kayla got ya covered with delightful filler material! This week, we review Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a magnificently creepy horror take on the classic character, and also we're doing a contest! Submit answers to peptalkriverdale@gmail.com for a chance to win bath products from foxiebombs.com! (The trivia part comes first so you can listen to that and not hear Sabrina spoilers if you haven't read it yet.) THANKS FOR STICKING WITH...

Duration: 01:05:17

Pep Talk Episode 7: Shipping is for Parcals

Jacob and Kayla discuss the seventh episode of Riverdale. Bughead is a thing, Cheryl is SUPER a thing, and an interesting cluster of characters going to a club is also one of those things. I don't remember this episode as well as others. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:08:24

Pep Talk Episode 6: Hey Jughead why did you do that

Jacob and Kayla were really looking forward to a Pussycats-heavy episode, we just wish it hadn't been THIS one! Listen in to hear tale of bad parents, major plot twists, low-stakes storytelling, and honestly pretty good disco covers!

Duration: 01:03:55

Pep Talk Episode 5: Those Meddling Blossoms

We've got our first guest in Bryony Matthewman! Listen as she joins Jacob and Kayla to discuss Jason Blossom's funeral, Betty Cooper's dad's character transition, all the characters that are dead, and a few that might be.

Duration: 01:37:26

Pep Talk Episode 4: Booty Tooter

Well, that was a doozy! Jacob and Kayla are WOWED by this week's Riverdale, maybe the best one yet. Jughead tries to save the drive-in theater, Betty tries to learn the truth about Archie and Miss Grundy, and Alice Cooper tries to be a horrible bucket of water trash. All have various degrees of success!

Duration: 01:41:31

Pep Talk Episode 2: The Terrible Hand of Madame Satan

Jacob and Kayla discuss "A Touch of Evil", as RIVERDALE veers into more noir territory and Jughead gets more to do. What did Jason do to Polly? What is Cheryl hiding about Jason's death? What's Archie's daily workout regiment? None of these questions are answered in this episode.

Duration: 01:06:28

Pep Talk Episode 1: Real Housewives of Riverdale

Well, I don't know what we were expecting! Jacob and Kayla take on the bizarreness of the Riverdale pilot. Main takeaway: not enough Jughead.

Duration: 00:52:57

Pep Talk Episode 0: Pals and Gals

It's our first episode! Jacob and Kayla discuss the looming RIVERDALE show on The CW, set to premiere on January 26th. Will it be good? Will it be really, really bad? We're not sure! Follow the podcast every week to find out!

Duration: 01:03:00