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A.D.D. Comedy Podcast with David Razowsky and Ian Foley is hosted by the former Artistic Director of the Second City Training Center Dave Razowsky and Comedian Ian Foley. Dave is a Second City Mainstage Alum (performing alongside Steve Carrell and Stephan Colbert). Ian is on the run from his questionable past. Both are funny. A.D.D. Comedy. Enjoy!




Charlie Hartsock is a Collaborator

Today’s guest on ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky is Charlie Hartsock. I met Charlie in the ‘80s when he, Steve Carell and I joined a cast for Michael Gellman’s Seed Show 2 at Chicago’s Organic Theater. We all worked together at Second City, and in LA Charlie and Steve teamed up with Vance DeGeneres to form Carousel Productions, where Charlie executive produced Crazy, Stupid Love, and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. Charlie developed and co-created the series Inside Comedy for Showtime. He’s...

Duration: 00:59:42

Fabio Maccioni: Mellow in Milano

Today’s guest on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky” is Fabio Maccioni. Fabio is an internationally renown improv actor and teacher. He’s a member of Teatribu, Milan’s foremost improv theater, where he teaches and performs. I met Fabio briefly in Chicago, then in Australia where we performed and co-taught in Perth. Fabio is kind, caring, a great performer, and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. We spoke in the offices of Teatribu, and though English isn’t Fabio’s first language, this...

Duration: 00:57:28

Eric Boardman's Awesome Journey

“There were six or seven people on stage having fun, and I thought, ‘How can I get a piece of THAT?’” Today’s guest on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky” is Eric Boardman. Eric’s worn many a hat as a director, producer, a host on Discovery Channel, Food Network, Travel Channel, and HGTV. He was a performer and writer on CBS’s Tim Conway Show, was regularly seen on the Disney Channel, and Eric’s an “Imagineer,” having designed The Mickey Mouse Club-Audition attraction for Disney World. Cool,...

Duration: 01:11:13

Bob Kodzis Helps Me Breathe

“I’m a firm believer in you don’t run *away* from something, you run *toward* something.” Bob Kodzis is our guest today on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky,” continuing the booking of guests who help me breathe during these challenging times. Bob’s bio says he’s “one of the happiest people you will ever meet.” It’s true. He’s the creative force behind “Flight of Ideas, Inc.,” a “creative think-tank designed to help groups think outside of the tank.” Bob’s also an artist who created a “mind...

Duration: 01:10:08

Eliza Coyle Helps Me Breathe

These are challenging times, and I really needed a guest who would be joyful, hopeful, kindhearted, and smart. Today’s guest is perfect. Eliza Coyle is our guest today on "ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky." I know Eliza from my days at Second City, where we both started out in the Training Center together, then moved on to the Touring Company. Eliza’s bold, smart, funny, and charming. She’s been in God Bless America, Shakes the Clown, and The Mighty Ducks. Eliza’s husband is Joel Murray, a...

Duration: 00:55:28

Improbable Phelim McDermott

Today’s guest on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky,” is Phelim McDermott. Phelim is an innovative performer and director with productions spanning from improv to Broadway to the Metropolitan Opera, and recently directed LA Opera's spectacular production of Philip Glass's "Akhnaten." Phelim is also co-founder of London’s groundbreaking Improbable Theatre Company. We talk about the tool of tension and the role of improv in our life and work. Improv is a central inspiration for all of Phelim’s...

Duration: 01:00:59

Jules Munns Live From London

Today’s guest on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky” is Jules Munns. Jules is the Co-Artistic Director of The Nursery, the great improv school in London. Jules is a passionate improvisor and teacher, who has studied under our friends Patti Stiles, Susan Messing, Rachael Mason, and Keith Johnstone. He studied at the Guildhall School, which specializes in classical theater, and when you watch him play, it comes through. Jules and his Co-Artistic Director Judith Amsenga have brought me out to...

Duration: 01:04:33

Brett Paesel

Today’s guest on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky” is Brett Paesel. Brett’s an actress, having just wrapped season 3 of Amazon’s Emmy-winning “Transparent,” she’s the author of the Los Angeles Times Bestseller “Mommies Who Drink,” and she’s a teacher. I know Brett from our days at The Annoyance Theater in Chicago, where we performed in “Splatter Theatre,” directed by Mick Napier. Brett’s draw is her passion, her focus, her energy, her clarity, and her truth. We spoke at the apartment she...

Duration: 00:56:46

Alan Wilder of Steppenwolf Theater

Our guest today on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky” is Alan Wilder. Alan is a Joseph Jefferson Award-nominated ensemble member at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater, and he’s appeared in over 60 Steppenwolf productions all over the world. He’s also appeared on numerous shows on NBC, CBS, HBO, and FOX. Alan’s hilarious, and smart, and wise, and honest. We chatted in Chicago at Steppenwolf’s rehearsal space located alongside the “el” tracks at Halsted and North. We had a blast and could have...

Duration: 01:06:48

Patti Stiles

Recorded at Improvention in beautiful Canberra, Australia. Our guest today is the wonderful “Queen of Improvisation,” Patti Stiles. Patti is an actor, improviser, director, and just one of the most inspiring people you’ve ever met. She’s worked with the world renowned “Loose Moose Theatre,” and was trained by and worked closely with Keith Johnstone, author of the seminal improv book “Impro.” Patti is the Artistic Director of Die Nasty AU, co-Director of Secret Impro Theatre, and Impro...

Jason Geary

Recorded in Melbourne, Australia, today’s guest on ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky is Australian improv veteran Jason Geary. Jason is a teacher, a film and television actor, and the former Artistic Director Of Impro Melbourne. I’ve worked with Jason at Improvention, the awesome week-long celebration of “Impro Down-Under,” that annually occurs in Canberra, Australia. (The reason I’m in Australia and soon to be in New Zealand!) Jason’s smart, funny, confident, and one of the best people to sit...

Simon Helberg

Our guest today on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky” is Simon Helberg. Yep, Howard Wolowitz on “The Big Bang Theory,” of the Coen Brothers’ “A Serious Man,” “Dr. Horrible’s Sing A-long Blog,” “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip,” “Good Night, and Good Luck,” and…it doesn’t stop, but let’s stop at this credit: “Florence Foster Jenkins,” where he co-stars with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant. This podcast interview is profound, deep, fun, illuminating, and oh, so special. And it wouldn’t be an “ADD Comedy...

Rachael Mason

Rachael Mason is our guest today on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky.” I only wish I can be as cool as Rachael. As if being the head of Advanced Improv at Second City in Chicago, having run the Training Center for iO West, improvising with The Second City Improv All Stars, “The Boys,” a former member of “Baby Wants Candy,” and having performed on Second City Tour Boats isn’t accomplishment enough, she also travels around the world performing with Susan Messing. She’s an accomplished teacher,...

Joe Liss

Today’s guest on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky” is the wonderful actor and writer Joe Liss. Joe was one of my Second City favorites, and when I moved out to LA I was able to work with him on a number of projects. Joe’s been on “According to Jim,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Strangers with Candy,” and the great satirical film, “God Bless America.” Joe is one of the writers and performers in the hit stage show “The Bicycle Men,” and has written on “Drawn Together,” “Third Rock from the Sun,”...

Dave Hill

Improvisor Dave Hill is our guest today on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky,” and you’ll be hard-pressed to meet a more positive and upbeat improv teacher and performer. Dave was awarded the iO West “Teacher of the Year” honor in 2014, and it’s not surprising at all. He’s seen in numerous commercials, and shows on the tube including “Quick Draw” on Hulu and “Reno: 911” on Comedy Central. He’s a voice-actor, having worked on “American Dad,” “Squidbillies, and “The Most Popular Girls in...

Theresa Mulligan Rosenthal

Theresa Mulligan Rosenthal is our guest today on “ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky,” and I am so happy about that! I’ve known Theresa since my days at Second City Chicago. Theresa and I were castmates in one of my favorite improv casts, “Stacy’s Not Here.” Theresa’s been nominated for an Emmy, has written on “How I Met Your Mother,” “South Park,” “Greetings from Tuscon,” and, coming soon to Netflix, Maria Bamford’s “Lady Dynamite.” Theresa’s been on 12 episodes of “Mr. Show with Bob and...

Graham Elwood

Graham Elwood is our guest today on ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky. What a fun interview! Graham is a stand-up, having performed all over the world, but dedicating a great deal of time and energy to playing for the USO. Graham’s done tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, inspiring him to direct the documentary, “Laffghanistan: Comedy Down Range.” He’s the co-creator and host of the ComedyFilmNerds.com website and podcast, and the coming documentary “Ear Buds: The Podcast Documentary.” It’s a...

Bruce Rheins

Bruce Rheins is our guest today on ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky. Bruce is a bit of a departure from our standard guests in that his background isn’t in comedy, it’s in news. Bruce recently retired as the CBS News Deputy Bureau Chief here on the west coast. Bruce has covered first-hand the Royal Wedding in London, Hurricane Katrina, the Iraq War, the OJ Simpson trial, the Michael Jackson trial, and countless earthquakes, floods and wildfires. It’s an awesome conversation with someone who’s...

Carrie Aizley

Carrie Aizley is our guest today on ADD Comedy. I love this person! Carrie is a former Groundling, and was one of the creators of “Campus Ladies” on the Oxygen Network. She’s been in TWO Christopher Guest films, not to mention a bunch of commercials directed by Mr. Guest. We chatted about working with her “comedy camp friends,” naming babies, the challenges of auditioning, and the joy of filming commercials. It CAN be joyous. Oh, and there’s a great story at the very end of our chat. Stay...

Miles Stroth

Today’s guest on ADD Comedy is Miles Stroth. Miles is a cornerstone in the world of improvisation, having worked and studied under Del Close and Charna Halpern at Improv Olympic (now known as iO). He was a cast member of the legendary improv troupe known as “The Family,” whose members include Adam McKay, Matt Besser and Neil Flynn. He’s appeared in Comedy Central’s “Crossballs” and “Reno 911.” Miles is the driving force behind LA’s Pack Theater. This was a great chat. And there’s a bonus...
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