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#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 70 - That point of needing help. Got organized. March calendar out!

Good morning my lovely friends! This last week kicked my booty. I have hit that point of needing help in my business. I am so excited about this and every other thing happening in my life. Life is so good. I spent all day Monday getting organized. And then Tuesday was one of the most fun and packed days ever. But long podcast short, go check out the March Jo & Co Calendar: http://byjoandco.com/calendar. Go have a Pumpd Nutrition Smoothie on Sawdust Rd. And check out Big House. I am there...


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 14 - Brayden Fielding | MultiFlex Media

Hi y'all! So a couple weeks ago, I got to see down with a photographer for the podcast you are about to hear, and not just any photographer. Brayden Fielding is running his photography and videography business between studying for exams, doing household chores, and still being a teenager in 2018. I really enjoyed seeing business and life through the eyes of an teenager, and hope you pick up on the nuggets he shared. Enjoy the show.


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 13 - Jordan Marie Schilleci | Jo & Co. | By Wayne Schilleci Jr.

Hi y'all! So yes, my father does actually interview me for this episode. This episode is as raw and authentic as they come. Please listen to the whole thing. I am so proud of it, and I absolutely love my father. I am so thankful to have this conversation captured. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed documenting it.


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 69 - Full schedule today and wouldn't want it any other way.

Good morning y'all, Short and sweet show notes. Like shortest ever. So happy for today. So ready for it. Reach out to me if you need anything! Love y’all,


#ACUPWITHJO - #THEROADTO - EPISODE 12 - The Community Room

Hi y'all and welcome to episode 12 of #THEROADTO. If you haven't listed to the other 11 episodes, I really encourage you to. There is nothing like hearing a story from the beginning. And that is exactly what this podcast series is. It is the story of the founding and build and growth of my new company, Jo & Co. Realty Group. On this episode, I briefly talk about the struggle I have encountered when it comes to recruiting other agents. I think creating awareness for my company, my brand,...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 68 - Early voting starts today. Balancing #momlife & #realtorlife.

Hi y'all and good morning! I have my day pretty packed and planned out, so this will be short and sweet. I have a class that starts at 9AM, which happens to be the time Mother's Day Out starts, so if you see me frazzled today, that is the main reason why. Lol. I truly hope you have a fantastic day! Love y'all,


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 12 - Jeff Stauber | For Harris County Pct. 4 Commissioner

Jeff and I had the opportunity to sit down earlier today. Upon meeting, I actually knew very little about him. I knew his position as lieutenant in the sheriff's department, where he is the commander over the robbery and burglary unit. I also knew he was currently running for Pct 4 County Commissioner. I personally had no idea what county commissioners do for our community before today. The four commissioners and a judge, oversee the whole budget for the county. This position is extremely...


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 11 - Jodie Lynch | Mama J's Unique Treasures & Mug to Table

On this episode I sat down with Jodie to learn about the businesses. Not only does she have a shop in Conroe, but she just launched a new startup company. I had such a pleasure learning about her adventures, so I am bringing it to you. #MEATANDPOTATOES I am so pleased to present to you the tenth episode of A Cup with Jo, where I interviewed Jodie Lynch by #POCUMENTING her story and companies, Mama J's Unique Treasures & Mug to Table. Enjoy the show.


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 10 - Ebanie Furchak | Faux Flora

On this episode I sat down with Ebanie, and her two little ones to learn about the business she runs out of her home, Faux Flora. Faux Flora is a local paper florist business based out of The Woodlands that serves the Greater Houston Area. #MEATANDPOTATOES I am so pleased to present to you the tenth episode of A Cup with Jo, where I interviewed Ebanie Furchak by #POCUMENTING her story and company Faux Flora. Enjoy the show.


#ACUPWITHJO - #10THINGS - EP2 - Flower garden planting. Light phone. Crushing It hit #1. Funny joke.

Hi y'all! Welcome to the second episode of #10THINGS. Today is my brothers' birthday.. I totally forgot to say Happy Birthday to them.. So Happy Birthday Chance and Chace. Love you dudes! Thank you for tuning in! Love y’all!


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 67 - Life is good. Breaks are healthy. Hanging out in Midland.

Good Morning Y'all, Oh my gosh, I have the hiccups. Luckily, I did not catch them while recording, but goodness gracious, they sure are annoying. This episode is coming at you from Midland, Texas where I am visiting my husband. If you missed an episode, I surprised him for Valentine's Day, and this is my first time away from my son for more than a day. Twice now (actually three times), I have spent one day way from him. My birthday, the NAC event, and then a convention for my original...


#ACUPWITHJO - #ITWASYUMMY - EP1 - Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop | Midland, TX

Hi y'all, I am bringing y'all a brand new series, I am calling #ITWASYUMMY, where I feature meals and restaurants I dine at. The series will mainly be dedicated to my lunches and occasional date nights in and around The Woodlands, but since I am out of town today, I am bringing you a special edition episode. Today I am highlighting The Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop, which I found in Midland, TX while visiting my husband as he worked. I am going to not dish too much, and let you just listen to...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 66 - Took a day off. Valentine's Day surprise.

Good Morning Y'all, So it took me two attempts to get this episode recorded, and I forgot to tell you during this recording my thought process and reasoning behind taking a day off. As you know, I just launched Jo & Co. Realty Group, and that has taken up my life, to the point of near consumption, for the last 4+ months. I was talking with a friend the other day, and he mentioned I kind of disappeared and fell off social media. I don't remember intentionally doing this, minus how I...


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 65 - Loved yesterday. Juggling life today.

Good Morning Y'all, Thank you so much for tuning in. I am so flustered about how rushed today is that I didn't mention must about yesterday. But I did have a fantastic day hanging out with my dad. He interviewed me for an upcoming episode of #POCUMENTING, and we had lunch together. It was a blast. I also put up some more artwork in my office, and I am so satisfied with how it is coming together! You should check it out on Facebook or Instagram! Yesterday I also helped my aunt with her...


#ACUPWITHJO - #10THINGS - EP1 - Bees do what? How to make the best mayo ever! + 8

Good morning y'all! Welcome to the first episode of #10THINGS. This will be my new weekend series, when I am taking time off from #5AMDESK to maybe catch up on sleep, rush the kids off to church, or whatever else our family time fancies. The show notes will also be short and sweet. Thank you for tuning in! Love y’all!


#ACUPWITHJO - #5AMDESK - EPISODE 64 - New #POCUMENTING up. Great weekend. Love Mondays!

Good Morning Y'all, Welcome to episode 64. Prior to uploading this episode I had 86 (lucky number!) live, and I want to take a moment, to many celebrate.. WAHOO!! Can you believe it!? So crazy cool!! In this episode I recap my weekend, cough once for you (Lol), and talk about how much I love Mondays. I am off to take my muchkins to school. I love y'all!


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 9 - Ryan Powell | KDF Home Inspections

On this episode I will be speaking with Ryan Powell. This dude is so full of knowledge, and I really enjoyed learning from him. #MEATANDPOTATOES I am so pleased to present to you the ninth episode of A Cup with Jo, where I interviewed Ryan Powell by #POCUMENTING his story by learning more about his company and outlook on life. Enjoy the show.


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 8 - Carolyna Doucette | Lumiere RN Aesthetics

On this episode I will be speaking with one of the coolest people I know, Carolyna Doucette. And yes, full disclosure, once you meet this girl, you will want to take her home with you and make her your best friend. She is so nice and genuine! P.S. I was super interested and kept agreeing with Carolyna.. I am kind of annoying. So sorry!! Please reach out to her if you would like to use her botox services or learn more about hosting a party. #MEATANDPOTATOES I am so pleased to present to you...


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 7 - Violeta Brown | Violeta Brown Photography

On this episode I will be speaking with one of the funnest people I know, Violeta Brown. She is not only a highly sought after boudoir photographer, but a genuine person, just trying to make a difference in the lives of the women she photographs. She has such a passion for what she does, and her purpose shines in this interview. Please check out her portfolio if you are in the market for wedding photography or boudoir shots. #MEATANDPOTATOES I am so pleased to present to you the seventh...


#ACUPWITHJO - #POCUMENTING - EPISODE 6 - Tiffany Marascio | Planners 4 Kids

On this episode I will be speaking with one of the coolest people I know, Tiffany. She is not only a hip cool mother, but a badass entrepreneur. She has a huge heart, and I have really enjoyed getting to know her the past couple of weeks. Please check out her website to view all of her products! #MEATANDPOTATOES I am so pleased to present to you the sixth episode of A Cup with Jo, where I interviewed Tiffany Marascio by #POCUMENTING her story by showcasing her main product and company,...


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