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A Chat with Jack...Kingston, Congressman

October 28, 2013 - Well, with the recent government shutdown, the debacle that is Obamacare and the good news we keep receiving about money for the Savannah Harbor deepening project, we thought it was time to catch up with our Congressman Jack Kingston. By the way, keep listening to find out why NBC didn't get what they expected when they followed around an open-mic'd Jack at the Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival!

Duration: 00:10:50

Best-selling Author Nelson DeMille

October 18, 2013 - I had a chance to talk with best-selling Author Nelson DeMille about his new book "The Quest", which is actually a rewrite of his first novel. Since that first one, DeMille has written more than 2 dozen books, many of which I've read. Click to listen to his thoughts on "The General's Daughter" being made into a movie which was filmed in Savannah and to find out what he knew about 9/11 before it happened...

Duration: 00:12:00

Jesse Blanco - Eat It and Like It

September 26, 2013 - Jesse Blanco is the host of "Eat It and Like It", a show he created out of his love for food. Listen to find out what the show is about and what to expect on it this season!

Duration: 00:06:59

Comedian Bill Engvall, DWTS Contestant

9/27/2013- We had the opportunity to talk and laugh with comedian Bill Engvall, a contestant on the new season of "Dancing With The Stars". Our good friend Andy Sinqufield with the Georgia Highway Patrol also joined in on the conversation. Listen to hear why Bill says every man should learn how to dance!

Duration: 00:07:37

Actor Tim Matheson

September 25, 2013 - We had the pleasure of talking with actor Tim Matheson. He stars at Dr. Brick Breeland on The CW show "Hart of Dixie". Matheson also reprises his guest-star role on the season premiere of "CSI". Matheson's career spans more than 40 years and includes everything from an Alfred Hitchcock movie to "Animal House" to "The West Wing". Click to hear Tim talk about his roles, how he's stayed financially afloat as an actor and what's been the most important part of his life.

Duration: 00:09:18

Viral Obituary Family Speaks

9-20-2013 -- An obituary for a Bloomingdale has gone viral. It's such a wonderfully written tribute to William Freddie McCullough. We caught up with his children, the writers of the obit. Click to hear them talk about how the obituary came to be, how they've been affected by its popularity, and what's next for the man, the myth, the legend - William Freddie McCullough...

Duration: 00:05:44

A convincing argument for $12 millon?

8-30-2013 - Savannah Attorney Howard Spiva joined us in the studio to talk about his client Shanta Greene's win against the City of Savannah. Shanta was badly injured when a rotten tree limb from a live oak fell onto the vehicle in which she was riding in 2010. Just hours after this interview, the city announced that it would appeal the judgement. Click to listen to Attorney Howard Spiva make his case for Shanta Greene...

Duration: 00:09:41

Shark Week: Megateeth Hunter Bill Eberlein

8-8-2013 - This is "Shark Week" on The Discovery Channel. We have a local guy who dives deep into our local, murky water to retrieve teeth from megalodon sharks...million-year-old sharks! We had a great conversation with Bill Eberlein about this. Click to listen and visit his website,

Duration: 00:12:27

POTUS needs a geography lesson!

Listen as President Obama responds to Jay Leno's question (8-6-2013) about our infrastructure. Where did he say the ports of Savannah and Jacksonville are located?!

Duration: 00:00:20

Former MLB Pitcher Joe Valentine on A-Rod and Suspensions

August 7, 2013 - We had the chance to talk with former Major League Baseball player JOE VALENTINE on the A-Rod steroid and suspension scandal, as well as how to get kids involvled in "America's Greatest Pasttime". Click to listen!

Duration: 00:04:17


July 15, 2013 - Get the duct tape ready... The U.S. military blew through $34 million on a hulking headquarters in southwestern Afghanistan that probably will never be used by U.S. forces, in an example of government waste that has military commanders fuming. John F. Sopko, special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, exposed the problems in a letter this week to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and other military leaders. The Washington Post first reported on the controversy,...

Duration: 00:10:14

Bedtime and your child's brain

June 11, 2013 - This morning we spoke with Dr. Robert Melillo about a new study which found that putting children to bed at the same time every night could help boost their brain power. A study of more than 10,000 youngsters revealed their cognitive development is affected by inconsistent bedtimes. Authors of the report tested children's abilities to perform certain tasks by testing their reading, math and spatial awareness. They found that 3-year-olds who went to bed at irregular times...

Duration: 00:09:11

We Support Paula Deen FB Page Founder John Schmitt

July 9, 2013 - Meet John Schmitt, founder of the "We Support Paula Deen" facebook page. With more than a half-million likes in just two weeks, the page's popularity continues to grow, along with the popularity of the Butter Wrappers For Paula campaign started by the FB page. Find out all about it when you clidk to listen! PS: John lives in Indianapolis!

Duration: 00:09:41

A black woman's passionate plea to help Paula Deen

June 28, 2103 - What a pleasant surprise this morning when new caller Sharon weighed-in on the Paula Deen situation. Sharon is black/African-American and she wishes she could be on Paula's PR team:) Click to listen...hope you enjoy Sharon as much as we did! -Bill and Laura

Duration: 00:03:50

LISTEN: Paula Deen on The Today Show

June 26, 2013 - After a whirlwind week of having her life turned upside down and canceling a previous interview with Paula Deen on "The Today Show", Savannah's Queen of Cooking sat and talked and cried with Matt today. Click here to listen to that interview. (Audio courtesy of The Today Show)

Duration: 00:13:35

Deen Ain't Mean!

June 21, 2013 - WTOC Investigative Reporter Don Logana has the true story on Paula Deen's deposition. Click to listen to get the truth!

Duration: 00:10:27

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