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The Alex Cardinale Show: Christmas Shopping Tips and Christmas Music

Christmas is just 2 weeks away! Can you believe that? That means you need to get out and do some Christmas shopping before the stores get jam packed and the stores become sardine packed. Believe it or not, Christmas Shopping has shown to be a stress reliever ( I know weird) but it is something that should be fun. Make Christmas shopping fun by using my tips on this show. Plus, it's time to watch Christmas movies 2 weeks in a row!! On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show, I will be sharing...

Duration: 00:53:18

In the Oven W/ Chef Alex: A Red Velvet Christmas!

I am pretty sure if Santa Claus had a favorite cake it would be the nice dark red,Red Velvet cake. Red is one of the Christmas colors,so what better dessert to represent Christmas than red velvet cake? Chef Alex welcomes you to the kitchen where he will teach you how to bake many delicious desserts using the Red Velvet cake but altering it to other recipes. You can create masterpieces this Christmas by decorating a red velvet cake with red sprinkles and other Christmas edible decor. Red...

Duration: 00:59:23

Exotic Aquatics with Aqua Alex: Wet Spot Tropical Fish Review & Wild Fish Chat

On this episode of Exotic Aquatics on AC Network, I Aqua Alex will be talking about the new fish that I got from Wet Spot Tropical Fish. I ordered these fish last Friday and they arrived this past Tuesday in great condition. I will be giving my very first review of an online fish store on today's show. I ordered 4 Peru Altum Angelfish, a megladoras irwini (giant rapheal), a pink tail chalceus, a L129 Colombian Zebra Pleco, and a Santaperca Leucosticta (white speckled jurapari eartheater)....

Duration: 01:12:19

Inside the Ring W/AC: WWE Superstar Biography- Seth Rollins

WWE fans, get ready for our 2nd WWE superstar biography. The WWE Superstar up for discussion today is the king slayer, the man, Seth Friggin' Rollins. Seth Rollins is a 2 times WWE Champion, 2 times Tag Team Champion, a Money in the Bank winner, the first man to cash in Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania and walk out as champion, and leader of the Shield. Seth Rollins is one of the best superstars in this generation. He is a fan favorite, he is talented, great on the mic and even better in...

Duration: 01:21:59

On the Case w/ AC: America Under Fire Part 2

It's time to find out about some more of these tragic mass shootings. America has been under fire for many years even dating back to the 1950's and 1960's. When I say under fire I'm not talking about real fires, I'm talking about mass shootings. Believe it or not there is at least four memorable mass shootings per each decade. The more people with access to guns the higher the chances of this occurring rise. It's time for us to learn about more tragic mass shootings. This is part 2 of a...

Duration: 01:29:32


With it being December that means 2 things!! The first thing it means is that it is Christmas aka Holiday season. The second thing it means is that it is the LAST month of the year. What that means for AC Network is that I will be putting out some awesome Christmas themed shows and be scrambling to put out some excellent shows before the year ends. Each December, you can expect some great shows and a historic award show. On today's episode, I HAVE TWO (2) HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS I look forward...

Duration: 00:56:00

The Alex Cardinale Show: BLACK Friday Weekend 2017 Special

With Thanksgiving now behind us, Christmas time is here. With Christmas being just weeks away that means the gift shopping has begun. It's the time of the year where retail stores and store owners rejoice and get excited. Christmas season is the busiest time of the year for the stores as people come in to buy gifts and such. Gift shopping begins the night of/after Thanksgiving and through out the weekend. It is called Black Friday because of the stores doing big black outs doing major...

Duration: 00:45:15

The Alex Cardinale Show: Thanksgiving Day 2017 Special

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! Today is one of America's favorite days! It's Thanksgiving Day! A day where we get together to celebrate what we are thankful and grateful for. A day where we say thanks for the things we have. A day where we have a delicious turkey dinner and spend quality time with our family. With Thanksgiving being today, the holiday season has officially begun! This is the best time of the year!! Join Alex Cardinale today on Thanksgiving for a fun show!! Listen to this...

Duration: 00:38:28

In the Ring w/AC: WWE Survivor Series 2017 BreakDown Pre-Show

WWE Survivor Series is LIVE tonight!!!! WWE hosts it's final big PPV of the year tonight. WWE Monday Night Raw and Smackdown LIVE go head to head to see which brand is the most superior.Survivor Series is the only time a year where RAW and Smackdown go one on one with each other for Brand Supremacy. Kurt Angle's job as general manager of Monday Night Raw is on the line in the main event as he captains Team Raw against Team Smackdown. Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs WWE Champion Aj...

Duration: 00:51:38

Alex Cardinale Thanksgiving Special: Comedian Kevin Gootee Interview

As a way of saying Thank You to all of you my wonderful listeners and audience, I have put together a wonderful talk show just for you and you and you, ALL OF YOU! Special thanks to Sarge Carson from Sarge Approved Podcast for sending this wonderful guest to our show! Our special guest on today's show is a comedian, host of Comics watching Comics on Amazon Prime, podcast host, and voice over artist. He is a man of many trades, and also a very funny man! Our guest is Comedian Kevin Gootee a...

Duration: 00:47:46

On the Case w/Alex Cardinale: America Under Fire Part 1

It's time for crime! It's time to learn about crime. This is our first crime show in a few months. It's time to make this a flagship show and do more crime shows a month at least 3 to 5 a month. It's time to learn about some of the most talked about crimes that have left an impact to people all over the world. It's 2017! People from all over the USA and world have guns! With the guns come people who ultimately become killing machines as often times a shooting can turn into a massacre with...

Duration: 01:42:15

In the Ring w/ AC: WWE Superstar Biography The Undertaker

When you think of a pro wrestler or a WWE superstar you think of someone who has captivated all of the wrestling fans and fellow superstars. You think of someone who puts their body and all on the line just for us wrestling fans entertainment. There is ONE PHENOM in the WWE that does that and beyond!! There is a legend who has been around for over 20 years and still destroys his opponents. This Superstar is a deadman walking, he is a phenom, he is the legendary Undertaker! Undertaker has...

Duration: 01:28:23

AC Network Autumn BASH Party: 50th Episode Celebration

Listeners, this is a party for you. This celebration is for you. You have supported me for the first 49 episodes and have listened to my shows and help me grow very quickly with AC Network. On this episode, I will be hosting an Autumn BASH to celebrate AC Network's 50th episode. I would be remiss if I didn't say, YOU THE LISTENERS HAVE MADE MY SHOW WHAT IT IS! YOU ENCOURAGE ME TO DO MY SHOWS! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! In order to say Thank You, I have put together a full 2 hour and 20 min...

Duration: 02:22:48

Exotic Aquatics W/ Aqua Alex: Fish Keeper Donovan Barger Joins EA!

To all of my tropical fish keeping listeners, please welcome Donovan Barger to the show! Donovan is a great friend of mine. He has a serious passion for tropical fish and loves to chat about tropical fish. Donovan and I have a great friendship and bond that centers almost only around tropical fish. We have great chemistry on podcasts. It is an honor to say that Donovan will be a co-host of EA when he can! Donovan Barger is an aquarium enthusiast who loves African cichlids and severums!...

Duration: 01:12:34

Exotic Aquatics W/ Aqua Alex: Message to ALL Fish Keepers!

Tropical fish keeper's, it's time to make the aquarium hobby great again! At one point in time, about 9 to 10 years ago the tropical fish keeping hobby was such a big, loved, huge community where fish keeper's got along, talked about tropical fish, and had fun. I think one of the reasons why the hobby has changed is social media and online tropical fish forums and groups. Back in the day, you were able to get out and talk to fish keeper's face to face. One of the things that really pushed...

Duration: 00:54:32

The Alex Cardinale Show: Halloween Scary Stories and Movies 2017

Halloween is NOW just 4 days away! With Halloween, being so close it's time for some spookiness. It's time for some scares! Get ready to be spooky and scared. Hear some very scary Halloween stories that will leave you shaking. Plus, hear about some underwater scary stories unraveled by Marine Biologist Jeremy Wade. Speaking of Halloween scares, how can you talk about Halloween stories with out Halloween movies? I will be chatting about Halloween movies on this episode as well. This is...

Duration: 01:18:49

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