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Charlotte, NC


Use the audio to stir your interest in Russian language or to refresh your former skills! Learn to participate in simple, direct conversations on everyday topics, in everyday situations; satisfy immediate needs, such as ordering food and making simple purchases.




BBC interviews Natalia

Lesson 10 - No Lesson, but rather 'Bye for Now'...

Lesson 7 - Getting Around

Lesson 11 - Love is in the Air

Lesson 13 - Family Matters

Lesson 5 - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Lesson 9 - Food

Lesson 2 - Saying 'Goodbye'

Lesson 23 - Nouns and Gender

Lesson 24 - Russian Sound System. Introduction

Lesson 16 - Russian Cursive (Letters "Б,В,Г")

Lesson 17 - Russian Cursive (Letters "Д,Е,Ё,Ж")

Lesson 18 - Russian Cursive (Letters "З,И")

Lesson 19 - Russian Cursive (Letters "Й,К,Л,М,Н")

Lesson 20 - Russian Cursive (Letters "О,П,Р,С,Т")

Lesson 21 - Russian Cursive (Letters "У,Ф,Х,Ц,Ч")

Lesson 22 - Russian Cursive (Letters "Ш,Щ,ь,ъ,Ы,Э,Ю,Я")

Lesson 4 - Alphabet and Words you Already Know

Lesson 12 - Happy Birthday!

BBC interviews Natalia

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