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ACN - Aesir Communication Network - Women, Magic And Control: Part 2 - Cast 6

What is the Queen Bee cult mentality? Heiðrūn has been researching the effects that events have on traditional sexual roles. She continues her talk about 'mindedness' and why she believes that there are masculinity minded traits, femininely minded traits and other esoteric factors influencing both men and women. We also get into a discussion on generational influences and why Generation X may be holding the keys to cultural redemption themselves, the millennials and those that may be in...

Duration: 00:25:10

ACN - Aesir Communication Network - Main Broadcast - Women, Magic And Control - Part 1 - Cast 5

Heiðrūn covers her studies on traditional gender observations and behavior as we discuss the topic : Women, Magic and Control. Tonight, we begin part one of the discussion, with part two following and an additional extended version (part 3) for our Patreon folks. She covers the basics in these two main casts and we'll get to the 'magic' side when she returns in couple weeks. Music: Cover by Burn of NC: Riding the Storm Out - Stay safe aesircom.com www.patreon.com/acncom

Duration: 00:17:12

ACN - Aesir Communication Network - Deep South Folk With Matt - Legendary Communities - 3

What makes an Asatru community stand out? In this episode, Matt answers a few publicly asked questions, shares his experiences and thoughts on what makes a legendary community. He also touches on what breaks down that type of community as well. Sound sample by Welshy Arms Initial Release EP - Legendary Visit us online at aesircom.com and at www.patreon.com/acncom

Duration: 00:21:14

ACN - Aesir Communication Network - Main Broadcast - Past The Black Of The Sun - 4

Observations on post eclipse reports from the alt-web from a heathen point of view. John also discusses what he did for the eclipse, why and what inspired him to experience totality while being underground in a cave. Plus, reports about UFOs, strange feelings people are having post eclipse and some on the political upheavals, strange storms and more ... Music : RF : Valhalla by Matti Paalanen Visit us online at www.aesircom.com and www.patreon.com/acncom

Duration: 00:24:19

ACN - Aesir Communication Network - Deep South Folk With Matt - Wyrd Ways - 2

Matt of ACN interviews fellow Louisianian, Hershel Kysar of Wyrd Ways on Youtube. They drill down on some hot topics facing folks living the everyday Asatru way. Hershel gives his insights, analogies and talks about his video work as a heathen filmmaker. Slow Burn by Kevin MacLeod Visit us online at aesircom.com

Duration: 00:40:36

ACN - Rune Series Discussion - Rune Usage, Ancestral Initiations And Magical Sacrifice

Recorded August 12th: Tonight's show was a call in discussion with your questions answered in the second half. Our first half of the show includes an in depth discussion of a possible initiation ritual found within those enigmatic rune process stanzas of the Rúnatals þáttr of Odin with Heiðrūn of the Free Folk. Could this be what he really meant? Join us as we explore the mysteries found within the wolf societies, the fierce Nordic Volvas and the use of Seiðr (Seider) magic in order to...

Duration: 00:27:31

ACN - Aesir Communication Network - Main Broadcast - Odin, Esoteric AF - 2

In this cast, John finally discusses and counters some negative feedback by basically reiterating the story of Odin's assent to apotheosis. In this cast, we cover how Asatru, Odinism and Heathenry, isn't "cultural", but esoteric, mystical and spiritual at its core. You can visit us online at Aesircom.com - please consider donating to ACN - Hails!

Duration: 00:18:56

ACN - Aesir Communications Network - Matt Sarver - What Asatru Is To Me

On a recent trip back from seeing his family in another state, Matt mulls over the thought about what Asatru means to him. In this shorter set of thoughts for today, Matt explores this seemingly complex topic with relative ease. Visit us online at aesircom.com to find our Patreon, Facebook and Rootbocks links - while we appreciate your donation, we are just glad you tuned in today.

Duration: 00:04:38

ACN - Aesir Communications Network - Matt Show - Heroes

Matt discusses how heroes can lift us up, and sadly, how they also let us down. Thanks for listening to the Aesir Communications Network, you can find us online at aesircom.com. You can also donate here at http://www.patreon.com/abncom or here at our rune series project: https://rootbocks.com/projects/old-english-rune-audio-series/

Duration: 00:06:29

ACN - Aesir Communications Network - Matt Sarver - Intro Show - Who Am I

From the deep waters of Louisiana; Matt talks about his introduction to ethnic thought as a child, what he went through in order to find Asatru and discovering a faith buried within the DNA of the blood. He elaborates on a way of understanding that doesn't need all the baggage of either a past inflicted on us by the church or through our larping on ideas of the past. A great Monday show to pick up your heart, mind and spirits in the heat of life's battle. All Music used in our show is...

Duration: 00:25:25

ACN - Aesir Communications Network - Main Network Show - Signs In The Heavens - 1

Solar Eclipse UFOs, Whirling Black Suns and Bears ... Oh My! Our first cast as the new network starts today, Friday, July 21rst, 2017. We cover Mexican UFOs, Black Suns and Heathen folkish spirituality, all in our first episode under the new ACN banner. I compare the mania around the Mexico City July 11th, 1991 total eclipse of the sun and the UFO sightings that accompanied it's passing, to what we can expect for August, 21, 2017. We reaffirm the direction of the network as being both...

Duration: 00:31:24

ABN - Main Broadcast - Virtue: Asatru In The Year Of The Black Sun - 27

John's last public show on ABN and as operations head of the network: We start with a reading of McNallen's version of the 9 Noble Virtues, discuss the events surrounding the Summer of the Black Sun and also a warning to our young men and women of Asatru. Thank you, folks, it's been great.

Duration: 00:34:00

ABN - Main Broadcast - Nordic Esoteric Mysteries - 23

What is the secret of the Black Sun? How do I harness the Power of Vril? Are there secret Runic orders within the Nordic spiritual Traditions? Some believe Asatru is becoming a swollo lift cult, a simple morality tradition for Bikertrus and merely feeds into the same old materialistic line of the three Abrahamic traditions. Is that really true? We don't think so. But seriously, what does this have to do with UFOs, Vril and the Runes? You want answers, well, you can't handle the truth ......

Duration: 00:20:20

Othala - Rune Series - ABN - 24

RSS and Download Safe Version: Othala, of the Odal rune, is the final 24th rune that we will be discussing in our basic rune series and the last rune in the third Aett, known as Frey's Aett. This is the rune of spiritual, physical and family inheritance - this rune represents the totality of your own existence along the ancestral path. Music - Eliwagar - Othala - Thank you so much, find us online at ABNcom.com

Duration: 00:15:25

Dagaz - Rune Series - ABN - 23

Dagaz is the rune of the new dawn, the enlightening paradox and the 'time' of change. This represents, adequately, the 23rd rune in the Elder Futhark and the next to the last rune in the 3rd Aett of Frey. Visit us online at ABNcom.com for more information.

Duration: 00:13:20

Inguz - Rune Series - ABN - 22

The rune Ingwaz or Inguz is the God Seed, or Frey's rune. This is the rune of male potential, Kingship and dedicated to the people of Ing or the King. Visit us online at ABNcom.com

Duration: 00:09:53

Manaz - Rune Series - ABN - 20

Mannaz is said to be the rune that represents all of mankind, and man as an individual, eternal being. This is the rune that embodies the eternal, while simultaneously asking us to reflect on the temporal nature of the human body (our ship) that takes up through life as our thoughts and memories guide. Visit us online at abncom.com

Duration: 00:11:12

Ehwaz - Rune Series - ABN - 19

Ehwaz is the 19th rune in the Elder Futhark, it is the rune that represents the horse or two horses. This is the rune of cooperation, teamwork and relationships. Visit you online at abncom.com

Duration: 00:08:57

Berkano - Rune Series - ABN - 18

Berkano is the 18th rune of the Elder Futhark and the 2nd rune in the Third rune row, known as Frey's Aett. This is the feminine rune of inception, gestation and birthing - particularly in the realm of ideas, dreams and desires. Visit us online at ABNcom.com

Duration: 00:10:47

Tiwaz - Rune Series - ABN - 17

Tiwaz is the first rune of the third aett, or Frey's Aett, it is the rune of justice, balance and sacrifice. This particular rune is seen today in many Asatru, Heathen and Odinist warriors circles - and rightly so, it is the Warriors Rune. Visit us online at ABNcom.com

Duration: 00:10:38

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