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Across the Intersection podcast is a discussion on the culture. From race, religion, politics, music. We'll work to bring things from a mature perspective

Across the Intersection podcast is a discussion on the culture. From race, religion, politics, music. We'll work to bring things from a mature perspective
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Across the Intersection podcast is a discussion on the culture. From race, religion, politics, music. We'll work to bring things from a mature perspective








Episode 21 Disc 2 - #TWITN Liberty University strikes again

This week ran a bit long so it's another 2-disc episode. Disc 2 is "This week in the News" #TWITN, the ATI crew discuss: - Tomi Lahren's recent visit to Liberty University

Duration: 00:28:43

Episode 21 Disc 1 - Is #Metoo for everyone? & TVOne vs Roland Martin

This week ran a bit long so its another 2-disc episode. In disc 1 the ATI crew discuss: - Gabrielle Union interview discussing whether or not the #MeToo hashtag was ever for black women - Roland Martin's show (NewsONE)being cancelled by TVOne. And comparing and contrasting black ownership, black management, and black targeting

Duration: 01:17:19

Episode 20 Black Christianity, Oppression Olympics, & multi-ethnic spaces

This week the ATI crew discuss: - Is the gospel still enough for Christians who are black? - Is racism viewed with the same level of empathy & support as sexism? - Are multi-ethnic spaces the solution to racial issues in the church? - The archbishop of Cantebury's remarks regarding 45's support from christians

Duration: 01:29:23

Episode 19 Bail reform, sexual harassment, normalizing behavior

This week the ATI crew discuss - Bail reform bill introduce by Kamala Harris & Rand Paul - How sexual harassment is viewed in 2017 vs 2016 - Disney subtly trying to normalize certain behavior - Recent Jude 3 Project interview with Dr David Daniels

Duration: 01:17:44

Episode 18 MeToo, Planned Parenthood, Christian Passivity

This week the ATI crew discuss - The Metoo hashtag - The passivity of Christians - Planned Parenthood's twitter fingers

Duration: 01:20:28

Episode 17 - Conclusion to the evangelicalism discussion

This week the ATI crew conclude the trilogy of shows discussing the divorce of white evangelicalism from the the faith expression of people of color.

Duration: 01:04:21

Episode 16 - When divorcing a cultural ideology

This week the ATI crew discuss the phenomenon of African Americans and other people of color divorcing themselves of the white evangelical ideology. And the fact that it doesn't mean they have left the faith.

Duration: 01:25:42

Episode 15 - When they choosing sides... We say neither

This week the ATI crew discuss: -Is the church's perspective the same as God's perspective? -Is being a patriot & believer synonymous? -Also what we've been watching, listening to, etc.

Duration: 01:13:47

Episode 14 - This episode in the news (Nashville statement, Farrakhan, & Kirk Cameron)

This will the ATI crew go total "This week in the news", talking all things Christians & the culture: - The Nashville Statement - Jesus & Farrakhan - What Kirk Cameron thinks about hurricanes

Duration: 01:03:37

Episode 13 - FB threats, Columbus, allies, and co-opting the movement

This week the ATI crew discuss: - Another major US city replacing Columbus day with indigenous peoples day - Do movements for 'black rights' get co-opted by other groups - White players now siding with Colin Kaepernick

Duration: 01:20:33

Episode 11 - Steve Bannon, mudslides... & sexual misconduct

This week the ATI crew discuss: - Steve Bannon's exit from the white house - Mudslides in Sierra Leone - Christians & sexual misconduct

Duration: 01:08:52

Episode 10 - Kaepernick & The NBA, Torches & UVA, 45's preacher friends

The ATI crew discuss - If Colin Kaepernick was in the NBA - The Alt-Right march on UVA's campus - Christian's view on poverty - Pastor Robert Jeffress views on 45 & war

Duration: 01:15:18

Episode 9 - Affirmative Action, Too Woke, & The rest of the Story of OJ

In this episode the ATI crew discuss: - Affirmative Action - Can people be "Too Woke" - "1st World" christian problems TWITN - Can we dance to Jay-Z in church?

Duration: 01:15:14

Episode 8 Disc 1 - Microchips & HBCU's

This week is another 2-disc episode. In the first half The ATI crew welcome a new guest and discuss: - Microchip implant and the physical, political, & spiritual implications - HBCU's and the neighborhoods that surround them. How gentrification has impacted the HBCU

Duration: 00:59:27

Episode 7 More Minnesota, Add some Kapernick & Sosa... With a dash of Christian hip-hop

This week the ATI crew discuss - Another shooting in Minnesota by a police officer - Colin Kapernick & the NFL - Sammy Sosa, skin bleaching, & self hate - The struggle to reconcile the divide in Christian music

Duration: 01:53:45

Episode 6 Hip hop, Boxing, Schools and... & Transgender?

The ATI crew discuss this week: - The Jay-Z effect on hip hop and whether there is a place for old heads - The Mayweather - McGregor fight and Connor's comments - Maryland investigation into Prince George's County schools - John's hopkins Psychiatrist 2016 article about 'Transgender people' TWITN - Praying for the president?

Duration: 01:11:05

Episode 5 - From Monticello to Baltimore

This week the ATI crew discuss: - Thomas Jefferson 'mistress' Sally Heming's quarters located within Monticello - Francis Chan's lecture at facebook about leaving his church - 45 vs CNN: From twitter wars to threatening mergers - Baltimore PD vs Marilyn Mosby TWITN: Hobby Lobby being sued by the gov't regarding smuggled artifacts

Duration: 01:09:41

Episode 4 (Disc 2) - Are we going too deep? Yeah it's too deep...

In disc 2 this week the ATI crew continues the conversation discussing: - Church function and structure - Lecrae, BET awards, and what is 'christian music' - Sarah Huckabee-Sanders

Duration: 01:19:19

Episode 4 (Disc 1) - Church & the State

In Disc 1, this week the ATI crew welcome a guest and they discuss: - Secular democrats and their religious base - 45's intent of the erasure of Obama - Responsibility of Christians in the public square

Duration: 01:22:06

Episode 3 - From DC to NYC and Beyond

Episode 3 The ATI crew address: - The recent shooting at the congressional baseball practice - Asian poverty rates in New York - Wonder Woman movie & Black Panther Trailer - Juneteenth vs 4th of July

Duration: 01:21:19

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