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A quick daily download -- and occasional deep dive -- into an interesting topic to talk about, and what others have had to say.

A quick daily download -- and occasional deep dive -- into an interesting topic to talk about, and what others have had to say.
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A quick daily download -- and occasional deep dive -- into an interesting topic to talk about, and what others have had to say.




420: First Memory

Around what age is your first clear memory? Show notes and links: Popular Science WebMD Full episode script Memory is one of the topics that endlessly fascinates me, because it is so very far removed from the photographic perfect recall that it is often thought of as. In a 2014 Popular Science article, Kate Gammon…

Duration: 00:02:26

419: Best Boss

Who is the best boss you’ve ever had? Why were they awesome? Show notes and links: Time Blog Full episode script A bad boss can have a huge impact on your life — to the point that the most common reason cited for someone choosing to leave a job is that they’re working for a…

Duration: 00:01:50

418: Writing

What do you most often write? Show notes and links: Zephoria The Atlantic Business Insider Full episode script Written communications has become the king of the land — or at the very least, is becoming.. While Leonard Shlain’s book The Alphabet vs the Goddess argues that this change has accompanied a shift towards a more…

Duration: 00:01:58

417: Sharing Bedrooms

Have you ever shared your bedroom? Show notes and links: US Census (PDF) SF Guides Chicago Tribune The Atlantic Full episode script When doing research about the painting-your-bedroom episode recently, I discovered a few articles discussing two paired — but diametrically opposed — trends. One was a Chicago Tribune article from 2016 talking about parents…

Duration: 00:02:14

416: Live Performance

What’s the last performance you bought tickets to? Show notes and links: Broadway League Statista ABC News Full episode script Live performance and live music, when it comes to ways to take in your culture and entertainment, are probably two of the most popular options. And they’re also two of the more expensive options, at…

Duration: 00:01:59

415: Feedback

What kind of feedback do you prefer? Show notes and links: ELearning Industry Science Direct Full episode script If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of an awkwardly constructed or passive-aggressive compliment sandwich, then it’s probably no secret that how feedback is given can be as important as the actual content of the feedback.…

Duration: 00:02:11

414: Lately

What have you been thinking about lately? Show notes and links: Scientific American Harvard News Full episode script According to a study in 2010 that was carried out mostly through an iPhone app trying to figure out what it is that people actually spend their time thinking about, instead of what they report themselves thinking…

Duration: 00:02:16

413: Formative

What memory or memories do you consider most formative in who you are today? Show notes and links: Time Ideas Blog WUSTL Magazine PBS Full episode script In the Winter 22005 Washington University of Saint Louis magazine article How Our Memories Shape Us, quoted Pascal Boyer, Henry Luce Professor of Individual and Collective Memory in…

Duration: 00:02:49

412: Missing Advice

(Reader Submitted): What’s the best advice you never got? Show notes and links: TED talks: Susan Colantuono Full episode script Giving advice, taking advice, even thinking about advice is something that someone could spend a lifetime on. There’s also been a veritable ocean of ink spilled over advice that is unsolicited or unwanted. But –…

Duration: 00:02:40

411: New Project Energy

What current project are you excited about? Show notes and links: Wall Street Journal Wikipedia Full episode script Around the 1990s, the phrase “new relationship energy” was coined in the polyamorous community, and is still in heavy use. It’s a phrase that describes the particularly energetic, emotional, and focused state of mind that seems to…

Duration: 00:01:52

410: Long Term Friendships

How long have you known the person you’ve been friends with the longest? Show notes and links: Wikipedia New Yorker Live Science Full episode script Around 2009, Dutch scientist Mollenhurst published a seven-year long study about friendships. The headline of that study that was published around the web was that the average half-life of a…

Duration: 00:02:48

408: Bedroom Color

If given your choice, what color would you paint your bedroom? Show notes and links: Franklin Painting History Today Color Matters Full episode script Though it is not the room is most homes with the shortest modern history, the idea of a separate bedroom that is reserved for only the most intimate and personal of…

Duration: 00:02:15

407: First Meetings

What question do you hope to be asked when first meeting someone? Full episode script I’m a little bit obsessed with questions – if that hasn’t been made seriously clear by now. The form, the function, even the structure of questions fascinates me. In mid-September I gave a TEDx talk about exactly this obsession with…

Duration: 00:01:59

406: Breakfast

Do you eat breakfast? Show notes and links: Time.com AusFoodNews.com NYTimes.com Full episode script Studying breakfast is practically a cottage industry. It’s also one of the most-studied meals of the day, it appears, because there’s a huge amount of research out there. That research, much like a lot of pop research out there, is not entirely the most scientifically rigorous.… Continue reading "406: Breakfast"

Duration: 00:02:57

405: Anniversary

What anniversary or anniversaries do you celebrate, if any? Show notes and links: https://counsellingresource.com/ https://www.amazon.com/ http://www.refinery29.com/ Full episode script Talking with a friend recently, they mentioned that they were soon to celebrate their dating-a-versary with their now husband — which happened to be a few months (and a few years) before their wedding anniversary. Another friend mentioned that she was… Continue reading "405: Anniversary"

Duration: 00:02:38

404: Magazines

What magazine(s) do you or would you subscribe to? Show notes and links: http://www.freeportpress.com http://www.journalism.org http://thehill.com Full episode script I’ll admit it – I’m old-school. At least when it comes to my magazines. I have just about every size and type of device you can imagine that I could read a magazine on, but I still get excited when my… Continue reading "404: Magazines"

Duration: 00:02:40

403: Ethics and Employers

Show notes and links: http://progressions.prssa.org/index.php/2014/09/08/what-to-do-when-your-boss-asks-you-to-compromise-your-ethics/ https://hbr.org/2016/12/why-ethical-people-make-unethical-choices https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/blog/business-ethics-employees-pressure-workplace Full episode script In a 2016 Harvard Business Review article, Former Federal Prosecutor Serina Vash was quoted as saying: “When I first began prosecuting corruption, I expected to walk into...

Duration: 00:02:30

402: Moving Art

What’s the most moving piece of art you’ve experienced? Show notes and links: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/165715.Pictures_Tears https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21628916-000-computers-identify-what-makes-abstract-art-move-us/ Full episode script Art moves. Art is moving. Art, nearly by definition, has an emotional component — no matter how you define it. And what exactly it is that moves one person could be totally different than another. In James Elkins’ book Pictures &...

Duration: 00:02:05

401: Dutch dating

(Reader Submitted): What’s your opinion on going Dutch while dating? Show notes and links: http://www.refinery29.com/2017/02/141082/woman-sent-bill-refusing-second-date http://www.ejinsight.com/20170427-going-dutch-and-the-psychology-of-dating/ https://www.gq.com/story/the-case-for-going-dutch Full episode script If you want to talk about a potent mix, talk about anything that combines sex, gender politics, money, and etiquette. In other words, the constant controversy of who pays for or...

Duration: 00:02:52

400: Achievement

What are you proud of having achieved? Show notes and links: http://lifeyourway.net/on-the-difference-between-being-prideful-and-being-proud-of-who-you-are/ http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jopy.12184/abstract Full episode script When I first asked this question, I had no idea at all that this is a question often and consistently asked in job interviews. Having figured this out, however, this particular question takes on a whole new flavor. After all, as with many questions,…...

Duration: 00:02:11

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