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Making the Connection between Patient Safety & Patient Experience

Don't harm me, heal me, be nice to me….isn't that really what every patient wants? We believe so at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa. Nearly two years we began a program where we blended Patient Experience Expertise with Patient Safety Expertise to form a single program called One Path Partners. This program has successfully helped us to improve our patient safety culture as well as reduce patient harm and as a result legal expenses. There is no doubt that good quality cost less and this is just one...


Tee Up an Effective Cross Functional Team

This podcast contains strategies for assembling an effective cross-functional team. Lee Hamilton Sr. Vice President, Health Management Services AGI Consulting, Oklahoma City, OK


Eighteen Fingers Pointing - A Dangerous Story of Throw 'Em Under the Bus

The story of how six defendants, all facing exposure, learned to put their differences aside in a heart-wrenching wrongful death action. Constance Endelicato Partner Wood, Smith, Nenning, & Berman, LLC Lee McMullen Senior Risk Management and Patient Safety Cooperative of American Physicians


A Discussion About Disclosure

An informal discussion about the purpose, pre-requisites and best practices for effective disclosure. Geraldine Amori Vice President, Academic Affairs Coverys Kathryn Schaefer Manager, Coverys Education Coverys


Knowledge=Power: Clinical Competence Intervention as a Risk Reduction Strategy

This podcast will examine the leading causes of malpractice suits and discuss how application of “The Four C’s” (Competence, Compassion, Communication, and Charting) may reduce frequency. Bill will discuss the role of intensive educational intervention as a means of remediation and examine evidence for whether the application of an assessment/intervention policy is a viable risk reduction strategy. Bill O'Neill Director of Communications and Outreach The Center for Personalized Education...


How to Be Fully Prepped (And We Are Not Talking OR!)

Healthcare providers and staff may find limited resources to help them prepare for a deposition, even though their testimony may hold significant liability exposure for the facility or their own personal practice. This podcast will identify ways that the risk manager can help their provider effectively prepare for the deposition through role play and case scenarios. Pamela Popp Executive Vice President/Chief Risk Officer Western Litigation


Assessing your Language Services Department for Risk Exposure

Most healthcare organizations are aware that they must provide interpreting services to effectively communicate with patients, families, and companions; however, many Risk Managers are unaware of the liability if interpreting or other language assistance services are not provided. This session provides an overview of many of the available methods of providing interpreting services, what to look for when assessing your Language Services program and discusses areas of exposure to liability...


Collaborating on Health IT Safe Practices

This podcast summarizes the Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety’s work on copy and paste and the resulting safe practice recommendations. The session discusses risks and benefits of copy and paste, and implementation strategies for the safe reuse of information. Amy Goldberg-Alberts Executive Director, Partnership Solutions Patient Safety, Risk, and Quality - ECRI Institute Lorraine Possanza Program Director Patient Safety, Risk, and Quality - ECRI Institute Trish Lugtu Sr. Manager,...


Concurrent (Overlapping) Surgery: Ethics, Risks, and Safety

There are a number of ethical, risk management, and patient safety issues surrounding concurrent or overlapping surgery, described as when a surgeon begins a second operation, leaving the rest of the first procedure to another surgeon or practitioner to complete. This podcast reviews the risk management implications including regulatory compliance, professional practice guidance, and surgical department policy considerations. Kathleen Shostek Vice President, Healthcare Risk Management...


The Business Case for Patient Safety: Professional Liability Claim Analysis

CNA Insurance, a healthcare professional liability insurance carrier, will review its released analysis of primary hospital and health system professional liability claims closed over the past ten years. The most frequent and significant claims will be reviewed with an analysis of selected allegations. Joyce Benton Assistant Vice President, Healthcare Risk Control CNA Healthcare


Ten Strategies for Successfully Resolving a Medical Malpractice Claim - Part 2 of 2

Consider ten time tested strategies for successfully resolving healthcare professional liability claims. From trying the un-tryable case, to finding out what the plaintiff really wants out of a case, review real scenarios and real solutions to your medical malpractice claims. (Part 2 of 2) Jayme Vaccaro Vice President Specialty Operations Sedgwick


EHR Copy and Paste: A Triple Threat

Profound Patient Safety, Coding/Billing, and Legal Defense Concerns. William Reisbick Law Office of William B. Reisbick, PLLC


Changing the Conflict Paradigm to a Positive

This program presents a discussion on conflicts including common sources, conflict management techniques, and the advantages of managing conflict. Successful conflict management tools will be emphasized with practical suggestions for implementation. D. Michelle Kinneer Senior Risk and Patient Safety Consultant MMIC


Assessing Capabilities for Rapid Patient Surge for High Acuity Patients

A large hospital evacuates patients due to an internal infrastructure failure in a disaster. How does another hospital and the healthcare coalition manage this type of surge? Advance planning knowledge for space planning and staffing, equipment and other resources to support this are crucial. Scott Aronson Principal Russell Phillips & Associates


Urgent Care – Applying an ERM Approach to Understanding Risk

Urgent Care, one of the fastest growing healthcare segments and part of the consumerism shift, offers a promising business opportunity in a healthcare organization’s market. This highly competitive space requires deliberate consideration of inherent risks. This podcast describes application of an enterprise risk management (ERM) model to identify and prioritize risks associated with an Urgent Care delivery model. Mary Bollwage Vice President for Risk North Shore Physicians Group


Application of ACA to Reduce Future Damages

Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, interested parties are watching the potential applicability of the ACA to a reduction in future damages and one such case has resulted in a massive reduction in the cost of funding a Life Care Plan. This session will discuss key takeaways from Jones and explore best practices for the application of the ACA in medical malpractice and catastrophic injury cases to reduce future damages. Leslie Jenny Managing Attorney/Shareholder Cleveland...


Diagnostic Errors from the Enterprise Risk Management Perspective

Utilization of ERM will provide a framework to identify and manage risk holistically by considering all risks across the organization rather than the traditional model that focuses on clinical risks. A review and analysis of the root causes of five years of closed medical malpractice claims will provide insight into the value of an ERM approach to mitigate diagnostic errors. Teresa Kelly Senior Risk Management Consultant MagMutual Insurance Company


Using Just Culture to Improve Safety and Gain Staff Trust

This podcast discusses how UF Health Jacksonville used Just Culture to improve staff trust. We measured the improvement by analyzing our scores from the AHRQ Patient Safety Survey conducted in 2015 where we showed a statistically significant increase in the positive responses of questions related to trust of hospital administration. Denise Russell Director of Risk Management and Patient Safety UF Health Jacksonville


Outrageous Communication Techniques for Risk Managers

Today’s Risk Managers need innovative communication skills to interact with a variety of patients and medical professionals. This podcast will introduce you to a simple 4-part process to build rapport (with patient or professional) non-verbally. This is a major “first step” to better communication. Mark Likos Senior Director Brookwood Baptist Risk Management & Legal Services


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