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London, United Kingdom




Podcast: September

Three UK acts liven our podcast this month - Country rock singer Chloë Chadwick, brit-punk band Coltana and electro-gothic duo Living Dead Girl. Cam gives us his fill of all three alongside some extra snips and treats, including details of a (nearly) secret store discount… everything you need for a new music celebration.

Duration: 00:18:21

Podcast: August

Cam has gone Anglophilic with three tracks from the land of rain and roses - art music from Talitha Rise, new disco from The High Points and northern soul from Tom Gee Band. Music to soothe, delight and excite on your commute or aimless evening browse. Maybe we can nudge you to continue your discoveries? @ADSRecordsUK

Duration: 00:20:35

Podcast: July

An unusual mix of styles and nationalities this July - enjoy pop, ambient and gospel styles from the UK, Ireland and Cameroon. Whether you're being healed by Luke Mbang, enveloped by Talitha Rise or just plain charmed by Lisa Kowalski, Cam is never far away with his insightful facts and poor humour.

Duration: 00:21:04

Podcast: April

Three very modern but very different tracks gives you a brief tour of April's new music. These are not in the top 40 charts, but we believe these three artists deserve to take centre stage - July Jones, Joe Bateman and Living Dead Girl. It’s also a pretty neat way to get up to speed through your ears.

Duration: 00:17:27

Podcast: March

Cam serves up a Scandinavian feast, introducing newcomer Julia Lovholm alongside rising stars Pwned By Gravity and the sheer cult that is Mama Sonic. News, plans and a healthy dose of Cam’s inane waffle create a quarter-hour show that will ease any traffic jam or tube commute. And then you’ll be up to date too, which is the main thing.

Duration: 00:17:28

Podcast: February

Modern London is our theme, with introductions to soul-pop artist July Jones and dark electro-pop duo Living Dead Girl. It also gives Cam an excuse to ramble about the latest trends in music. Celebrate the anniversary of Mama Sonic’s debut and witness the beginning of Pwned By Gravity’s EP journey. Not bad for a wet February.

Duration: 00:18:20