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Inside the Ring W/AC: WWE Hall of Fame 2018 Headline Inductee Goldberg!

WWE fans it's that time of year again!!!! It's the road to Wrestlemania! Wrestlemania is the biggest show of the year. It's so big that it has a whole week of activities for the WWE universe. 2 days before WrestleMania, WWE hosts a Hall of Fame Ceremony where they induct legendary superstars. These super stars memories will live on forever in the hall of fame. Over the years big names have been inducted to the hall of fame! Andre the giant, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels,...


In Memory of Boomer ''LHASO APSO'' Cardinale

Boomer was a member of the Cardinale family. He was a 10 year old Lhaso Apso that loved life, loved people, loved treats, and brought nothing but joy to everyone he met. He loved his treats so much he would guard them! But, he also loved to provide love and quality time with his family. Believe it or not, Boomer was apart of my podcasting journey because he used to bark during my first podcast and he wanted to be center of attention. It is with a heavy heart that I inform of you Boomer is...


AC Network Super Bowl 52 PRE-SHOW

It's SUPER Sunday!!!! It's Super Bowl Sunday! Super Bowl 52 is just under an hour away! For the first time ever, I Alex Cardinale will host a Super Bowl half time show here exclusively on A.C. Network. Join me as I break down the entire game before it happens. It's time to get ready for a fun Sunday night with a lot of great football action, commercials, and a great halftime performance. I will be discussing everything you need to know including hosting a Super Bowl party, discuss the Pats...


Exotic Aquatics W/AA Special: Chatting Brackish Water Aquariums with David Morton

Most fish keepers and most people in general think that there are only 2 types of water systems and aquariums. They will say that there is freshwater (which has no salt) and saltwater. But, did you know that there is something in between freshwater and saltwater??! Yes there is. It is called Brackish Water. Brackish water is a mixture of saltwater with freshwater. It's only a little bit of salt which results in a low salinity of about 1.010 or less. Brackish water lakes and rivers house...


On the Case W/ AC: America Under Fire Part 3

Crime detectives get ready for our 3rd installment of America Under fire where fellow Crime detective Alex Cardinale talks to you about some of the worst Mass Shootings in American history. We have already covered the Columbine High School shooting, Sandy Hook Shooting, Virginia tech shooting and some of the other huge ones! On the 3rd edition of America Under Fire, I will be discussing some of the more recent shootings and some of the Mass Shootings that are not well known! It is my goal...


Inside the Ring W/AC: WWE Royal Rumble 2018 SLAMDOWN! Review

This is the first WWE SLAMDOWN! PPV reviews of 2018! It starts off with a fantastic Pay per view! Royal Rumble 2018 was PHENOMENAL!!!! A lot of wrestling fans loved the Royal Rumble and for good reasons, it was one of the best in years! Lots of historic moments went down at Royal Rumble 2018. I break down everything you need to know about Royal Rumble 2018 and I review the entire show and share my thoughts!! This is going to be a fun WWE show and you will enjoy it. Shinsuke Nakamaura...


Inside The Ring with AC: WWE Royal Rumble 2018 BREAK-DOWN PRE-SHOW

Welcome to the very first episode of Inside the ring with Alex Cardinale of 2018! WWE fans you are in store for a very good year of WWE episodes! This is also the first WWE Break Down PPV Pre-Show of 2018! The Road to Wrestlemania begins tonight! It's WWE Royal Rumble! This year's Royal Rumble makes history! For the first time ever, 30 Women will enter the Royal Rumble match but only 1 Woman will earn a guaranteed Women's Championship match at Wrestlemania. That's right, 2 Royal Rumble...


Exotic Aquatics: Aquatic Wetline Spoken Aquarium Magazine: January 2018

Welcome to the one and only Spoken Aquarium Podcast Magazine! This is Exotic Aquatics Aquatic Wetline where I Aqua Alex chat about any and everything tropical fish! I share my aquarium tips, my knowledge and experience, my love of tropical fish and more! The first edition of Exotic Aquatics Aquatic Wetline of 2018 is going to be action packed! A lot of great things are in store for January 2018! Fish keeper's are going to love this show! For the first time, I finally have a guest who I...


A.C. Network Special: Happy New Year! Hello 2018!

It's a brand new year! Can you believe that? Where did the time go? HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF MY LISTENERS!!! Happy 2018 to everyone! 2018 is going to be a wonderful year for all of us! For the first time ever, join me for my very first New Year's Day special. Make sure while you celebrate you stay safe and don't drink and drive. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! HELLO 2018! IF YOU DRINK DON'T DRIVE. CALL A TAXI OR UBER. SAVE A LIFE. SAVE YOUR LIFE. PREVENT AN ACCIDENT. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. Join...