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Marketplace Tech is a daily radio segment and podcast produced by Marketplace from American Public Media exploring the world of technology and the Internet.

Marketplace Tech is a daily radio segment and podcast produced by Marketplace from American Public Media exploring the world of technology and the Internet.
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Marketplace Tech is a daily radio segment and podcast produced by Marketplace from American Public Media exploring the world of technology and the Internet.




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11/20/2017: Planning for the 2028 Olympics

Los Angeles will host the Summer Olympics in 2028. That gives the city more than a decade to plan the international event. But how do you do that if no one knows what technology will look like in 2028, and how it will affect the way athletes compete, judges judge and viewers at home watch? Marketplace’s Adriene Hill talks with Proday’s Sarah Kunst about everything from body-enhancing technology to LA’s notorious traffic.

Duration: 00:05:07

11/17/2017: The $10 billion deal that could reshape Uber

Earlier this week, Uber announced progress toward a massive investment from the Japanese conglomeration SoftBank. If the deal goes through, it will be worth about $10 billion. But that’s not all. The deal would require changes to the board that would take power away from former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talked with analyst and venture capitalist Paul Kedrosky about what the deal means and if it’s likely to move forward.

Duration: 00:06:54

11/16/2017: Smart cities are collecting your data

Smart-city technology is becoming more common, from Singapore to San Jose. The latest city to incorporate this technology into its infrastructure is Toronto. It recently partnered with Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk Labs to redevelop a section of city waterfront. Lots of sensors will collect data on traffic, noise and temperature. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talked with Toronto Mayor John Tory about the city’s tech investments and how data collection will be regulated.

Duration: 00:06:36

11/15/2017: Ellen Pao and the bad apples of venture

This week, venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson left that firm following allegations of inappropriate behavior and an internal investigation. The company said he left by mutual agreement. Ellen Pao is a venture capitalist who sued another well-known firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, for gender discrimination in 2012. She lost the case, but it inspired other women to come forward. Marketplace Tech’s Molly Wood talked with Pao about how her public battle shined...

Duration: 00:07:59

11/14/2017: Should tech investors be chasing zebras instead of unicorns?

In the tech world, the word “unicorn” refers to a startup company that investors value at more than $1 billion. Unicorns include companies like Uber, Airbnb and Pinterest. But a group of women founders said venture capitalists are too focused on the exponential growth that unicorns provide. They’re pushing back, and have come up with a new term, “zebras,” which they call companies that are both profitable and good for society. Marketplace’s Amy Scott talks with Mara Zepeda, one of the...

Duration: 00:04:57

11/10/2017: How to get venture capital into the hands of minority startups

It’s no secret that the tech industry has a diversity problem. According to data from the Project Diane data initiative, less than 1 percent of venture funding goes to companies founded by African-American women, for example. Marketplace’s Amy Scott talks with Michael Seibel, the first African-American to become a partner at the tech accelerator Y Combinator, about making it a priority to fund companies run by women and people of color.

Duration: 00:06:19

11/09/2017: The dollar value of a character

As of this week, Twitter is doubling its character limit to 280 characters for nearly all users. The rationale: New users might find it easier to start tweeting and might stick around. Japanese, Korean and Chinese-language tweets will keep the original 140. As Twitter explained it, these are denser languages, requiring fewer characters to express what might take much longer in English, French and Spanish. But will it get more people using the service? We ask Michael Pachter, managing...

Duration: 00:05:13

11/07/2017: Tracking Silicon Valley's history, from farmland to startup central

In the tech world we’re usually looking to the future. Leslie Berlin’s new book “Troublemakers: Silicon Valley’s Coming of Age,” looks at the industry’s past, specifically its big turning point in the 1970s. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talked with Berlin about the pioneers of tech and how they helped shape the industry.

Duration: 00:06:30

11/3/2017: Making cars is hard

Tesla has had a tough couple of weeks. On Friday, the carmaker updated its customer reservation website to tell people that delivery of the mass-market Model 3 would be several months late, at best. And in an earnings call last Wednesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk went into great detail about software issues, robot calibration and battery assembly, and said the company is currently in the ninth level of hell. Part of the problem is that making cars is really hard, and Tesla is still more of a...

Duration: 00:04:38

11/03/2017: Can the iPhone X compete with China's fakes?

The iPhone X hits Apple stores today. Apple is a major player in the U.S., but it also needs China to continue to grow. On this episode, we talk with Marketplace’s China correspondent, Jennifer Pak, about the country’s rival market for fakes and why consumers there may not shell out for Apple’s most expensive phone yet.

Duration: 00:08:06

11/02/2017: The dollar value of a "like"

During the election, 146 million people on Facebook and Instagram might have been reached by Russian-linked political ads. Facebook and other social media companies are reliant on ad revenue to survive. So their business model is also the very thing that allows misinformation to spread. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks with Geoffrey Parker, one of the authors of the book “Platform Revolution,” about the value of a “like.”

Duration: 00:06:34

11/01/2017: How Russian propaganda heightened the racial divide

Representatives from Facebook, Google, and Twitter are testifying before Congress this week about propaganda and misinformation on their networks. Russian operatives created fake accounts across the political divide: one called “Secured Borders,” raised concerns about illegal immigration, while another, called “Blacktivist,” called for more activism in the African-American community. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks with Loyola communications and African-American studies professor...

Duration: 00:06:44

10/31/2017: Gathering census data isn't always a mouse click away

The next census is coming up in 2020, when the government will set out to count every single person living in the U.S. It’s a system that helps determine how federal money gets spent and who and where businesses are investing. But some populations are harder to count than others, even as the Census Bureau moves more of their data collection online. The Center for Urban Research at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York created an interactive map highlighting those...

Duration: 00:06:24

10/30/2017: Where's the hard data on diversity in tech?

Companies are required to file equal employment opportunity reports with the government. But few make that information public. Reporters at Reveal at the Center for Investigative Reporting looked into how diversity stacks up in Silicon Valley. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talked with reporter Will Evans about why hard data on diversity in tech remains a bit of a mystery.

Duration: 00:05:10

10/27/17: Could Facebook Messenger be all things to all people?

Think about all the apps you use in a day: Amazon, Facebook, Gmail, maybe Lyft or Uber. In China, some of those apps are banned. But it’s possible to use one app — WeChat — to do lots of things, like sending messages and ordering taxis. Facebook Messenger is trying to take on the same role in the U.S. Jennifer Pak, Marketplace's new China correspondent, gives us the lowdown on WeChat and talks about why there's no equivalent in the U.S. ... yet.

Duration: 00:08:45

10/26/2017: Creating a ransomware crisis plan

A ransomware attack called Bad Rabbit hit this week, starting in Europe and spreading to businesses in the U.S. This is the latest in a string of ransomware attacks in the past year. On this episode, we look at how an attack affected KQED, the National Public Radio affiliate in San Francisco. And we talk to a security expert about how to protect your business and recover from an attack.

Duration: 00:06:12

10/25/2017: Giving minority entrepreneurs a chance

There’s a group of venture capital firms that want to change the world for the better and make money. This is called impact investing. One of the firms working in this space is Impact America Fund, which invests in companies with diverse missions – for instance, a startup that helps African-American stylists sell their own hair extensions. Marketplace Tech host Molly Woods talks with Impact America Fund founder Kesha Cash about the sometimes complex collision of money and mission in...

Duration: 00:07:31

10/24/2017: Why colonizing Mars might not make any money here on Earth

A bunch of creatives have already dreamed about what the colonization of Mars would look like. Science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson believes the way we colonize Mars will be similar to how we govern Antarctica. Marketplace Tech’s Molly Wood talks to Robinson, who wrote the Mars trilogy, about his detailed vision for life on the red planet.

Duration: 00:09:03

10/23/2017: Political propaganda: then vs. now

Facebook told us this month that it suspended two accounts that may have had ties to Russian operatives. The account “Blacktivist” paid attention to issues in the black community, and accrued more followers than the official Black Lives Matters account did. Another one named “Secured Borders” called for a crackdown on illegal immigration. People who followed these accounts said they seemed genuine, and engaged with them like real organizations. It made us wonder: what happens when social...

Duration: 00:07:25

10/20/2017: Self-driving regulation speeds along

Right now, states and cities decide if and how they want autonomous vehicles on their streets. The U.S. Senate is considering a measure that would standardize the rules of the road and let automakers sell more cars with self-driving capabilities over the next three years. It's passed out of committee and will go to a full Senate vote in the coming weeks. The House of Representatives has already passed a different version of the bill. Republican Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, one of the...

Duration: 00:08:38

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