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Accessible is a podcast exploring accessibility in iOS and other modern computing platforms. Hosted by Steven Aquino and Ben Alexander. Accessible is a weekly discusson that focuses on accessibility but views the subject holistically, seeking to bring a variety of viewpoints, guests and ideas to the table.






When Tim Says Jump, You Ask How High.

SUMMARY - This week, Steven and Ben discuss the rise of American Sign Language as a studied foreign language, then talk more about Siri’s usefulness as an accessibility tool, particularly to those with non-standard speech. 01:40 The Rise of ASL Steven and Ben talk about American Sign Language’s rise as a popular language to study, and ponder the reasons for it. Steven goers on to explain the intracacies of deaf culture, and shares his experiences living with deaf parents and his role in...

Duration: 00:53:26

You'll get funded.

This week, Steven and Ben are joined by special guests Anthony Russo and Elias Aoude of For All to Play. They discuss Russo and Aoude’s Kickstarter project, Grail to the Thief: An Interactive Audio Adventure, an action-adventure game designed for both visually impaired and normally-sighted users. 00:50 Anthony and Elias explain how they got started producing Grail to the Thief. In the opener, Anthony and Elias share their respective backgrounds, and how they got interested in accessible...

Duration: 00:53:26

I'd be screwed otherwise.

This week, Steven and Ben talk about Steven’s experiences as a visually impaired traveler, and the accessibility technology of public transit. Topics include the accessibility features of the local bus and train systems, iOS maps and transit apps, and Steven’s background as an indepedent traveler. 06:17 Public Transit In the opening segment, Steven introduces the second themed show for Accessible, then proceeds to talk about how and why he relies on public transit, including the PA systems...

Duration: 00:43:36

Between Two Worlds

Steven was joined by Vic Hudson for a theme-based episode on accessibility and the hearing impaired With Ben away this week, Steven was joined by Vic Hudson for a theme-based episode on accessibility and the hearing impaired. Topics include Steven’s background in the deaf community, deaf tech, and the role Apple’s Accessibility software innovations help the hearing impaired use and enjoy iOS devices. 06:17 The Deaf Community In the first segment, Steven and Vic discuss Steven’s background...

Duration: 00:53:26