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“ACCESS GRANTED – Tomorrow’s Business Ethics” is science fiction in its literally sense. The podcast analyzes actual and future technological developments to discuss how these will affect tomorrow’s business reality and its impact on the human. It is clear that robotization and the implementation of Artificial Intelligence will change companies and societies. This does not mean automatically a shift for the better or worse, but life will be different, and it is in our hands to use technology for the first. Artificial Intelligence, robots, 3D printing, micro-learnings, virtual reality, self-driving cars and all other autonomous software and machines will be a part of tomorrow’s business. We have to start thinking about the consequences. A chance and challenge for management, where the Ethics&Compliance-department can position itself as a key-player and include AI inside its responsibilities. "Access Granted, Tomorrow's Business Ethics", the podcast inspired by the book of the same name, written by Patrick Henz.



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