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ARRVLS - Stories of migration, transformation, and change. The program that explores what we do, when what we've done, is a thing of the past. Breathtaking explications of the moments that punctuate and reinvent our lives. Near-death experiences, life-defining coincidences, and sudden awakenings; ARRVLS takes you by the hand, and leaves you where you need to be. More on the many stories of ARRVL featured on this program can be found at our website:




Conspiracy Not The Crime

This is the first person account of a fugitive. He knew he was in trouble – big trouble. So he ran – for 31 years. Until finally, he realized, he didn’t want to run anymore. The story was produced by Max Miller in collaboration with KCRW's Unfictional, where Nick White, Carla Green, and Bob Carlson help edit and produce this story. Editorial support and sound design from Jonathan Hirsch. Nick White mixed the show. Illustration by Steph Tan.

Duration: 00:30:08


In 1915, thousands of Armenian christians were forced by the Ottoman government to march to their death into the deserts of modern-day Syria. A man named Stepan survived this march with the help of a muslim sheikh. Nearly a century later, his granddaughter returned to Syria to retrace his path to America, and to thank the family of the man who saved her grandfather's life.

Duration: 00:16:20

Poeta En Las Lomas

"You were the angriest against injustice, and you were the hungriest for something new". From drive-by shootings and drug addiction in the ganglands of the San Gabriel Valley to a life dedicated to poetry and community service: the story of Los Angeles Poet Laureate Luis Rodriguez this week on ARRVLS.

Duration: 00:32:24

The Adventures of Joe Lumbroso - Part 2

Part Two of our series on the life and remarkable times of Joe Lumbroso: The Children of God, or The Family as it's sometimes called, was founded in California in the late 1960's. The Family is a fringe religious group with a worldwide following. Their leader referred to himself as a prophet, as moses, as a king. The group has become infamous for many of their practices, including the use of sex as a missionary tool. Rarely do we have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at life...

Duration: 00:27:53

The Adventures of Joe Lumbroso – Part 1

The Children of God, or The Family as it's sometimes called, was founded in California in the late 1960's. The Family is a fringe religious group with a worldwide following. Their leader referred to himself as a prophet, as moses, as a king. The group has become infamous for many of their practices, including the use of sex as a missionary tool. Rarely do we have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at life in groups like the Children of God. In this week's episode and next, we...

Duration: 00:37:04

Forty Blinks

One brisk autumn morning in Brooklyn, Katie decided to go for a bike ride. Little did she know that the gruesome events to follow would nearly cost Katie her life, and forever change how she looked at the world.

Duration: 00:24:20


He's been a womanizing petty criminal. A revolutionary marxist. An ex-con bank robber. A spiritual teacher. This week on ARRVLS, we go on a journey through the many lives of John Sherman. Find out more about John & Carla Sherman's organization Just One Look, by visiting their website. ARRVLS is a proud member of The Heard. Check out fellow member Erica Heilman's program Rumble Strip Vermont. Producer Hans Anderson & Jonathan Hirsch Editor Jonathan Hirsch Sound Design Jonathan Hirsch...

Duration: 00:31:44


Catie's dad joined the FBI after serving in Vietnam. Despite the popular portrayals of FBI agents in the media, Catie's dad was a dressed-down family man with a day job that happened to be highly classified. But things changed dramatically in Catie's life when her dad became very ill, and the mystery of her dad's illness would haunt her for years. Then one day, she went to the movies. Producer & Sound Designer by Jonathan I. Hirsch Associate Producer Nora Linde Additional Music by Hakan...

Duration: 00:28:20


What happens when your religious faith and sexual identity directly contradict one another? Josh Trannen lived with this contradiction for years. Even while studying in an orthodox Yeshiva in Israel, Trannen struggled to reconcile his beliefs with his identity. But when attitudes towards marriage in the US shifted, Trannen found his relationship to his religion changing as well. Producer Phoebe Petrovic Editor Jonathan I Hirsch Sound Designer Jonathan I. Hirsch Associate Producer Nora...

Duration: 00:20:56

Jerry Curl

Jerry Curl takes us into her world: growing up gay in the projects on the east side of El Paso, coming out to her parents, and eventually becoming a drag performer.

Duration: 00:22:04

My Carnie Family

What's it like to be a traveling salesperson? Sarah Barrett takes us inside the mind and world of Canada's finest pitchmen.

Duration: 00:28:59


A collaboration between ARRVLS and Borders Radio, this episode tells the story of one man's journey from redemption to loss of faith as a Mormon missionary in the Fijian Islands. For more info, visit our website:

Duration: 00:24:51

Maybe I'm Not Vanilla

Michal documents her journey of sexual self-discovery, and finds out that she may not, in fact, be "vanilla" after all.

Duration: 00:28:09

Border Junkie

Scott Comar was a truck driver from Hartford. In the late 90s, he discovered the borderland region that include El Paso, Texas and Cuidad Juarez, Mexico. His growing dependency on hard drugs drew him to the lawless streets where the cost of living was cheap and the dope was even cheaper.

Duration: 00:19:41

Cosmic Wind

What's it like to experience total memory loss? Oyevind Aamot experienced the unimaginable. After traveling the world for years, we awoke from a fall while hiking in the Himalayas not knowing who he was, how he got there, or even his own name. This is his story.

Duration: 00:20:49

Sacred Operator

I guess you could say that ARRVLS is a show about the future. Or at least, what each of us thinks our own future might be. And from that vantage point this episode is really interesting, because it’s about those among us who believe that the future can be known. Before it actually happens. And it all starts with a deck of intricately designed cards called..the Tarot. Producers Karen Robbins & Jonathan Hirsch Associate Producer Nora Linde Episode Art Steph Tan

Duration: 00:17:25

Norman's House

There are a lot of stories about friendship, community, and survival that have been born from AIDS. There are plays and movies that underscore the anger and the activism, and music that defines the tragedy. But for every song and every movie, there is a person. There is a community. There are friends that must embrace the bittersweet realities of life and of death. There are loved ones buried too early. Today on ARRVLS: the story of three friends, a disease, and the opera.

Duration: 00:25:29


It’s been five years since a 9.0 earthquake rocked Japan, but the images from that time are indelible: the wall of water devouring parts of the Japanese coastline. Cars lifted over walls and tumbling into the sides of buildings. Then there’s all the fear and uncertainty that followed. When the Tsunami caused the meltdown of a nuclear power plant, the whole world was watching. And it’s in this climate of uncertainty that Junji Nishihata and his family found themselves. Not quite foreigners,...

Duration: 00:28:41


In the new year, I decided to pack up my life and move across the country, leaving my old home in Brooklyn for my new home in Los Angeles. At the same time, producer Sara Brooke Curtis was leaving her home in San Francisco for the northeast. We decided to keep track of our changing cities and changing lives through sound, through observation of the world around us. We wrote down our thoughts. We pressed record as things happened. We tucked away our favorite moments. And when we’d arrived...

Duration: 00:26:47

Refusenik Love

During the 1970's hundreds of thousands of Russian nationals migrated from the country. Many left in protest to the policies of the soviet regime: the antisemitism, the curbing of civil liberties, the jailing of political dissidents. And while it was possible to exit the country, it was for a long time, almost impossible to return. Refugees from this era in Russian history are sometimes referred to as Refuseniks; a nod to their refusal to live under the authoritarian conditions of the...

Duration: 00:20:00

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