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Wealth and business success stories.

Wealth and business success stories.
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Wealth and business success stories.






58 - Authentic relationships in business

Relationships in business are like any other kind of relationship. They take time, investment is required, sometimes they flourish and other times they simply don't work out. Kym is reflecting on his own relationships in business. And some tough decisions need to be made. Which relationships show both personal and professional promise? And which relationships require a 'break up', of sorts? Kym talks about why it's important to go deeper with networking and relationship building, and how...


57 - I tried video marketing and blew it (but other channels ARE working)

By his own admission, Kym threw himself at video marketing expecting to quickly become the next YouTube sensation. He found a great video producer and quickly employed him, full-time. The content was great. But quickly, the costs stacked up. Production was expensive. The biggest cost though was Kym being dragged out of the office and away from clients, to produce videos. So, after a handful of video views and thousands of bucks spent, Kym pulled the pin. But it's not all doom and gloom....


56 - Hipster Eateries and the Power of Working Hard

After a chance meeting at a recent business brekky, Kym was intrigued by the business mind of Amber Chapman. She is a business expert in the hospitality sector, where she earned her stripes by setting up an iconic organic pop up stall at the Holland Street markets. Kym also talks to her about the role she plays in one of Adelaide's most successful coffee shops, Argo on the Parade. But it hasn't all been smooth sailing for Amber, she tells of the personal battles that she has had to...


55 - Bill Brown: The Honey Powered Property Tycoon

Bill Brown is South Australia's largest beekeeper. This week Kym caught up with him and they sat down and discussed his unique property portfolio and his formula for success. In particular they drill down on how Bill is using Carbon Credits to pay for his farming properties. Hear from the Eco-minded, property investor and businessman, who has taken his love for the beekeeping profession and used it as a vehicle for building his rural property empire. About Kym, : Kym...


The challenges of intensive care with Dr. Matthew Hooper

Dr. Matthew Hooper is an Associate Professor in Intensive Care and is a Retrieval Physician in Adelaide. His journey to become a leader in his field has seen him working in emergency departments all around the world helping patients in critical care. Kym sits down with Matthew to discuss how he deals with the imminent pressure that comes with being an intensivist at his level, and we analyse his commercial and residential property portfolio as well. About Kym, : Kym...


53 - Wills and Estates, mapping your way through the minefield.

Family feuds over who is entitled to mum and dad's estate is becoming a more common problem. This weeks guest, Adelaide lawyer, Rosie Batt has seen this issue time and time again. In this podcast she shares her insights into how to avoid common mistakes and gives tips on how to draft a great Will. Rosie has worked in many areas of law over her career. She talks about the long hours in the big firms, to how she now operates her own successful legal practice in Adelaide's eastern suburbs...


51 - What a Mercedes Drive Day taught me about business

Somehow, Kym jagged a personal invite to an exclusive Mercedes drive day. It was an unbelievable day and night. Driving on the open road in cars worth around $500,000, the feeling was hard to describe. And it didn't end there. The event, hosted by a country Mercedes dealership, included an amazing food, drink, entertainment and networking experience. It wasn't just a lot of fun. It created a number of lightbulb moments for Kym about building business relationships, branding, customer...


49 - In the Operating Theatre for Deep Brain Stimulation

Kym Nitsche was invited by a neurosurgeon to witness Deep Brain Stimulation surgery being performed on a patient. DBS is a procedure used to treat significant neurological including Parkinson’s Disease. This was the neurosurgeon’s 200th DBS surgery, and Kym wanted to understand not just the complex nature of the work but how a specialist team performs under such intense pressure. Listen to what he learned. ALSO: You can now subscribe to the Accounting Insider VLOG on Youtube!...


48 Accounting For Death

People don't like talking about death. So it's no wonder that most people do not have their affairs in order. But Kym says it's a massive problem. Not having a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney or other important documents means that the Court makes the big decisions for you; who gets all of your assets when you pass away, who makes important decisions on your behalf if you lose capacity, and other critical issues. Not only that, these issues create enormous stress and costs for affected...


Ep 47 Knock backs, unexpected benefits and lessons from playing the property long game

Kym now has five properties in his portfolio and the reality is, he doesn't need to keep investing. But he can't help himself. His formula is back in full swing - the handwritten letters to the owners of his desired properties, followed by the knock backs and negotiations. He's playing the long game - it requires patience and a commitment to the plan. But when it pays off, it pays off big time. And true to form, yet another interesting story and opportunity has unfolded. It involves a...


Ep 46 Interview with the Aussie trucker who went viral on Facebook

Steve Molloy recorded a video on his iPhone from the cockpit of his truck and posted it to Facebook. A year later, it’s approaching 3 million views (at the time of this interview). Steve is an unlikely internet sensation. By his own admission, the extent of his tech knowledge doesn’t go much further than recording a raw video and posting it to social media. Steve started recording video while on the road to prevent boredom and keep his mind active. Stories, anecdotes, lessons learned .....


Ep 45 Jayden Vecchio is building a finance broking empire, personal wealth & a top ranking podcast

Jayden Vecchio is kicking goals. He’s won National Broker of the Year in 2015 and 2016 as the director of Red & Co, a finance brokerage that has settled over $380 million in lending over the past three years across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Jayden is also behind the Rentvesting podcast, a show which sits comfortably towards the top of Australia’s business and property podcast rankings. Kym talks to Jayden about his business story, his deals including an $80 million property...


Ep 44 How can an Australian living overseas get a home loan?

Kym was recently referred a new client, an Australian based in the United States, who had been trying to get finance but kept hitting roadblocks. In fact, he couldn't even get past the bank call centre. Kym spoke to the frustrated expat. His numbers stacked up. In fact, his numbers were great and the banks should've been all over him. So why is it so hard for Australians based overseas to get finance? What can an expat do about their Australian mortgage or property investment? Kym reveals...


Ep 43 Buying Another Accounting Practice

Like a lot of leaders in professional services, Kym believes ‘growth by acquisition’ can be a solid business strategy. And as Kym prepares to buy another accounting practice, he talks about all of the key considerations in detail, from the financial to the relational. Kym knows that a bad deal can derail a business, as much as acquiring the right practice at the right price can fast track growth. Tune in as Kym shares the context of his own business plans as well as broader insights, tips...


Ep 42 - Acquiring property in an unknown land is harder than expected (an update from ep 34)

Kym was up and about thinking he'd found the perfect property in Brisbane, Queensland, for a friend and client. He talked about progress back in episode 34. However, it wasn't the property or the deal Kym had hoped. He explains why, and talks about how he ended up back at square one, looking for another property in Brisbane. True to Accounting Insider values, the ups and downs are shared openly and honestly. Find out whether Kym got a deal done, what he learned from the experience, and...


Ep 40 How Ernie the accountant discovered a billion dollar mine

“This first drill hole, this beautiful black stuff came up, absolutely unbelieveable.” Kym Nitschke interviews Ernie Kirsten, co-founder of mining company Millennium. Ernie was running his own private practice as a chartered accountant when he started doing the books for a geologist. The duo began looking into coal explorations and, despite seeing a map that marked a North Queensland area as “no coal”, decided to look a little deeper. It was a masterstroke, and Ernie’s geologist became the...


Ep 39 Learning and lunch (at Osteria Oggi)

Regular Accounting Insider listeners know that Kym Nitschke believes that the business lunch is still hugely important, so in this episode we're bringing you to the table. Kym and regular host Andrew Montesi awkwardly placed their recording gear amongst their plates and wine glasses at Osteria Oggi, one of Adelaide's top CBD restaurants, for a live lunch chat which also included Accounting Insider listener Daniel Franco. Daniel shared his story, which include property, app and business...


Ep 38 DIY property management (you don't need an agent)

Kym strongly believes that you don't need to to hire a property manager to take care of your investment property and tenants. In fact, doing it yourself is the key to keeping long term, reliable tenants and saving money. But if you're going to go it alone, you'll need to know the best way to go about it. In this episode Kym reveals all, including the available tax incentives, vetting tenants, finding the right forms, maintenance and most importantly, how to build lasting relationships....


Ep 36 The mystery of the million dollar home abandoned by its Fiji owner

A case of mistaken identity has led to the discovery of two homes in Perth, one worth a million dollars, that have been abandoned. One of Kym's colleagues, another accountant, has a client who was mistakenly billed for outstanding council rates on the million dollar property. He dug a little deeper, and it was discovered that the original owner is now living in Fiji and wants nothing to do with the property. Kym shares the details of the fascinating story, and the tricks the client...


Ep 34 Acquiring property in an unknown land (case study)

Kym has tried and tested methodologies for buying investment properties, which have worked perfectly in his home state. But how would his property process stand up in a completely different city, where he has no knowledge base or network? Kym was tested when a new client, a leader at a high profile company in the United States, sought his help with the purchase of an investment property in Brisbane. In this episode, find out whether Kym was successful and what he learned from the...


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