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08/18/2017: What an elephant can tell us about globalization

Markets are down in Europe today, after they dropped by more than 1 percent in the U.S. We'll discuss what's contributing to the ongoing downturn. Afterwards, we'll take a look at globalization through the lens of the "elephant chart," a creation from former World Bank economist Branko Milanovic that explains who the winners and losers of this phenomenon are.

Duration: 00:07:05

08/17/2017: Hate groups run into a payments problem

Discover Financial Services is ending merchant agreements with what it deems as hate groups, while Visa and Mastercard are taking a similar stand. On today's show, we'll take a look at how big of a step this is toward limiting funding for hate groups. Afterwards, we'll discuss Steve Bannon's interview with Prospect Magazine, in which he said the U.S. is fighting an "economic war" with China. Then we'll talk about the ongoing rivalry between Walmart and Amazon, which represents two sides of...

Duration: 00:06:50

08/16/2017: Let the NAFTA renegotiations begin

President Trump has dubbed the North American Free Trade Agreement "one of the worst deals ever." Well, now he has a chance to change it as talks to overhaul the pact begin today. One of the original negotiators of the deal, Mickey Kantor, joined us to talk about some of the revisions we might see and why America's trade relationship with Mexico and Canada is so important. Afterwards, we'll look at how Target is faring as the threat of Amazon looms in the background.

Duration: 00:07:13

08/15/2017: CEOs and tech giants respond to Charlottesville violence

Two more high-profile CEOs — including Intel's Brian Krzanich and Under Armour's Kevin Plank — have resigned from President Trump's manufacturing advisory council. On today's show, we'll look at how businesses are responding to this weekend's violence in Virginia. Afterwards, we'll talk about the possibility that the U.S. will place tariffs on foreign-made solar panels, and then discuss the controversy over allowing children to translate for their parents in emergency situations.

Duration: 00:06:55

08/14/2017: Could efforts to fight violent extremism get more support?

A rally planned by white nationalist groups ultimately led to violent clashes and the death of an anti-racist protestor, Heather Heyer, this weekend. One federal effort to target domestic terrorism, the Countering Violent Extremism program, had been set up by the Obama administration. But recent changes under the Trump administration have raised questions about the program's future. On today's show, we'll take a look at what the program does and what might change. Afterwards, we'll look at a...

Duration: 00:07:54

08/11/2017: Are economic sanctions actually effective?

With tensions rising between the U.S. and North Korea, we'll talk with Leon Sigal — director of the Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project — about whether sanctions actually work, and then look at growing support in Congress for greater missile defense spending. Afterwards, we'll discuss the U.S. Postal Service's push to gain more freedom to raise the price of stamps.

Duration: 00:07:01

08/10/2017: Get ready to negotiate that raise

Deep into this slow economic recovery, American workers might finally be gaining the leverage to ask for more money (or they'll find work elsewhere.) On today's show, we'll discuss why their prospects are looking good. Afterwards, we'll discuss how military conflict between the U.S. and North Korea would affect the global economy, and then look at Nordstrom's (unsuccessful) attempts at going private.

Duration: 00:07:09

08/09/2017: The exact day the financial crisis began

Nuclear threats from North Korea have rattled global markets. Amid the escalating rhetoric, we'll talk about how certain stock indices have been reacting, and investors' move toward bonds. Afterwards, we'll step back in time to examine where and when exactly the financial crisis began, and then talk about the problems Detroit's public school system is facing through the eyes of one of the city's teachers.

Duration: 00:07:25

08/08/2017: These are the best states to win the lottery in

San Francisco's Federal Reserve Bank is looking into whether Wells Fargo failed to refund insurance money it owed to some customers that financed car purchases through the bank. These customers may be entitled through this money through a type of insurance known as Guaranteed Auto Protection. On today's show, we'll explain how exactly GAP works. Afterwards, we'll look at why you want to be living in Texas or California when you win a lottery, and then talk about Eros International's...

Duration: 00:06:52

08/07/2017: When a food goes mainstream, does that hurt or help its appeal?

After reports that North Korea successfully tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles, the U.N. has agreed to sanction the country in a move backed by China. On today's show, we'll take a brief look at the history of the North Korea-China relationship. Afterwards, we'll discuss the purpose of "catastrophe bonds," and then — amid the rising popularity of Nashville hot chicken — examine how food trends spread.

Duration: 00:07:00

08/04/2017: Who's benefiting from this economic climate?

The government is releasing the July jobs report this morning, and economists expect to see about 180,000 more people on payrolls. We'll take a look a look at how the labor market is giving a boost to demographic groups that may have had trouble finding work in the past. Afterwards, we'll look at Amazon's plans to apply a hassle-free returns policy to all items purchased on the website, and then chat with Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig about the decline of individual stock picking.

Duration: 00:06:43

08/03/2017: How come we're not getting raises?

Economists say the unemployment rate will drop even further in the July jobs report, but even with that good news, the typical paycheck doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Marketplace contributor Chris Farrell stopped by to talk with us about the economy's issue with compensation. Afterwards, we'll look at how Kraft-Heinz is being affected by the ongoing Amazon–Walmart price war, and then discuss Mattel's plans to spend big bucks on online advertising.

Duration: 00:06:23

08/02/2017: The Yelp-minimum wage connection

While U.S. Senators are piling out of Washington for their postponed summer recess, there's still work to be done for some Capitol Hill staffers on tax reform. On today's show, we'll take a look at some of the numbers that could be tossed around. Afterwards, we'll discuss reports that the Trump administration may sue some colleges and universities over what they see as "reverse discrimination." Then, we'll look at how Yelp ratings may predict how a restaurant does after it undergoes a...

Duration: 00:06:33

08/01/2017: The evolution of denim

The rate at which the U.S. approves H-1B visas for skilled foreign talent has dropped by almost 30 percent since last year. But as America gets stricter with its visa program, Canada isn't. On today's show, we'll talk about the efforts Canada is making to capitalize on its neighbor's stricter stance on immigration. Afterwards, we'll discuss the ongoing investigation of British American Tobacco for allegedly bribing regulators, and then look at how denim makers are opting to make their...

Duration: 00:06:24

07/31/2017: The winners in America's big retail slump

Apple is taking some data security software out of its app store in China. Known as virtual private network apps, these services could be used by consumers to thwart government censors. The BBC's Theo Leggett explains the incentive Apple has to remove these VPNs. Afterwards, we'll discuss how the EPA's focus on environmental cleanups may be a way to shift the agency's focus away from climate change, and then look at the success of discount chain stores as retailers struggle.

Duration: 00:06:20

07/28/2017: Robots may not be the real economic problem here

Obamacare remains the law of the land. Three Republicans joined all Democrats to vote down the measure to repeal it earlier today. But the health care battle isn't over yet — the White House just might let the Affordable Care Act collapse. On today's show, we'll talk about the steps it might take to encourage its demise. Afterwards, economist Heidi Shierholz joins us to discuss how the notion of a "robot takeover" is a distraction from other economic issues.

Duration: 00:06:45

07/27/2017: The health care reform saga, part three

Senate Republicans are putting together a third health care bill as they scramble to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The new measure will reportedly allow employers to stop offering health insurance and taxes on medical devices would also end. On today's show, we'll talk about about the show of unity in Washington against the Senate's efforts. Afterwards, we'll discuss how more Americans with cancer are continuing to work, and then look at whether Google could jump start virtual-reality...

Duration: 00:06:46

07/26/2017: How are small businesses supposed to prepare against cyber attacks?

While everyone's watching the latest health care news, there's another important issue being discussed in Washington, D.C. — the cost of borrowing. As the Federal Reserve wraps up its policy meeting, we'll talk about what the future of interest rate hikes might hold. Afterwards, we'll take a look at stock market volatility, and then discuss how small businesses are trying to prepare against cyber criminals.

Duration: 00:06:50

07/25/2017: Why so many Americans aren't getting ahead

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote today on a bill to impose stricter sanctions on North Korea, Iran and Russia. On today's show, we'll talk about how these sanctions impact U.S. businesses. Afterwards, we'll discuss Michael Kors' decision to buy Jimmy Choo in a $1.2 billion deal: Plus: A look at why the American dream is still out of reach for so many. The nonprofit Prosperity Now finds that more than a third of American households don't have enough on hand to cover basic...

Duration: 00:06:30

07/24/2017: Using young blood to help the old

The House of Representatives could vote tomorrow to enact new sanctions on Russia for interfering in the U.S. presidential election. On today's show, we'll dive into what exactly this new package of sanctions will include. Afterwards, we'll discuss the future of America's relationship with the U.K., and then look at an emerging biomedical industry: the harvesting of young blood to help the old.

Duration: 00:06:34

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