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Episode 02: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - "Bullets Over Bel-Air" with special guest Kelsey Rodgers

- The Fresh Prince of Bel Air w/ Kelsey Rodgers “Bullets over Bel-Air” February 6, 1995 It’s time to take another trip to Bel-Air and review The Fresh Prince - this time we’re joined by the very funny Kelsey Rodgers (@kelsington). Will (Will Smith) owes Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) some dough so they head to the ATM in the wee hours of the night, even though Will should know better. As happens whenever anyone visits an ATM in L.A. county - they get robbed at gunpoint. Carlton makes a mess of...


Ep. 41 - SEASON 2 PREMIERE !!! - Beverly Hills 90210 - "U4EA" with special guest J. Lynn Johnston

Beverly Hills 90210 “U4EA” November 14, 1991 The wait is over, Season 2 is finally upon us. The guys are joined by longtime friend of the podcast J. Lyn Johnston to review the legendary 90’s hit Beverly Hills 90210. This classic “drugs are bad” episode finds Brandon (Jason Priestly), Brenda (Shannen Doherty) and the gang finding their way to an “underground” warehouse party with the help of evil proto-P!nk biker bake Emily Valentine (Christine Elise). After exchanging an egg (trust me) to...


Ep. 40: Saved by the Bell - "Home for Christmas Pt. 1 & 2" - SEASON 1 FINALE!!!

Saved by the Bell "Home for Christmas" Part 1 - December 7, 1991 & Part 2 - December 14, 1991 It's a Christmas Miracle! Very Special Television proudly presents Episode 40 featuring us - it's just family this time. For our first season Finale we've decided to take you back to where it all started and watched the Saved by the Bell episodes "Home for Christmas" parts 1 & 2. Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and the gang get jobs at the mall during holiday break. Zack falls for Laura (Jennifer...


Ep. 39: The Brady Bunch - "Bobby's Hero" with special guest Noah Green

The Brady Bunch "Bobby's Hero" (2 February, 1973) Here's the story of a bunch of dudes watching old TV and making you laugh. Hopefully. We're joined by special guest Noah Green of the band The Pretty Flowers for episode 39 of Very Special Television and we reached way back into the vaults with the Brady Bunch episode Bobby's Hero. Young Bobby Brady (Mike Lookinland) has the gall to write a report on his hero Jesse James. Apparently, the school has something against custom motorcycles since...


Ep. 38: Family Matters - "Stevil" with special guests Ashley Casseday & Lauren Ogle of Keep it Weird

Family Matters "Stevil" (25 October, 1996) Hey weirdos. It's finally here - the much talked about cross-over episode with Keep It Weird!! We're proud to welcome as special guests the hosts of Keep it Weird podcast Ashley Casseday and Lauren Ogle. In the spirit of keeping things weird we watched one of the weirdest, spooky-ooky kooky 22 minutes of TV ever produced - the Family Matters Halloween Spectacular known as "Stevil." As you may already know lovable nerd Steve Urkel (Jaleel White)...


Ep. 37: Dinosaurs - "Steroids to Heaven" with special guest Craig Freeman

"Steroids to Heaven” (12 Februay, 1993) Episode 37 of Very Special Television welcomes special guest Craig Freeman to help us review Dinosaurs and boy did we need some help. It seems young Robbie (Jason Willinger, voice) can't quite get the girl dinosaur - especially when it comes to muscle-bound pea-brain Dolf (Sam McMurracy, voice). Enter pontificating tough guy and Robbie's best friend Spike (Christopher Meloni, voice). Earl (Stuart Pankin, voice) suggest exercise but that takes too...


Ep. 36: ALF - "Border Song" - with special guest Jade Suazo

"Border Song” (16 Februay, 1987) We're joined by longtime friend of the podcast Jade Suazo (@JadeErinn) for episode 36 of Very Special Television. We took another trip to Melmac and revisited Alf with the episode "Border Song." We find Willie (Max Wright) harboring lost Mexican child Luis (Philip Gordon) in the Tanner home. Alf(Paul Fusco) has taken up gardening this week and when Luis attempts to make a run for the border he is thwarted by every Latinos primal need - to till the soil. Alf...


Ep. 35: Charles in Charge - "Still at Large" with special guest Kyle Conkright

Ep. 35: Charles in Charge - "Still at Large" with special guest Kyle Conkright by BestMen Media


Ep. 34: Sister Kate - "Violet's Friend" with special guest Carla Yacenda

Sister Kate "Violet's Friend" (5, November 1989) Friend of the show Carla Yacenda joins us to revisit the short-lived 1989 gem Sister Kate. This nazi-free "Sound of Music" navigates the tough waters of imaginary friends, the untimely passing of children and teen boys learning basic household skills. Violet (Alexaundria Simmons) won't stop going on about her invisible friend which drives the kids up the wall for some reason. Things take an unexpected turn when Sister Kate (Stephanie...


Ep. 33: Sabrina the Teenage Witch - "A Halloween Story" with special guest Ingrid Haubert

Sabrina the Teenage Witch "A Halloween Story" (25, October 1996) Its Very Special Television's first Halloween episode and we decided to go with the spooky, the terrifying, the truly ghoulish 90's classic Sabrina the Teenage Witch. We're joined by Sabrina enthusiast Ingrid Haubert and learn that Halloween is to the world of witches (and wizards? Warlocks?) as Christmas is to God-fearing mortals. To get out of a boring family get together Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) sends a clone of herself...


Ep. 32: Three's Company - "Jack the Giant Killer" with Special Guests Noel Taylor and Ingrid Haubert

Three’s Company “Jack the Giant Killer” (14, April 1977) Its Episode 32 of Very Special Television and the guys are joined by comics Noel Taylor (NoelDavidTaylor.com) and Ingrid Haubert (@Nutelluv) to watch Three’s Company. Jack (John Ritter) chickens out against tough guy and winner of the Bluto from Popeye lookalike contest Jeff (Peter Palmer). Rather use the tools of adulthood any normal person would use - avoidance - Jack decides to go back to the Regal Beagle to face Jeff and show the...


Ep. 31: Roseanne - "Crime and Punishment" with special guest Hiko Mitsuzuka

Entertainment writer Hiko Mitsuzuka joins the Very Special Television gang to discuss a classic episode of Roseanne. They watched season 5, episode 13 titled "Crime and Punishment." The recession of the early 90s hit Lanford pretty hard as we see Dan and his down-on-their-luck buddies playing a game of extremely low-stakes poker. Among the downtrodden is Fisher - the December in Jackies current May/December romance. We catch a glimpse of Fishers temper but the guys downplay it since...


Ep. 30: Ellen - "The Puppy Episode" with special guest Scott Youngbauer

Ellen “The Puppy Episode: Part 2” (30 April, 1997) It’s our thirtieth episode and we promise we won’t start test driving sports cars or getting hair plugs… yet. We welcomed special guest, Film Critic and pop culture devotee Scott Youngbauer to watch the classic coming-out episode of Ellen titled “The Puppy Episode.” Ellen the character has finally come to terms with her sexuality - just like Ellen the person. Ellen the person decided to have Ellen the character come out to her friends and...


Ep. 28: Happy Days - "Richie Almost Dies" with special guest Matt Sharp - Pt.2

Happy days “Richie Almost Dies” (31 January, 1978) Welcome back for Part 2 of our Happy Days episode with Special Guest Matt Sharp (The Rentals, Weezer). Thanks for coming back to finish up the episode - we’ve got a lot more great stories from Matt - collaborating with Spike Jonze, meeting the Fonz himself Henry Winkler and we finish the Happy Days episode review. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to rate us 5 Stars! www.facebook.com/VERYSPECIALTELEVISION/...


Ep. 28: Happy Days - "Richie Almost Dies" with special guest Matt Sharp - Pt.1

Happy Days "Richie Almost Dies” (31 January, 1978) Richie (Ron Howard) convinces his parents he's man enough to ride a motorcycle like Fonzie (Henry Winkler) by throwing a tantrum and literally acting like a baby. Lo and behold, Rich gets into a wreck. While Lori Beth (Lynda Goodfriend) is thrown into a pillow factory, Richie takes the brunt of the injury and ends up in a coma. The 50's-era docs are doing all they can so they send the gang home where Leather Tuscadero (Suzi Quatro) sings...


Ep. 27: Friends - "The One Hundredth" with special guest Loren Fishbein

Friends “The One Hundredth” (8 October, 1998) The great experiment. Is Friends too good for us to review? The answer is no, no it isn’t. Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) is about to give birth to her brother Frank’s (Giovanni Ribisi) triplets. Phoebe gets a case of the old surrogacy-second-thoughts and asks Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) to test the waters and see if Frank wouldn’t mind letting old Phoebes keep one of the babies. Meanwhile Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica (Courteney Cox) are still...


Ep. 26: Designing Funerals (Designing Women - Killing All the Right People)

Designing Women “Killing All the Right People” (5 October, 1987) Julia (Dixie Carter) and the rest of the Sugerbaker Coven are tasked with designing the funeral of fellow interior designer a tragic gay trope Kendall (Tony Goldwyn). Young President Fitz is dying of AIDS and wants the girls to help him go out in style. Meanwhile Mary Jo (Annie Potts) is taking on the local conservative School Marm and must debate in favor of sex education in schools. Mary Jo argues sex ed is not just...


Ep. 25: Could I be Bleeding Anymore Internally?(Growing Pains - Second Chance)

Growing Pains “Second Chance” (12 April, 1989) Carol (Tracy Gold) finally lands a boyfriend in college boy Sandy (Matthew Perry). Sandy charms Jason and Maggie (Alan Thicke, Joanna kerns) and even Mike (Kirk Cameron) likes Sandy enough to cover for Carol when they go to an alcohol bar! Sandy and Carol have a cocktail but Carol is home safe and sound… I wish I could say the same for young Sandy. A car accident on his way home lands Sandy in the hospital. Carol vows never to touch the sauce...


Ep. 24: Big Momma's House (Mama's Family - The Sins of the Mother)

Mama's Family “Sins of the Mother” (9 January1988) Bubba (Allan Kayser) comes home after curfew and stinking of beer! Mama (Vicki Lawrence) overreacts and grounds him for six weeks - making Bubba miss his swim meet! Mama treats us to a flashback when she tells the story of Bubba's mother Eunice (Heather Kerr) getting drunk and embarrassing Mama in front of the entire congregation. In episode 24 of Very Special Television we get treated to an impression of a character created by Carol...


Ep. 23: (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air “Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse” (9 May, 1994) Will (Will Smith) is shooketh when deadbeat dad Lou (Ben Vereen) shows up to stalk him at work. Will decides to give his absentee dad a chance and decides to go on the road with Lou for a summer long trucking adventure. Uncle Phil (James Avery) is having none of it and makes Lou fess up when Lou inevitably backs out on the trip. Will dismisses Lou but breaks down to Uncle Phil in a closing moment that rates at least...


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